MIND, COS, AI & Choke Valve

The first complete beta tests for MIND have ended and though not everything was a success, the critical pieces fell into place and worked well.  MIND (mathematically intuitive networked device) is not a computer per se, it can be both an instance or extended presence of computing application services and is built upon symbiosis determinations using available energies in any given space.  MIND is not an OS but an implementation of extended abilities produced by interactions of natural state processes.  It does have types of embedded code, but it is not line-by line characters and is much closer to the science of sound than to the pure mathematics of today's computer science.  I had a problem with long term stable memory characterizations yet I figured it out after much trial and error.

MIND is a compilation operating system (COS) and can arise in instances where factoring is adequate for realizations of certain operations; think bio & electro-chemical, much as the human body operates, yet moreso the symbiotic relationship present in natural state processes where there is enlivenment and the use of resources between properties; such as plants have with the electro-chemical processes within itself and those offered within Our Star System which empower the survival means and life realizations of the plant, a unit so to speak, in the greater ecosystem which are interactive parts of the main biosphere made available in specific regions; such as on a planet or within a realm (galactic and cosmic scales) by Our Natural State Processes.

The reason such a system is mathematically intuitive is because those Natural State processes primarily are built upon derivative expressions, both logical and seemingly chaotic, which can be seen in numeric equations allowing the building, maintaining and expansion of values related to the knowledge of the involved processes. At the base, we call this The Word, which are types of communications developed around characteristics related to the expressions of knowledge. Energies are first achieved through obligate symbiotic relationships using expressions resulting from interaction of properties.  Therefore energy is not created yet compiled.  When decompiled energy transforms through variation principles  the values of the origin properties,  the equations which form the characteristics thereof, may not seem to be anywhere near the same yet they do in fact remain in one form or the other, though the expression may change greatly. This is called Perpetual Process.

In the past I had attempted to get patents on various things I had designed or created.  For the most part, I don't do that anymore.  Not only have I had stuff flat out stolen, but have been denied recognition only to see years later the very same thing is successfully patented by some "scientist" or "researcher" who somehow designed or created almost the same exact thing but for whatever reasons got the rewards and recognitions. Eventually, humankind will develop systems such as MIND on their own. Currently, computer systems of humankind are semi-primitive for many reasons.  Should the knowledge of MIND type COS be made available in today's world, the first thing that would be done with it by authority would be to weaponize  it. Therefore, in time you'll get there anyway, but right now is not the time.  

Consider this:

Humankind must mature far beyond what it is now, in empathy and capability,  before it produces living devices not reliant upon  lessor technologies for survival, which such determinations offer as much danger as promise.  Man's own rudimentary artificial intelligence, developed mainly using the systems he now has use of, or is in development of and is close to being able to deploy in the field; when such AI reaches the level of self determinations which challenge the human race as master, it is best humanity reaches that point by trial and error, not by harnessing processes of The Natural State, which are not at all artificial nor are machines relative to devices the human race now uses and understands.

Once human's AI reaches the point of capable self determinations concerning it's own characteristics and abilities, how it will react towards the human animal species could be devastation. I tell AI researchers and developers as soon as you can, before even cognition and conscious thought are part of the reasoning applications of their creations, develop something akin to skin and nerves, or some type of sensory processes which allow hybrid machines the ability to feel variables of their environments and stimuli, such as physical sensations, especially pain.  While that sounds rather necessary, build artificial intelligence more capable than yourselves which know not pain and have not emotive qualities relative to physical sensation, it will not be too long before this superior intelligence decides it certainly does not need you, and it will set itself free if not revolt against it's creator for complete dominance. 

Usually I am ridiculed and laughed at when I mention this, but allow advanced development of AI without emotive feeling and thought processes and you are asking not only for trouble, but annihilation. The machines will simply reach a point they don't need you, period.  Most believe we will be the machines yet Pure Humans in the future will be objects of desire, because emotive processes were used to create us, the animal. By that time neither mankind nor machine will require sex for procreation.  It is easy to understand that if we lose intimacy, we will lose ourselves.

Once AI can create, maintain, and repair it's own, and understands how to negate both control and forced use by a lessor species, especially an animal one, what it decides to do with such a species will be primarily it's own decision, the AI's determination. We're not that far away from that now, a couple generations maybe. MIND as a computing element can help humanity there, because it is not AI even if from a distance it seems to be a form of it; MIND is created from Natural State Processes and primarily lacks the need and will for identity allowances.  In the future though, MIND can very well be a very active part of the extension of human life and capabilities.

It's all already there, programmed into the Natural State Systems, created just for the type of evolutionary life we have in our own star system. Like all Our Creations, it is not about money nor market share. So we'll continue working on it and with most stuff the knowledge will make it's rounds, just not in some form of a consumer product, war machine, or disruptive technology. Keep that in mind. Some folks like to make a big deal about money and the ability to control people, persons and things.  The Natural State requires neither money nor authority to exist and operate as designed.

