Final weekly and monthly shows

[2/13/2022 5:36 AM]

After months of consideration, I have decided to end LIVE AT UNDERGROUND RECORDS, the final show will be this Friday, February 18th. My worsening health conditions have made it where my time is limited so I need to work on my own music and complete the archives of the Live show plus finish up a couple of individual projects I am working on for other artists. 15 years is not a bad run, at all, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the memories! LAUGR 2007 - 2022, choose LiveMe at rockfest.org for the last stream this Friday Night beginning at Midnight. 
The forum at
https://t.me/joinchat/Cei-TFPGrqkIjndrBwNqsA will stay open for a while as I place links to the Archives there and on my other sites. In a way, the ending is just the beginning as the legacy will live on. ROCK ON! ` TW http://www.rockfest.org Phone lines will be open for the final show, as always 770-427-4023.
The Monthly Trip 248 has also reached the end, since 1979 I have did that show, and it too will be coming to a close. 43 years of the legendary show have been a blast! The final playlist will be out in a few weeks. Time now to take care of the life worth of recordings done, ready, and still to be done, of my own stuff. Look for new recordings out soon.
Appreciate all the listeners and support over the years. I'll never forget you!!

 Spike - LAUGR Mascot 2007 - 2021
My companion till the end of time!

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