James Sullivan - Light Years

Solid release all around.  some bits  big jangly n light for me tastes but some parts fit like a glove for anyone that likes a bit of blast with their corn flakes N ketamine.  Stand outs include B7 Totally Bored seemingly a Cobain tribute (has to be), the ambient psychedelia with a hint of retro flowers on B8 Man In Black, the power beat pushing A5 Guided, and the modern cowboy twang (or is that Drivin' N Cryin'? circa Whisper Tames The Lion....") into some college smileys of B11 In The End.

As one can tell I prefer the driving heavier numbers, but that's just me.  Many will enjoy more sugar on them cornflakes. I'll take a few more shots of Adrenaline. Worth the spin and as a collectors.

Contact:  https://stardumbrecords.com/

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