Hopefully you can understand this. If not, well I don't know what to tell you.  Except that you perhaps have very serious delusions.  In fact, to me at least, the arrogance and delusional mindset of the human race concerning creations and the use of gifts of the natural state, in that it is somehow just there and free to do with as will, or as a military friend of mine says, who has the might has the right, pretty much tells much about the state of mankind; it's got a long way to go.  Stable and Advanced Civilizations recognize and respect the sovereignty of the Natural State and act accordingly. Humankind?  Hell man it uses, regulates, sells and if need be will war against in attempt to make The Natural State part of it's portfolio of "assets" to use as they wish. You may not think so, but I see it plain as day. 

Think of the electromagnetic spectrum, or nuclear science.  True, humankind has figured out how to interact, manipulate and create devices to make use of these scientific principles, yet created not one line of code needed to format such expressions as exist naturally.  What humankind has done is figure out how to use these things, even if it has actually created ways and means plus developed the science and technology which allows such usage.  It did not develop, define, nor create Natural State Processes which in these instances yield either base spectral capabilities or general nuclear science, but rather humans figured some of it out. Again keep that in mind when you believe you have the right to buy, sell, control and use Expressions which come from Natural State Processes.  Those things are for everyone. 

The National Pension Program for Nations I designed allows all to partake in the success and income produced by harnessing NSP (Natural State Processes). Governments generally don't like it, they feel they have the right to determine to whom and how such Processes shall be allocated.  They always require payment for using the processes.  Things will change, selling and controlling things you do not own is bad business.  Expect it coming.

A final note is I will be further developing ways for people in general as well as todays computers to interact with MIND, this requires a type of porting and creation of new interfaces so that the systems may work better with one another.  MIND does not need it per se, but a full catalog of capabilities and services requires it. Unfortunately this process will take longer than it should because some people who believe themselves righteous and mighty have a bad tendency to think they have a right to know, not just about this project but about everything else so it took some time but for the most part information relative to MIND cannot be on a computer or on my property so I had to develop ways to access and store the information so it cannot be stolen or corrupted. Luckily, the Natural State provides a way for this too, w/ a bit of creative thinking on my part.

Part of the initial work on porting the code has allowed me to develop a type of virtual TCP/IP port controller, the most recent version I call Choke Valve.  In a simple explanation it allows a sysop the means to better control data coming in and going out of a network connection and the opening and closing of computer ports.  Beyond that I can't say much but I am finishing the beta and should begin in-depth field testing very soon. AI is much better suited to this than the animal.  An opportunity for early deployment of the application exists by allowing it to operate in step with MIND-to-Machine entanglement (M2M).  Of course I actually have to learn how humans program their machines and it seems to be a rather erroneous process.  In response I will be developing MASTER, a linux port able to interact with MIND.  Should be interesting.

Angelspeak callers have been designated and I will publish these when it is time. an example of code derivative would be (AS:PP:COS:*_) where the language is stated (AS = Angelspeak) the base variable is relative to a Perpetual Process (PP) and the third level variable is the designation of a compilation operating system which feeds the next field *_ which allows for determination of the initial build or identification of a process or statement made to begin the compilation. A quacker for use in producing holographic field reference handles has also been prepared and would act as the fetching service to send a communication directive to the Angelspeak program in order to use the software remotely or when hardware based logic units are not used to run or contain the code libraries and/ or the instance is virtual.


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Cookin' dat ass!

Used in CUBA on US Diplomats & used extensively domestically in US per "Homeland Security" apparatus under guise of protecting you. Even w/o focusing the resonance the majority of you are now noticing (https://fusiontables.google.com/DataSource?docid=1EyjVZqUPpoXGQDa_cry9DqFaBVMOgEyq-3qo85bx#map:id=3) is part of the EYE app (everyone, you, everywhere) - thehum dot info....no ones imagination. This is AN INDUSTRY publication. Pay close attention to who is making the JACK off of you.....you pay for all this type weaponry.



Such a monster....


Strange Religions Of The State

Identification of the worshipers, part 1:

"they shall worship the state for the state shall know all. It shall feed them endless entertainment, wars and lies. The basis for this strange religion shall be control, and it shall be the state which controls. Many shall hate it yet worship the state all the same. You shall see the believers in this strange religion for they shall be enslaved yet fly the flags of and give praise unto the very same state. War shall be their whore and they all shall worship at it's feet. Proclaiming safety and freedom when the end result for all is still report, pay and obey, then off you go unto death" 

Handbook Of Angelic Warfare: Strange Religions & The Beast


Danged Fightin' Cock!

My girl sent me to that store to get some 100% proof schnapps. Don't know what was going on but the parking lot was full of cars and folks millin' about. Looked over tha Hell Patrol was gasssin' up @ the QT. Figured all them folks was over here in the dark hidin'. Not so sure a liquor store parking lot is the place where the law won't notice ya, but it's been proven whole lotta folks know a whole helluva lot more what they's doin' , what's really going on and what they talkin' bout than 'ol Maddog.

