Going to do a video documentary called MARIETTA STREET about the era when the Metroplex and Wreck Room, then the Somber, PJ's, as well as the space I had for a while called Gothic City in 93/94 all came into being and contributed to the original music club scene that existed there (centered on the 85-95ish period). If you were there, in a band that played any of those places, or went to those places to party and see the bands, and would like to do an interview and contribute some vibe and infos for the video, holler back. TW (404) 954-2708

About contributing - I have a camera man we will be meeting/ receiving materials and doing interview taping immediately. All this is non-commercial so I'm not doing rights releases nor can I compensate anyone, I'm doing this because the era is not properly documented (to me at least), is so important I cannot describe, and many of the folks around then on the scene are quickly disappearing if they're not already gone...been meaning to do this for 10 years or more, gonna make it happen. You can send pics, videos and infos to me here, or at ugr.geo@yahoo.com subject: Marietta Street, or call me to get in touch to do stuff directly. Please include any credits you'd like displayed along with your contributions. Thanks!


Brioni Faith - Be Here Now

Another Industrial Dance Smash from Brioni Faith! Hear her stuff on Maddog Live via live.me on those dark back country roads late night, in the club, @ the show, & IN YOUR MIND! join us - 


Review: Robbie Fulks_Linda Gail Lewis_Wild Wild Wild

Wonderful album hinging the worlds of way back, yesterday, today, and of all time.

The all time rings tales of everyone's life; your memories, feelings and thoughts of times past you see in the wide angle of space and experience gained as you grow older. That lens usually smooths the rough edges, yet brings them bolder in prospective of the overall picture. Usually not in the self centered way we all feel as an individual at the time. No bigger is this on display via this trip than on the song Hardluck, Louisiana

While this album has plenty of that, almost every song touches on the theme somehow, the overall push reaches the pinnacle of rollin' rockin' boogie quite often.  Round Too Long which kicks off the program with just that kinda feel.  You can almost hear & feel the bare feet slappin on the floor and a cowboy's boot poppin' that old oak inlay.

The album gets this strong feel and appeal by the conglomeration on display between some of country music's "outlaw"  co-conspirators, most each a front line soldier of such a genre if you're used to putting things in boxes.  What is out of the box here is these are original songs, which says a lot, no one here is relying upon their myth or legend, covers or remakes, to deliver.  This entire album is rock solid songs, over and over and time again, bar none.

It is wonderful to be able to put an album on, and not have to make a playlist of the best or skip the tow arm around. I just Lived A Country Song and That's Why They Call It Temptation drip pure country gold. Wild Wild Wild is another one to fill the dance floor. Throughout this roundup, chops n talent abound. Held tight by a very clear, but not too crispy production and mix.  It's easy to listen to, without the fog of echoes and effects attempting to achieve a wall of sound.  The musicians let their performances alone do that, without any of the color box goodies so often throw into the mix of sound to smooth things out.

If you listen to the album without reading about who is on it, like I always do, a few spots you will say, hold on, that sounds like.....  Nowhere is this more prevalent than on Boogie Woogie Country Gal, another barn burner, you hearken up and say, By God that's Jerry Lee! Well it ain't Jerry Lee, but it's his younger sister! Linda Gail Lewis apples her playing, street smart voice with that shade of sass, and over all vibe one can feel, as an essential cog in this wheel of an album, full of, for lack of a better word or phrase, rockabilly royalty. Of course her name IS on the album title, yet just it being there didn't necessarily apply a presumption.

The numbers she sings lead on have that vintage slightly rough snap used expressively in so many punk and rockabilly bands of the last half century. Of course with her lineage as a member of one of "those type" originating families, she gets it honestly. Her classic pianner chops n vocals under line the excellent songs over all, most penned with singer-songwriter-picker Robbie Fulks, who has for some time been known as a top notch songwriter.  Again the entire album backs up this fact.

Seems they got the mix of tunes just right.  Adding a bit of bluegrass flavored gospel with On The Jericho Road ups the ante for the purists, even if in mind only. Because there's enough tales of runnin' wild herein to remind you, ain't too many saints out on the roads of rock n roll. Yet they let ya know, it's mostly all for fun, but the heart is in the right place, if you really just gotta know.

It Came From The South really sums it up.  They're talking the building of the modern day cornerstone of Americana.  Some like to call it roots music, some say hillbilly, others old school back road southern, a few just country (and western even maybe!), but whatever you wanna call it, it's good stuff!

