Electoral College - One of the US Presidential Election's major worsening problems

excerpt from a lecture I did on Facebook about the Electoral College.....

" it's part of the election process which can be one of the most easiest gamed, a 2017 study said in present day US with population outlays as they are, one can win the popular vote by OVER 20 MILLION and still lose the general election because of the EC process. While it served it's purpose in a young country with partisan lines flowing along population density centers (such as larger cities), in today's US the use of the EC process as given results in: a). spending on advertising and rallys often overshadowing platform messaging display an out-of-balance relevance leading to a "sound-bite" type of campaign style developed over two hundred years of need for early "battle ground state" victories necessitated by the misnomer that those who win big electoral points early on generally win (they do 2/3rds of the time, it is a misnomer because those states are less than one third of the 50 states - making it a type of illusion), b). the guaranteeing no third party will ever win the Presidency unless that party outspends by some estimates the combined amount BOTH other parties spend, times two and as I mentioned c). the disassociation of actual national choice as to President by allowing certain regions of the country to matter more (which the EC was in part supposed to help stop, and did for well over 150+ years, but now does just the opposite) than others and the votes of those who live there counting MORE than the votes of people living elsewhere. That's not all, but those are three very important things. It is an outdated and antiquated process, but it does show an early weakness in a representative type government over a true democracy, where in a republic by representation (US Federal Style Of G) your own choices are lessened by having the few speak for the many, leading to our current dysfunctional political state where one (your rep) speaks for many, which is a fantasy, even in a majority constituency there shall be a large amount of people when population levels are in the 10's of millions up overall nationally who's wants and needs are thrown away by the adherence of their "representative" to party line. No where and at no time in my lifetime has the breakdown of my expressions being put forth by my representatives as to governing been as disparaging as now. The EC is not one of your election processes strengths, it WAS, a very long time ago, now it is one of it's greatest weaknesses. All this falls on death ears as long as your candidate wins by the EC process (as Daddy Donnie did), but let it be candidates you despise win by the process for extended periods you may come to see the EC's virtues much less than you do now. Something else which is almost comical, more candidates call for ending the EC UNTIL it helps them win, then, not one of them continues to say it's gotta go. Kinda the US way over all, if it works for you fine, if it doesn't, not so much.....the left is not wrong, and "right" candidates disparage the EC process when their party is not in power in the election as much, sometimes more...but, it is true "righties" prefer the process more, because it is easier for monied candidates appealing to far less people to win the elections. At 20 million more votes in the general election and you lose, you can bestow all the praise on the EC you want, if it gets to that it's a fraudulent election, and honestly at five million, definitely at 10 it is. A process built on calculations picks your winner, not the choice of the majority of the people. You're not far from that....."

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