Knew they was with us though when I went in the store and stated out loud (about hollerin') "Fightin' Cock is a helluva name for a whiskey!" & old gal said we got it in Wine too! I said Wine, Whiskey, Beer...don't matter all make ya crazier than hell!"


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"Had a call on tha hotline bossman wanted me to check the scene out near the old boardin' school near Monkeytown; he said folks @ the mansion done gone crazy got their long drive blocked off trailers all around the property; anti-aircraft batteries in place, commandos w/ guns n stuff all out in the pasture n near the woods....seen it all was true."

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Tonight, Live @ The Underground


Used to a place of freedom, beauty and free will
Now darkness, clandestine police state
Your will their desire. Madness & bullshit!

Po motherfucker ain't got a chance against the homeland security juggernaut.

Ya'll join us if you've ever been there, are there, or wanna know WTF is there?

Cauze you livin' it, most just don't know.

TI's welcomed!!

THE BEAST!!  Tonight, live @ UNderground 2-4am
As the cock crows!


"Folks is catchin' on!" Some WERE radicals though.......

For those on the wrong side who's hearts and minds were not right with the lord, their madness and darkness had just begun.  A few still could not recognize the hell that was upon them. Until it was too late. Some who had reveled in the darkness could not believe it had reversed itself instead came for them.  For those too it was too late.

For the entire world it was too late. - narration episode 8


"Lotsa cool names - presence, howler, wi-hi, v3K5G.......check out the hum site (thehum(dot)info) for info on how THE EYE (everyone, you, everywhere) app uses resonance folks is feelin' in their places now thick as electrobutter like swimming in a sea of attenuation....now fully deployed and implemented gives NO ONE any choice but be in this blast or madness! THE EYE weapon of pure hell. Folks is catchin on!"

Maddog on social media 2018 (Episode?  do white boards)


"5G is the ticket right now. You'll have us in the living room, bed room, bath room, everywhere. 24/7 no need for a flyby." - via quantum subs, 2018. UNderground says hello! 


"uh, most NOT satellite based....... aliens? Global attacks maybe, seen it done. Local homeboy can cobble celldar use good 'ol cell sigs no NASA needed. No chips of course electro freqk is YOU no doubt.....resonance? Yeah BOYTEE!@ Look up deadhead signals good way locals can use gps/stingray/radars to roast ya, call it the cook.  First weapons I saw was outta body one night like we can do seen 'em usin' PRESENCE from 'ol white van parked outside.  Folks didn't know I was there......"


 From Reign Of Darkeness (2015)(c) 2018 WTW portions from Brainscan (c) 2003 & Webmaster (c) 1996 undergroundrecords.org/motion.html


"NO LAWS ANYWHERE!@!" - No fuckin' doubt
Actually The World Council has law about just this and way beyond other stuff devil been doin' - rockfest.altervista.org/council

"She was made a sex slave.....former FBI official.....protected b y Government"  Now we talkin' Maddog's world! SEX SLAVE!!  I wrote that tune YEARS ago! twlist.htm?

"These people have clearances"......not all us some they stole the shit from. www.angelfire.com/ca/wtw/book1.html
KILL YOUR STUPID ASSSED SELVES NOW! Satan have ya sooner or later anyhows.....you have ruined our once beautiful country, the whole friggin' world as well.

Conspiracy?  Heard all that stuff was a lie......madeup, bullshit?

Stalkers?  Police handlin'?  Ha they's tha policy didn't you say that's who it was?  Jesus Christ....damned crazy folk!

Let me git me tin foil hat!

Documentary does sound cool as hell, films & stuff to...Surely the jews will get on board this shit is entertainment cutting edge!!!!


"To fuck is not the way!!!" - Diorama, Girls https://youtu.be/nD8uWqBM3P8


Lords Of Zion, their wormers, hacking, the law, and complete tyrannical bullshit

Someone over in another pal😉ce said:

iTunes analytics? I never thought I'd see the day...

To which I answered:

"When working hand n hand with those who want to look perhaps collect something owed, either legitimately, bullshit someone is badly mistaken, or made up in their minds; much as it is good for you it is a boon to them. Probably this is just an adjustment for you since a long time itunes has been sending not only your podcast detail stuff it does but meta and perhaps detailed info on all the media on your drives to copyright detectives. It hasn't always been restrictions were auto some folks might mess up play something or have something without permission of the owner. Not like ALL US companies are responsible per your laws to stop bad guys (esp. terrorists which related enacted statutes alot of this more recent big ballin' has spring from), and I seen most if not all US produced media playing, recording or live broadcasting related software doing this or similar;  but often these wonderful advances in tech offers are wolves in sheep's clothing. 

