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Final Equinox practice October 1st 1989

This is the last time Phibro and I played together as Equinox, October 1st 1989. We were auditioning bass players and recorded all the jams. The guy never showed up this night but Philbro and I worked on the music from a couple of new songs we had written the past month. Philbro told me at the end of this jam session that since we couldn't get a full time bass player he was going to play in No Control full time.

I generally don't post stuff like this but you can hear the mastery of Philbro's playing captured on a couple open room mics. You can feel his sense of time (it was immaculate) and his creativity since these were songs we'd only jammed on maybe 5 or 6 times total. The song in the middle is just a jam, we wrote new songs like that all the time.

I really miss Philbro. Yes you can hear here somewhat what a beast of a drummer he truly was, but moreso I miss my friend, and finding this tape the other night in the boxes and boxes of tapes I have from over 35 years jamming, kinda took me back, made me smile. Even though this was the very end of the band, literally.




LAUGR: Remembering Chris Cornell

Remembering the music of Chris Cornell, on this Friday's LAUGR @ http://www.rockfest.org

Review: Playboy Manbaby

Not at all what you'll first think upon hearing the name.  Which is either one of the worst band names in rock n roll or one of the more brilliant.  The first jewel of theirs I got to tangle with was the single You Can Be A Facist Too b/w I'd like to meet your parents. First off singles which aren't on the latest albums is an ancient record label "trick" so that the singles sells more and the album can rest as it's own product not reliant purely upon the single. Today, it may or may not be even relative as to why, then again, today, who cares?

Plenty of humor in the spiel of Playboy Manbaby, and I guess really it has to be that way.  The single over all could be the bastard son of the Cure, PIL and maybe some gutter punk wretch from the streets.  Definitely not what you think by the pictures and name.  I'd say that's a good thing.  Pretty much the album is the same thing, except maybe rougher at spots, if that is possible.  I hear horns in there too, maybe there were on the single, just drowned out.  Anyways, they do better without their blaring, mostly. Last One Standing perhaps there they sound the ticket.

That's the thing about Playboy Manbaby, "mostly" they're an acquired taste preferable to shit, or eatin' roses.  But like w/ the Fascist single and a spot or two on the album, they hit it right, and it's like a discharge after a full night of drinking, almost a relief!  Honestly, Don't Let It Be as an album is probably great drinking music, the more you drink the better it'll sound, guaranteed!

To be included in The Underground Sound Issue 62



On this Friday's LAUGR, new music from APEX REVISION (uk), TIEDOWN (us) plus interview w/ CENTRAXIS (mx) 

Camup for interaction @ https://tinychat.com/room/undergroundlive 


REVIEW: Sarah Shook & The Disarmers - Sidelong

Shook & The Disarmers present a nice platter of traditional western style rock.  Much akin to the early Sun Records catalog, which generally can never be a bad thing.  Here it's definitely an asset, yet Sidelong as a whole isn't reliant upon anything of the past.  It's good music, with more than a splash of heavy heart and real world experience showing through to make you sit back and take notice a time or two. Shook's voice is key to this show, though the band, taken to be The Disarmers, make the picture more complete.  The guitar work is especially impressive, gliding in and out, weaving I think Keith Richards calls it, serving up mournful cries and piercing lead breaks when called for. A full package it all makes, along with great songs containing memorable melodies, it feels like a work complete. It's but a tease though at this point.

It should make you hungry for more, a yearning to feel that edge, slightly wicked, of riding that fast horse across the desert.  Gold in your saddle bags, gold bud rolled, and a trail of dust along your trail far behind. When you do slow down and get all touchy feely, it tends to lose it's way, because you're driving a machine, one that seems to run the best when it's locked stepped into the clakca-clacka or one step behind the down home boogie. Like when you go to the family reunion tore up and everyone is staring at you.  You may wanna hide, you may wanna put on a show.  It's like that on Sidelong.  At each turn it's a different number, from platin' to harvestin' to fetishes up topside, it's irish whiskey on a weekend night, and there never is a work week.  Just cocktails on the lawn, another day of guitars, rhythms and wasted sunsets.  It's real life man, live it!

Contact:  Bloodshot Records https://www.bloodshotrecords.com

REVIEW: Cory Branan - Adios

Cory Branan - Adios

Strong features with a weather front blowing in cool and scripted from somewhere in Americana. There's horns, even Hornsby flavored keys, strumming and an almost Leon Russell thing every so often. Maybe a nod to Springsteen more so though, like you're riding into town on memories and regrets. This is highly apparent on numbers like Blacksburg, which is playbook history all the way.  I get off more on up steppers like the album opening I Only Know, or the traditional rave ups like Yeah, So What. Lots folks like nostalgia though, so the inward looking stuff cannot always be overlooked or hidden in the powerchords. It really are the songs which carry Branan along, which is no more apparent than on The Vow.  Something almost everyone can relate to, even if you've never known it as part of your life.