Contact: Josh Zanger - Bloodshot Records, Chicaggi - https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/


The sound of Metallica's Black album

From the ZUCK:
Diamond Tetrarch Rowe
23 mins ·
Jesus - Metallica’s Black Album production STILL sounds better than most other albums today. Such a timeless record and that production is nuts!
Todd West
Todd West Can't remember but seems they cut the album analog and mastered it digital (sounds like a Studer 800 origination to me, that tape machine has distinctive bottom end and low mids).....all I know is that great sound was no where to be found on Rock's next Metallica production, St. Anger, which is one of their WORST sounding albums. Music cut physically (analog) has expressive tones digital reproductions of sound cannot produce either accurately nor correctly, for more than one reason but mostly because when you cut something converted (non-physical) you lose a ton of real, not reproduced, data, such as nuances on strike, breath, and timbre. Digital mastering doesn't mess that up as bad (and can add alot in some ways if you got someone who knows what they are doing), long as you start with a real physical recording, not an immediate recreation/reproduction caused by conversion. So I betcha the Black Album was cut physically (analog).



@ popup

Identity= "M*$Q#|9sdikw\\parese83|"

M.A.C. = communicating hardware (checked against stream end points) MAC Address(s)

Working Javascript Required.

Up until me Bday, Aug.14th

Sneak Peak includes Depositions made to Court Of Angelic Order which will not be available in open public released zine. Includes audio & video evidence.

Underground Sound Issue 66:


For more info on the World Council's Court Of Angelic Order see:



Blood moon lunar eclipse! Gothic City, Wolf-Man, Burly-Man & Creamy Mama! (laugr 7/27)


As we remember the club GOTHIC CITY I ran in 1993 on it's 25th Anniversary- (damn, hard to believe it was that long ago! - undergroundrecords.org/history3.php) with over two hours of archived rave footage from the club!


We certify and identify Wolf-Man, Burly-Man and Creamy Mama, part of the shadow crew which took art in and supported the break-ins at my house which included the poisoning of Spike. Tonight we show you their pictures, names, addresses, and employer info.


Wolf-Man:  Seen Wolf Man a few times over the years.  When I was tracking down who was hackin' WIFI while beginning forensics in Aville on 12 computers the Fuck Todd Squad hacked, 'ol Wolf-Man showed up driving a rig with a Tixnnersee tag pullin' a porsche.

Creamy Mama:  Creamy Mama gets her name cause she drives a pink van around Bartow County, supposedly frontin' as sellin ice cream or snow cones or WTF.....obviously some kinda snitch, she followed me, parked, sat and watched me same time as Wolf_man showed up pulling his porsche. Both were tight on the telemetry, which was only made possible for knowing because they stayed connected to the same inter-connected pipes, which gave device/network/ID info on about three dozen perpetrators in about 10 minutes.

HINT:  turn that shit off, technology will fuck you as such or more than as when you use it to fuck other people.....believe me, it already has, as you will damned sure find out.

Burly-Man:  Another character I've seen a few times over the years. Dude was sittin' @ the Wacky Packy as I pulled on a day the wolf-pack shadowed me for many hours and many miles.  Burly Man is directly tied into the crew which entered my house, numerous times, and at numerous locations throughout the years, and are part of the theft & destruction of property from my home and vehicle, corruption of over a dozen electronic devices, and the poisoning of my dog Spike.  Along with pics of BMan others on his survey crew the day I gathered the audio and video will be investigated and profiled for the public.

A Sherriff's deputy in a marked truck who also is part of their wrecking crew, whom Burley Man ran to and spoke to about me on the scene @ the wacky packy will be interviewed (he like it or not) and that will be shown on a later show. (get yourself one helluva good lawyer fella, Bartow County WILL throw you under the bus eventually....)

Show begins @ Midnight @ http://www.rockfest.org when the popup comes up asking for identity and MAC, enter [0945ynb 98gy) as your identity and the correct MAC address of your network interface controller to gain entry.


Targeted Individuals? How about Ignorant Individuals, by choice....

I'll let my answers stand on their own.  What would happen if someone could not only tell you but show you and take you to the people who use electromagnetic weaponry on people.  Would you hang those people they showed you and proved to you used such horrible weapons?  Would you?

A buncha cowards wouldn't.


Targeted Individuals - The World Hum Map and Database Project (Dr. Glen MacPherson)

5 5 Share

Published on Jun 6, 2018
My response to the claims of so-called Targeted Individuals

Cuba, China Diplomats, those are the results of the use of electromagnetic weapons. Your government, which yeah Doc, hate it for ya, but they use that crap on people too, has a symbolic "task Force" led by CIA Director Pompeno "looking into" WTF happened. Anyone who has had electromagnetic weapons used on them do not need a task force or Doc McPHerson's shred of evidence, or lack of, to know what they do and how they feel. I cannot speak for any "targeted individuals" or anyone but myself. Shred of evidence are those people who worked for your government and can tell you about those types of weapons, all this conspiracy nonsense about targeted individuals and schizophrenics needs to be left out of the conversation. Electromagnetic weapons are real and there are real world results. Go there and get you some evidence man. Don't discredit yourself. Because by making these types of statements, you are.