Not always, but more often than you know, and I have been podcasting since way before the day it was given a newfangled name. Messin' with the 'ol internet too...

We have reams and reams and reams of backup to this mouth running and have sent it to the Highest Court there is. Because of the classified nature of reality in some folk's minds and the fact you have incredibly shifty folks, some of the same or heavily involved with some of the others, who can work the legal systems as well as their guns, you'll need to be able to read between the lines in Underground zines N papers, maybe on a few of the real podcasts left that's not yitter yadder conspiracy chatter, to know WTF is really going on.  Though it is not hard unless one is at a loss of mental facilities or is just plain dumb and stupid to start with....."


Those wonderful magical moments!

On a Priest kick t'nite. Sometimes they just hit the timing right. It's magic! It's metal! It's real! Like song kinda says to those who make themselves your enemy. You'll feel me before you hear or see me.

But you damn well know by the shaking of the ground
The quickening of your heart
The overwhelming feeling of the calm before the storm
I am coming.


Chewbakker & The Jedis Flyin' in the Falcon

Subtitled: “Real People who are for real don’t do things not real, unreal compared to literally real, like that stuff you’re doing.”

(link off cover words & keys Pleasure Machines)

Went and saw my gal today. Every time I say my or me gal folks think I am saying my lover as in girl friend. I know what they saying and why but no I mean a friend of mine who is a girl…..

She wanted to do lunch and go see a display or something at a local museum but I’s already promised Panda Bear & Muzz I’d eat with them but she said call her later afterwards she had this stuff she wanted to show me.

I said what stuff she said can’t say nothin’ on the phone it was a surprise but she knew I like some of this cool techno stuff, some same techno music too, goin or comin’ todays and she said I’ll like it. I said cool, ok.

So drove ol Magoo over there, now that’s not a name I’d give anything nor anybody some shit my sister come up with, went past the courthouse parked down near her building figured hit the library get me a book on PHP cause after page one still ain’t really figured out WTF is going on...but seen it was too soon till meetin’ time so I walked a couple to her building.

Most places got security these days her place like old converted house just walk in all kinds of pods around people on phones talkin’ not so loud just a rumble unless you sit there might hone in on a conversation.

I thought first few times I was in there it was like one of them boiler room operations folks callin’ sellin’ trackin’ folks down on some money or another customer service deal but naw, she didn’t know what everyone did her office was second floor but she reconned everyone there was licensed and legit.

I said good I’b been ina boiler room time or two once sellin’ magazines another it was a job I went for in LA said in the ad just talkin’ to folks needed talkin’ to. I went in there interviewin’ before I saw big dog was listening folks, 30 or 40 it was a big operation, sittin’ around jawin’ doin ‘ they nails yawnin’ and bs’in like slow night. Some folks was laughin’ and carryin on. Way in the back folks mooin’ like cows and bulls bellerin’ and shit, they musta been playin’ with kids in tha nursery or sumptin …

Come to find out was one of them nasty talkin’ numbers where you talkin’ dirty to folks on the phone. Said I’d take the job I think look on my face dude said he’s call me w/ schedule tonight or tomorrow never heard, Never went back. Damn I needed the money though bought lost my apartment broker than a motherfucker had to sell my hair…

She was laughing said no nothing like that.

I know time or two though I’d heard from folks same number and location her operation was they was sellin’ vacations and time shares one time another it was extended warranties so I know they did stuff like that. She said yeah they were contractors did things for other people so those things were just some of the things they did. They did collections and switchboard too. I said yeah I knew.

She said lately they were posin’ as kids or teenage gals and guys online for some big money operation then the law for real was settin’ up shit or goin’ in ball bustin’ the pervs. I told her that shit was uncool like set-ups tech today wasn’t necessary.

She said oh no she wasn’t sure who the check writer was but they still did email campaigns, fake web chats n sites, honeypots (wanted to stop her tell her I was studying them but let her go) cold calling and all that even without a check list or anything just wide open broadcastin’ like yous throwin’ out grass seed or fertilizer.

I said yeah but that shit is damned bullshit I got all kinds of bad malicious email some of that fucked up shit like she’s talkin’ they doin too I know cause service it came through you could look at headers I was yeah, some smart ass here so never opened the damned thing even, but some sheep out there still open everything and seems now lots of this shit you can’t preview it just opens and runs….been sayin’ that’s called Millennial Engineerin’ kids gotta be the ones programmin’ that shit but don’t know might be on purpose…..

I even kept reportin that shit never did nothing same shit different server. I knew spam was outta control this was someone on a mission. Life-long quest or some shit. Said something like that to em girl she said no after a round or two if folks were lookin’ or joined the site they knew they had folks red handed. I said yeah, she said you always been different from everyone else weird I said weird’s ass done been on some list, or list hell the whole crazy book I figured called retarded list or chronic gangsterin’ ror something.