That's where good songwriters can get you.  While not everyone can produce the most original material, a large quantity of cool to killer songs builds a catalog up nicely. Cory Branan has this quality on his 4th album, and manages to advance his craft a bit by branching out on the more esoteric, bluesy Walls, MS. It's like the Dead man! Proof too you must be from or been a while in that great land of Mississippi to lock up this kinda funky groove. Why you think Elvis came from the state named for a river? Branan goes a bit Petty on Another Nightmare in America, still
it's ok , fitting into the real world today as it does. Cory decides to finish the album out on lighter fare, which may seem a cool down, but you've got Visiting Hours in there, which might make ya wanna dance, so it's not all downshifting coming down the mountain. Just check out the scenery, enjoy the ride.

Singles:  https://soundcloud.com/bshq/sets/cory-branan-adios-album



Originally recorded in 1987 and released on Underground Records, this is the 30th anniversary release of WICCAN PRIEST for streaming.


LAUGR 3/24 - Tribute to the late great CHUCK BERRY, beginning @ 10pm east coast time. CAMup to hear full show and participate in live web chat @ http://www.rockfest.org LIVE @ THE UNDERGROUND!!



UNDERGROUND SINGLES - Where the resistance meets!




Tonight we'll review videos of cellular radar in action collected since 2002.  For a primer research cellular radar, celldar, passive radar and sonar graphic radio. Watch how the TrackBack unit finds both Stingray and celldar units being used w/o warrants. Tonight, Live @ The Underground @ http://www.rockfest.org   CAMup for live chat and full access to the show.

REVIEW : Logan


No use going over the plot here, just know the glories of the past for the X-men have long passed and the ones left from the glory days are old, addled on drink and drug, sad and repentant if those daring doos of yesteryear are called upon from memory. Wolverine, Logan as we all know, would rather not even talk about it. nor get into the game again.  Ultimately, he has no choice.  He's no the same mutant he was years ago, he's aged well but slowly is losing what's left.  The world is a fucked up, low class beat up place.  This movie very much mirrors all our lives, and the state of the union.

The darkness in this movie is as thicker or moreso than any of the Xmen flicks or the two previous movies which focused mainly on Wolverine.  This series could have already ended, with this movie it gets another opportunity to bow out gracefully.  Like the past half dozen of titles in this series, it's a hit and miss, yet runs out of steam and stutters at points throughout.  It's not much better than the past movies, nor is it much worse.  Like most Hollywood fair now, it's repeats of repeats with different faces sometimes, different names sometimes, but names more than faces supposedly tying you into the series past.  In other words, it too, the franchise is getting old and thin.  Again, a mirror of reality.

Lucky for us all the movie doesn't go docile too often early on with the storyline remaining fairly easy to follow if a bit vague about all the how and when. As in all the Xmen movies young people are a central focus, so the dichotomy between the young girl who is the major focus of the pursuit here and all the old people and old systems breaking down, fit together nicely. All this back n forth happens pretty quickly so by the half way mark of the film the audience should be relaxed and deeply immersed into the story.  Maybe.  After the Mad Max style chase scenes and the high impact fight sequences the movie becomes tiring about the same mid-point. Injections of stilted humor and a meandering plot line expansion meant to indulge you seems to foster boredom mostly.  By the time he action returns 3/4ths of the way in and the movie seems to be going somewhere, it suffers a letdown climax and a drawn out ending.  It's all just a bit too long in the tooth.

Score 6 out of 10

To have your material reviewed, send link to content or material itself to ugr.geo@yahoo.com  subject:  Underground A&R


REVIEW: Kong - Skull Island

Kong - Skull Island

By making the timeline of this movie back in the early 70's allows the movie to spin around retro to make familiar assimilation for both young and old.  The addition of a seriously slimmed down John Goodman and still ghettoized Samuel Jackson furthers the movie into yesterday. There's even a headband ala Loverboy, Rambo or The Karate Kid on one of the main actors once folks get onto the island.  Even there we're reminded of movies about Vietnam, say those they made 30-35 years ago.  Not all this is bad, in fact a time or two retro style effects are added along with todays modern generational CGI; you have the spider amongst the bamboo which is pure camp and robot puppets, not long before definite modern material such as when Kong eats octopus, which scene is part of the modernizing showing at spots along the way.  Sushi anyone?