A good example of someone who is ignorant:



People talking about imaginary shit are crazy people or doing it to make you THINK  a certain way, perhaps to get you to REACT.  People talking about real shit, with a lot of witnesses, aren't a fraction as crazy as ignorant people applying every situation to their limited knowledge or per their way of thinking.  I say get your heads out of your asses.....If you don't chances are one day the Real World will tear you apart.

from the ZUCK:

Todd West My answer to MacPherson stands on it's own. ANY OF YOU who have a problem believing in the use of electromagnetic weaponry need to go talk to the people who worked for your government who have been blasted by the fucking things....REMEMBER CHINA AND CUBA? NO? The shit was all over the news, they had Congressional hearings for Pete's sake and your government has a task force at work covering it up....All of this is public knowledge....get a clue. Don't stay ignorant by choice like Doc MacPherson, or make up some cockamamee BS to try and negate your ignorance.....Scientists my ass.....https://youtu.be/aPRYRW_Q-Xs


Review: KIT - NO MERCY



Review: Fozzy - Judas

Best Song they've ever done....yet.



7/14 LAUGR - Domestic Spying Data Dumps, Breaking & Entering & Animal Poisoning Investigations, plus clear pics, ID's & infos.

Tonight's show will run from 2:30am till 4:20am @ http://www.rockfest.org

Tonight on LAUGR: Domestic spying investigation pics of Wolfpack & Tiger Team members, captured streamed hacker activity. Ongoing captures & Traces. Plus new mixes from Telemetry, Incsisor, Victim of Ilusion, including the beginning of UFO life tribute which will run each Live At Underground Records until Moog calls it a day. LONG LIVE UFO!


Well I'll be damned that's Todd West.....

The breakin' & enterin' bunch put a little sticker on the back with "Todd West" written on it in black magic marker.....good for me to realize who's in this picture, or at least realize I am....pics are just one of the missing things.....


WolfPack@ Idol

Perpetrator Wolfpack Shadow Watchers in the new Sound @


July23rd, 2018

It's been determined while I was @ Billy Idol my place was broken N2 meaning I had computer less than three weeks B4 they broke N& installed their goodies. Spike got sick on 5/15, meaning they either came back 2do more or 2grab what they already placed #rockfest #PoliceState - When I was at a Memorial Day party network activity shows my location active (but me not home) & AT&T WILL & DOES have those logs, as does devices here used during that time. I've got pics of the wolfpack @ idol, and of some involved there, here and at nearby locales, stalking and harassing and plotting evil deeds, and executing them at will...... Be interesting to see how they achieved warrants, if they did not, the Patriot Act WILL NOT save them, or any screwed up "investigation" about some either imaginary or mob/G controlled "assets"....if their warrants were under guise.....lawyers need to man up and quit being scared pussies...YOUR LAW is SHIT if stuff like this can just "happen" and the gathered evidence not be taken into considerations. If not in a court, I will just publish the info to all the public. So tired of this fucked up abusive bullshit. More than a few need their asses in prison for a long ass time.....


LIONSGATE is a USB device containing archived program binaries primarily for Linux .  It was attempted to be made unreadable and it's contents obfuscated.  When it was mounted part of the fuck todd squad hacking crew would try and use it, as they did OVER 50 OS on USB sticks I was reviewing and testing, according to ongoing forensics.....they left this behind on LIONSGATE, see referencing visitation logs (AS:MASTER:MIND*984nb_&http://feedjit.com/).....put 2 and 2 together.....think.


IP's coming in to machine - tracerty

cr2.n54ny.ip.att.net     us     113.203 ms     112.291 ms     113.194 ms
11     cr2.wswdc.ip.att.net     us     118.331 ms     112.524 ms     115.680 ms
12     cr1.attga.ip.att.net     us     110.922 ms     110.919 ms     110.882 ms

this "log" was inside a file archive repository, which had been corrupted and made not to work any longer via usb connections. As you can see, the computer kept the info, embedded on the disc.  Again, this is the type of "illegal" unwarranted surveillance being done on EVERY ONE OF YOU.....via these semi-primitive computers.  Heed The Word.

via Tracert_January2018log


Not trading one evil for another...."adding to".....