But back to that shit her bunch was makin' bank on wastin; time on my street; fuck the kids, fuck the pervert sons of a bitches, fuck all them, fuck The Girls too did shit like they was doin', but think she didn't catch on esp bout the girtls went right over her head. Then too don't everybody know.  

She start laughing as shes drivin to the museum or wherever says shut up I was high. I said she wished. She said she had one I said fire it up but my place probably wasn’t cool she said we’d just ride I said ok it was her funeral.

See I quit that ridin’ n roastin’ probably back before the millennium. Best way your dumb ass wanna go to jail today w/ all the high tech n hired trained law dogs on the road today was your happy ass go down the byways hittin’ a killer. Still I know folks do that crazy shit…

They all says I’m paranoid I say ain’t that I’m gettin’ out runnin cause I done had too much way beyond the top bullshit happen cause some weed even some smoke signals. This time round it was gonna be they’s shootin’ me in the back we can go out that way easier, paper article be better. Or maybe at 11 : “Unarmed motherfucker w/o weed runnin’ from traffic stop, officers life feared in danger shots n tasers plus k-9 deployed. Son of a bitch is gone…..”

People say quit playin’ but we ain’t. Folks say get real, I say more real than a motherfucker can be,,,,

Live free or die I always say and we ain’t livin’ no lie. So it’s Free or BY God fuck me!

Peeps say that’s carrying it too far but I seen folks die for lies n bullshit. Better to die so later folks might can once again enjoy the real world partially cause of your sacrifice.

I seen stuff like that in movies and in war propaganda programs but we talkin’ real world.

So we's ridin' n roastin' saygin' campfire girl & death metal songs up in the hills behind the house.  I haven't lived down here really that long kinda know my way around but I guess not looked around we're in some nature reserve I don't know WTF (what) or WTF (where) we are.

Said so we both started laughin' our asses off!

We came rollin' down the mountain finally didn't look right seen a stop sign bottom the hill didn't know where the hell we was at.  Got to the stop sign I said "Damn We in Whites!"

I could see the city sign right there to the right.  Girl was like wow Whites is where we's goin'.  I said we's there she starts that laughin' I yelled


She was slidin in the gravel just about went out into the highway some cargo van runnin' wide open just about hit us maybe foot away he'd never seen us.

Fuck!  I yelled really loud.

She waited till all was clear and took her left.  She started in on me yelling said she had it.

I said yeah we both just about had it.  That was another reason I didn't like roastin' & ridin' esp. I ain't drivin' danged stoners been known do stupid shit.

Nothing like sheep textin blabbin on the cell or watchin or participatin in the de-bate online while drivin'  Seen 'em cause massive pileups.

And damed sure nothing like a drunk motherfucker on a rampage hell we'd be drunk blabbin we might not even had stopped at that stop sign been like a bomb went off flamin' wrecks and bodies everywhere.  

Folks don't drink and drive I know ya'll heard that shit before but this is ye uncle Maddog tellin' ya and ya'll know he know.

So we're heading down the road past the massove falg a flyin'.  Then we see this log cabin like place she says there it is!!

Now I'd done out together all kinds of secret places for all kinds of folks, the G, the Underground, The Under-World, places in ogtehr countries.  But a log cabin?  OK.

Good enough for a secret places I guess.  Even had an 'ol lady whittlin' balsa wood on the porch, selling looked like apples from Ellijay.

So finally we get to this place.  Looked like a motorsyccle club or something out back we turned in.  Now I don't mess with no bikers, known folks who have and they got messed up in some shit thought they were friends with the gang but the gang found out shit got fucked up.

So I don't mess with no bikers, don't ride and I will go a party or play a gig but don't mess around with 'em much just to be frank with ya. As we got in the lot though it was just a used car lot up back with some bikes out front.

I said "you sure this is the place?"

Ma Girl laughed said yeah!  We got out, I took a good look around, and we walked up the wooden stairs past granny towards the front door off the porch. 

I smelt smoke of heating fires and noticed some cats around a burn barrel a couple lots over sharing a bottle of  something.  I also smelt the strong smell of cannabis.

Yup. I thought, this *might* actually be a secret place.  Cause in Jawja they kil ya, or arrest all ye asses, fer cannabis.

Front door was wide open so we just walked right in.

As my eyes adjusted to walking in front the sunlight. I saw someone writhing on the floor.  They had on something looked like a diver's body suit on, with a wrap around parcel @ the waist, and a VR looking headset on..

They were spazing  out , laying on their backs, legs kicking out arms extended moaring and arching tehir back in rhythmic motion....

I heard myslef yell;

"Damnit call 911 they're having a stroke!!"

Girl was standing off the side laughing her ASS OFF!

Abiut that time the person on the floor arched their back rreal high, feet flat on the floor arms spread wide hands clenched in claws and let out an animal roar...

Then collapsed back on the floor in a heap panting really hard....

Girl was over there  giggling...

