LAUGR 10/30/21

Tonight on Live At Underground Records:

New stuff from:

Stigma Deus

Woe Unto Me

Plastic Diety

Delta 8

Stiv Hey

Omnium Gatherum

Among Your Gods

Los Angeles


The US Government continues to deny acknowledging Havana Syndrome, nor offer ANY help to non-government employees & their families concerning damages caused by exposure to EMF, some victims exposed far longer than those covered under #Havanaact.  Which ACT does NOTHING to address pain & suffering relative to civilian citizens.  In fact, evidence shows civilians pushing for some kind of relief are instead investigated as CRIMINALS. All this time KNOWING, for a fact, the US Government has and uses, and/or ALLOWS USE OF these same kinds of weapons on said civilians!

No disability, no acknowledgement, WHATSOEVER.  EVEN FOR PEOPLE COMPLAINING OPENLY ONLINE ABOUT USE OF THESE SAME WEAPONS MANY YEARS PRIOR TO "HAVANA SYNDROME".  http://undergroundrecords.org/disability/index.php

Join US Tonight on LAUGR as we go deeper, beginning @ midnight @ https://www.liveme.com/us/m/u/1125014112464674816/index.html?live=1  studio phones:  770-427-4023, beginning @ midnight EST.

The Treatment - http://undergroundrecords.org/archives/issue70/sound2.html




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