Todd West shared a memory.
9 mins ·
Donnie J not fundin' as much mayhem in the skies? Perhaps, but I can't make that call nor would I bet on it....now it's just breakin' & enterin' yer house & poisoning your dog shit wide open like our entire skies full of manufactured "clouds" which is still amazing people think an entire sky full of synthetic "clouds" is anything but completely fucked up......settin' folks up n shit I guess is nothing when you can do crazy ass shit wide open in front of people and they don't react as to WTF........do love the half assed normal clouds recently....I guess with Pompeii's show on the electromagnetic weapons and all this domestic spying and espionage going on, they figured the sheep, might** *....might, start a wonderin'....they cant have that
NW Georgia skies full of absolute SHIT this morning. So "contrails" do this to your entire sky and you're cool with it? Think it's natural and normal? You're an idiot.......and believe me, your government loves you for doing and saying NOTHING about it.
Todd West
Todd West stealin the 'ol Man's service plaque cause he told the truth to his 14 year old son on this shit though goes to prove the truth of the matter is sensitive to the man, and his plan....sorry as cat shit.....http://rockfest.blogspot.com/search...Manage
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StumbleUpon Bows Out!

Sucks, another piece of internet History gone....
Todd West
Todd West Thank you for being part of internet history.

Wow, after 16 years, the day has come. Today is the last day that Stumbleupon.com exists online, and as we head into this moment, we want to look back and thank you for making StumbleUpon an internet legend.

Before posts and tweets, before snaps and pins, StumbleUpon was there providing endless internet entertainment with just the push of a button. Because of users like you, we served up nearly 60 billion stumbles to over 40 million Stumblers, and infinite hours of “woah, cool” moments. StumbleUpon was more than just a button. People connected, made friends, found career inspiration, and even fell in love!

“I met some of my dearest friends on SU. People who I went on to meet in real life. people all around the world. more than just an Internet site. Much much more.”
— CH, stumbled 16 years

This isn’t “goodbye”; it’s more of a “see ya on the other side”. Recently, we’ve shifted our focus to build a new discovery platform with the lessons we learned from StumbleUpon.

Meet Mix! On Mix, you’ll be able to build shareable collections of your favorite finds across the internet: articles, videos, podcasts, and more. As you curate the web, your saves will turn into meaningful recommendations for others in Mix. We hope to make discovery a collective endeavor, helping each other find gems from the depths of the web that we wouldn’t have come across on our own. And you’ll be in good company with your fellow Stumblers that have already given Mix a try — see Tom and Art. Feeling nostalgic? Take a journey back in time with StumbleUpon Time Machine on Mix.

If you haven’t yet, we’re excited for you to try out Mix! Hope to see you on the other side.

The StumbleUpon Team
StumbleUpon, 660 4th Street, #558, San Francisco, CA 94107

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Jason Proctor
Jason Proctor Stumble upon was great.

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Part 2 - Driver self installs part 2 of Set 1

Included: mounted storage volumes, adapters, uninstalls, reinstalls, 1 Ethernet, 1 disabled wireless showing available, none active....other active (talking) adapters......


Wireless Adapters Reinstalls

Like magic!  They reinstall, turn themselves back on after I disable them & unistall the drivers, no reboots OR a reboot (which turns them all back on) stops them from magically reinstalling themselves and becoming active again per time logs around 20  later, UNLESS I mount another drive then they all come back on and start a hummin'!  

Also included in this set (see part 2 next post for part 2 of first set), device manager display of storage volumes mounted internally & virtually, some more mankind magic!  All pass word protected, both on machine & remotely.....

What does all this bullshit prove?....ain't gotta be on the inter net fer yer machine to jabber...cause I wasn't, see pics, and no wired connected, WFI disabled as was BT, as you can see they magically comeback on, meaning either out of the box, fresh system installs, nor even online your great computers are compromised....

Proves you can disable and uninstall drivers, reboot if required, or not, and they'll git back to work.....

Meaning, your machines are shit, and so are those using such holes to come on n and looksee!

list of network adapters from clean machine, a bit many miniports but normal

Another view of the installed network adapters along with the two adapters given the Ethernet Adapter and Bluetooth which I had already disabled.

Information on the SSTP Adapter which I have often observed and recorded being used in remote access server situations.  I always or generally disable and uninstall server software unless I use it.  Just another easy access hack.... https://www.petri.com/remote-network-access-deploy-sstp-server

Remote Tunnel being set up via SSTP.  Here you see the requesting authority and instance path.

3 minutes till Bluetooth Device back active after deletion, no restart

Event Info

Communications Event Info

PPTP setup June 28th

Microsoft Kernel Debugger active offline

Unauthorized device using masking accessing machine via WAN Miniport

Device enabling events

Plug N Play Re-enabling

PNP Network Adapter now enabled, again

LT2P tunnel re-enabled

Part 2 - http://rockfest.blogspot.com/2018/06/part-2-driver-self-installs-part-2-of.html