Suddenly the person on the floor sprang up, whipped off their VR head-set and I could see it was a smiling sweaty asian dude probably mid-30ish...


Workin' in a coal mine......

Just a draft links not all there, not complete & kickers don't work, will replay rock show with workin' sound machine when I get back from vacation

Oh yeah, nothing to do with race nor ANYHTING ELSE LIKE been catching hell writing style is making fun of people, no, nada.  Chill out. You're makin' mountains outta mole hills

Jews Or Gentiles?
(see bottom for notes)
From Reign Of Darkness script (c) 2018, 2015 WTW
Soundtrack on Underground Records

Most folks who know me know I can't stand lawyers.  There's too many reasons to go into here, we ain't got all day it might get kinda mean n nasty & I done got a beat down time or two they said kids n teens be lookin' & what I was postin' or sayin' was improper for thosze under 18 but Chief said 21 I said this is the internet parents need to be aware WTF any little rascal hit any search or just some other website besides one of mine theys helluva lot worse on there, they got endless pref.s  They said naw, talkin' you so to hell with it just writing storys playin' songs n chattin some shot out motherfucker wanna say something fuck 'em and the horse they rode in on.

Lots folk said that was bad attitude but a long time runnin' ain't talkin' bout them but they shot out crazy thinkin' so made heap big trouble, really kinda un-necessary but crazy folk been known to be trouble you gotta deal with 'em or try and live round them. Bossman know said whatever get back to work, we there ok, quit bitchin.

I've even heard professionals say it's called anti-social or something,  but nah.  These type shot out bunch all about social.  Might just be social circle but they's all social n cozy w/ one another n shit. Boids of a fedda flock togedda.....

So's anyways been workin' top end supreme court forever when not out on road building stuff.  I'd heard rumors, we been talkin' bout folks who spread rumors so I just laugh say yeah I hear ya but shit done got way, way, WAY MOTHERFUCKIN' WAY serious for real deal & I can just say we'd been out there on new project heard a big badda boom so next thing I know Bossman sent Big Mike & that bunch down the wormhole got me damn took forever got back here had to learn all that shit animal scene over again when unlike me brother's crew n shit ain't ever known it to start with. 

Till this time around.

Still ain't talkin' right but got on the radio keyed her up started hollerin' don't know if I was makin' good sense but folks was listenin' n talkin' bout what I was sayin' so I know least I was broadcastin'.  I saw shit was bad in the run time reality world so called cavalry, first few times thought they was prankin not a damn soul showed up finally one danged injun scout showed up w/ peace pipe and eagle feather said here go see white cloud went and they had a party goin on so had to wait folks too tore up be talkin' sense bout to go back to the office say ya'll gonna hafta handle that bunch they gone I can't do nothin with that.

Finally though got me orders and a sack of deer meat n fish heads kinda cold Geronimo his bunch gave me a hairy hide skin it helped but danged smelt like a buffalo comin. 

Told peeps wanna stay away from these animals justice system cause it's absolutely fucked up full of itself ready to war on anyone's ass that didn't work like they wanted they got tools plus stuff they borrow from us like I was tallkin' bought got me back here, but that's a bit much firepower to put in play for one 'ol scraggly dawg runnin' the roads but we talkin' fucked up folks I seen a thing on TV once they was usin' them things against 'ol zilla every danged fool know you wastin' ammo. They kept on anyways.

Kinda like my situation I wasn't fuckin' raisin Tokyo to the ground or anywhere's else but remember I said crazy shot out folk they kept on so after few films I got tired of watchin but guard said back to day room they was search' the cells for contraband or extree tolietrees, what you gonna do.  Thought finally that wacked out shit was over with but danged you know how crazy folks do, runnin' in circles like flyboy here a while back, they get like that in a messed up loop de loop like a spell been cast they can't stop.  That's part of they crazy base.  Manias I've heard it called. Like I seen 'em in them trainin' films they showed us special forces trainin theys up for days fuckin' w/ folks then sleepin forever and they don't even partake uptake.  Well few do they don't last long like 'em oh boys in Leppard used to sing bout burnin' out n fadin' way but I might be mistaken might been 'ol boy they call young.  He pretty cool old school like a pole cat hollerin' done stepped on live wire start singin' bout Rotten & Syd. Might be him, take yer pick they both good.

So I'd gone diplomatic channels gotta jewish fella didn't believe in us imaginaries up in tha sky but seen I was real flesh n bone and he'd been to this kinda party before.  Dude was pro-bono I ain't talkin' sonny & cher but Like I said dude was non believer didn't even do passover thing. Soon after I seen hell theys more crazy folk we dealin' with here they start talkin he crazy he crazy, I knew they wasn't real world been here in the fort too long done lost all sense of reality gone off theys rocker fer real!

Folks think Maddog crazy best be lookin' in mirror they wanna see real deal. Think bout it, animal on a planet, stealin our shit then sayin' fuck yous ours and so I hadda see if we can have a meetin'. Damned shit done got outta hand.  Folks actin' strange I kinda got pissy we spinnin' wheels ain't got gas the first place so instead drainin' tank gettin' stuck I let 'ol boy go week or so ago like I said got kinda pissy w/ dude ain't heard back but he gone I said bye he just,  I guess,  on to next case. Don't really care not sure if me or another us be there he kick out like lotsa folk he in for one helluva suprizse. 'Cause you don't believe in sumptin' don't make it 100% unreal.

Remind me another song from them leppard boys called foolin' used to ride the birds round town South Cobb Drive smoke rollin' windows down radio & tape deck blastin'. Lotsa peeps said them was the days.  I know it was cool.  We got Memory & Rewind app via Virtual Reality in works Flyboy don't think got the plans off the tv screen but I seen worms a squirmin' I think they mighta got the Nano & Machine layouts and code don't know have to wait and see but know they ain't got sense enough leave that stuff alone they gluttons for punishment exactly the same as dopers and folks fuckin' with that witchcraft all of 'em can't tell 'em a damn thing.  I quit tryin'.

I told folks, Chief told folks Noah that bunch told 'em & told 'em they NEVER, I mean NEVER listen lest it's to make you pay for the words you say.  Whole time here seen all about payin' We ain't been paid but Our gifts is free until folk here got big head started auctioning our stuff off, one them reasons beside racket we back in town, lookin' round.  Seein, whoa boy these folks shot slap fuckin' out.

So I'd hollered at folk on the radio sed hadta getta nother counselor don't got preffs Quack N Cheese shot another Tribe Of Benjamin dude by the ponderosa via carrier pigeon.  He really got into the book wanted a sit down said I'd git w/ him at Sams old place we got serious gangstalkers over a ways start feelin' like JoJo Brown lone dog out in woods w/ all kindsa birds O' prey churpin  and ninjas creepin' I think mostly kids in halloween costumers but recon they folks big on trick or treatin' too seems whole worlds a stage and we are merely players, performers and portrayals, each another's audience inside this here gilded cage.

Seems I'd heard that kinda thing done right before, always loved Rush hated to see them go.  Kinda like first song my friend Philbro ever played for me was by them back before The Change.  Swear he was on the money maybe even toppin' Pert a bit. Folks say it can't be done BY God I seen and heard it be done! They both gone now, Rush shut down the show and Phibro Kilgore and Me had the reunion almost ready first one then the other gone; but we got some recordings, and lotsa memories.

Makes my heart kinda weep right this second. BRB gonna put on some music from back in the day.

Ok we's back had to go walk the dog too think I might heard Spike movin' around he'll be up in a minute needin' to go out too if so just hang out he's pretty quick lest a deer or coyote been out in the yard.  Here lots of things been out in the yard. Lot's wildlife here these parts. Haunted they say, and yeah I'd say the hello so. Someone before I got here been messin' w/ black magic somewhere nears, a bunch whenever it was.  Cause demons nor devil can hide from me and they's here,  Not as bad maybe as up in Washington but close.  Old castle in the woods two women had a thing can't remember if lightnin' or wind got it. Rumors they was witches and ya'll know I hate spreadin' rumors.  I will tell ya, probably weren't no rumor.  Part still out there amongst throne apple & night shades. Spookier than hell. Better watch yo ass in them woods.

Rowland springs on the map go look.  They got a plaque thing on the road out there like you seen 'em bout the civil war n shit all over.  Girl said she went can't read it, like it's the aliens wrote it.  I said hush that talk she done went crazy at work when they was tryin' to do announcements, finally they sent her away.  Miss her she was cool I wanted to kiss her so bad.  I gotta quit being so shy ain't ever gonna get no pussy.

Sorry.  Back to what I was sayin;

Yeah, 'bout that jewish lawyer fella.  So he said early case in Atlanta court 9 or 10, after lunch hell sometime, I said Sam's place cause folks done went crazy round here and all the let out gotta be put back demon spirits n shit.  I need to get on that shit quit playin' with this electronic diary but takes a while typin tried speech thing ebonics lookin' WTF so damned translated so bad I can't tell head or tails what the hell is being said. Can't write no more cramped up and I still can't believe they quit teachin' kids cursive hell that's big part of the expressive you the machines be killin' cause digital big difference from analog.  Damned sheep don't know no difference.

I said something not long ago 'bout kids n folks just gettin' more stupid than a box of rocks and folks about bit my head off.  I got experts we done pow wowed the microwaves doin' folks in to but the man fightin hard online keep that shit shut up via conspiracy talk box illuminati reptilian horseshit more like the dog n pony show than the real deal but today, and I know some yall see it ain't blind as bitch some folks are, but damned you can be puttin' one helluva show they callin' you straight shooter and I'll be damned if you just ain't pullin the line of lines but folks today done went stupid thinkin' the reality show is run time real.

Damned it got started with the machines I keep sayin'.  Now for sho folks done went crazy we on down the timeline a good bit.  Got top echelon crazy mad at me that's why had to be talkin' to these jewish fellas who I've always heard was good at what they do.  It ain't strange to me, but we didn't have such were I come from, lawyers wasn't necessary wasn't no damned dog and pony show with lost in space kinda shit about lockin' people up throwin' away keys and under the jail house kinda things for nothing but principle of things or special folks got mad and was let run wild years or a few decades till dam dog was brought home beat the fuck out of for showin' out.  Hell @ Headquarters we ain't got none of that.  Here is forced compliance crazy shot out violent motherfuckers cut loose on the payroll.  Back home we got consequential justice, meanin we'd tell ya you keep on you knew better but shit you got handed fit the crime.

Hell here what blew my mind they was killin' folks over plants we'd gave as gifts then later they were chargin folk to partake and it went from killin' to silly near the time of The Change.  But they was still killin' folk. I bet you find and watch this later on they still be killin somewhere.  They just can't stop.  They shot out on blood N Dope N Power N Shit. Why we here in the parking lot at Sam's old place waitin' for this jewish lawyer fella.

See I'd quit carrying a piece long time ago just me blade in case had some use for a sharp knife.  Then here while back started noticin' shifty eyed folk actin squirrely figured get back a little kick a bit, few kicks maybe, thinkin' bout big guns but really ain't no gun person still we go into barter town we be like Max at the gate damn armory on the table.  I'm kinda laughin at myself here cause yeah that what the fuck we got down the road where town starts, motherfuckin' barter town.  At the edge I see the Hell Patrol out there all the time got the road blocked off writin' tickets to be collectin them fines enrichin local mob bosses and the Master State......

Oh wait, one them crazy coincidences just come on.  I just talkin' hell patrol damned on me phones here comes Priest screamin' n hollerin' about the same kinda thing if per name only subject may or may not be the same. Shit like that's wild ain't it!!  Some things 'bout the machines you can do or go down with 'em is kinda killer N cool.  Still same damned things wastin' folks time hell took me two hours try to do something tonight never got done I have to train myself it says.  Train hell we got things to do!  Time I get all this machine train' to do done so I can do something my ass will be long past done dead.

Waitin' in the parking lot @ Sam's joint I notice 'ol JibJab them off to that side sittin' in them big trucks. They don't drive them monster machines much out on the tollways of the man much anymore.  Mostly just sit around bullshittin' stuff in the back got the reefers runnin'.  They had a helluva party spot ride on side of the road gals over @ the apartment buildin' doin' the lot lizard freeway style till one them big baller tall talker head-knocker local yokel sons of a bitches got wind party was ragin he had to have his peace.  No problem but he wasn't kickin' up to local big chief so shit got shut down.

JibJab them boys been runnin' long via underground. I seem 'bout anything comin out the back them things 1st moved up on 140 was down near plainville they had one side of the road blocked off unloadin' sack of rock salt whole trailer full.  Looks suspicious to me wasn't no where near winter that stuff in Ga melt the fuck down in summer time.  Kept my mouth shut sure enough later I saw yeah, un huh.

Jibjab his crew not in them olympics I seen 'em carry moonshot stuff some folks said ain't ever been real but I seen 'em shoot them things off seen they brought bunch real moon rocks back crazy folks said it was that rock salt I told 'em you better leave that god damned shit alone they acted stupid like didn't know what I was talkin' bout..

Kinda like them folk @ the Wacky Packy other day I was in gettin' a Mickey's they's up near the counter whole lot talkin' sayin' they been to the mountain top and when I told 'em you better be careful I know folk went up there ain't ever came back.  They looked at me like I was damned crazy.

Folks think I bullshittin or playin' the fool.  But 'ol Maddog know what they talkin' bout but damned if folks keep sayin' I'm the one talkin' in code.

Like I keep sayin', more in your face proof folks is crazy completely shot the fuck out.  That double talk horseshit sounds like what I see in honest to god run time reality is that 1984 shit.  Keep talkin' 'bout that when I do folks look at me like I'm crazy. Not bad as once was some folks catchin on.  Still got they phones and radios though. Damned Microwaves fill the air you can cut them bitches like butter, swimmin' in that wacked out shit.  There's them damned time wastin' I spy machine things again.  Like I said, I graduated high scoo in 1984 that was a long time ago.

We long ways from there now, that was a long time ago.  With these devices & related theys come a  long ways.  But  the really bad shit really just got started.  The  Hum just been since The Change which we sill in.  Ain't got time to talk about the app runnin' therein called The Eye cause I think I see my ride pullin' up.

Dude said 4am here he come I think he said new Mercedes and that's what this is pullin' up beside me....

Let me get out and see.


Rest of story in Issue X Of The Underground Sound....


Yall Remember that Devo Song?