I'm not going to get in the moral issues and lessons learned here in the movie.  They are thinly veiled with the reality of today's environment collapsing merely a by-gone result of all things mankind, greedy, and evil. So we find people all through the movie trying to get a piece of Kong's Skull Island. Not so much King himself as in King Kong movies past, more for the island and the resources it offers. They don't capture and remove the great King Kong, as in every one of these movies past. Here too of course is the pretty maiden, whom again Kong falls for, yet it's barely a blimp in the movie, more like a casual nod, until the final scenes, where it gets top billing for a minute or two. The action is fairly balanced and copious throughout.  Unlike, say the last Godzilla which had the monster in less than a third of the movie.  Every 10-15 minutes there are dinosaur like beasts fighting it out or imperiling the humans through the entire movie. The modern CGI really scores here and despite the drawn out plot and thin cohesiveness, and lack of depth inherit in the film, it manages to keep the kids and the adults interested till the very end.

Score 7 of 10.


Review: Kreator - The Gods Of Violence

Kreator - The Gods Of Violence
from the forthcoming Issue 62 of The Underground Sound

A band which has stood the test of time, Kreator have went through a few phases, but who doesn't working almost 35 years straight. Since the beginning the band has retained an edge to their sound while maybe being better or less so depending on the occurrence. The Gods Of Violence is no difference, yet I will say perhaps better. It is good, again after all this time, to hear a band retain their original context and expand the offering through quality of the songs.

What I like about the album, is that it starts off cool with Death Becomes My Light, and builds through Apocalyption into something technical and strong with World War Now.  Then it's true old school with Satan Is Real. A time or two throughout again they play devil's advocate, but it's not over done.  That's why Kreator have always been considered a trash band, and not death metal.  They do stand strong for metal, listen to the rebellion bubbling under the core on Totalitarian Terror.  In the days of the gifted golden haired one, we must all stand strong!

Take Hail To The Hordes, a classic metal shout out with hints of folk yearnings placed skillfully within. Again so much we have heard, yet it is done well here repeatedly. Giving us tastes of their classic sound, adding a few new classics and keeping it thrashing metal keeps it solid for Kreator. Such is the remembrance of Fallen Brother and the speeding true metal of album closer Side By Side. The Gods Of Violence have come to play! Horns up!

Homepage - http://kreator-terrorzone.de/

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Review: The Darts - The Darts

Review:  The Darts - The Darts
from the forthcoming Issue 62 of The Underground Sound

Psychedelic fuzzed up dark punk pop eased into your mind by the fact is it's all chicks.  Not that matters these days, but believe me, it does.  There's that crazy circus sound going on throughout the tracks here, which might temp you to place them wrongly, but it kinda reminds me of the first couple of Stooges records.  However it's purely english containing those lovelies all roughed up and ready here.  The rudeness, volume and not all that togetherness displayed here might not be revolutionary, but it's kinda a breath of fresh air just outside the steel mills. It's like that 4th or 5th pint after a day of full-on bullshit.  You start loosening up a bit and The Darts will make ya wanna dance.

It's worth noting The Darts owe a bit to former female farmers The Donnas and maybe some other more obscure set ups from other places. The go-go horror movie feel like your in a car gonna crash fuck it whatcha gonna do The Darts pretty much bring in on their own.  I'm telling you it's that crazy organ man.  I feel the need for danger! There's enough creepy guitar slinking around on numbers like Carry Me Home and I Wanna Get You Off that it feels kinda sexy. Enough dreariness, and strange rebuke, on pieces like You Got Me to remind me it may not all be alright.  Then there's big drums, shouting, screaming riffs and that fucking crazy organ again on Take What I Need that it's like being down in New Orleans where they work that voodoo and hand you the bill. Or maybe it's the power vibe of Ramblin On that does the trick. I kinda like it man, it's a wild ride and like I said it's all chicks, which makes it that much cooler. See, I told you it matters!

Contact:  Dirty Water Records - http://www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk/darts



On the March 3rd LIVE AT UNDERGROUND RECORDS, new music from:

Cast In Steel
Saddle Pump
Capitalist Moron

Beginning @ 10pm east coast time @ http://www.rockfest.org

Camup to chat and for full show!


Todd West - Subculture 30th Anniversary Release

30th Anniversary release taken straight from cassette master. TW - complete program. Originally released via Underground Records in 1987.


LAUGR February 10th - China Band, Thai Hackers

On the Live @ Underground Records February 10th, 2017:

Cry Of The Panda - new band from Wuhan China

plus taped radio interview with:
கொழுப்பு காக்ஸ் (Fighting Cocks) hacking crew from Thailand

plus:  Asshats live from Melbourne Florida

Beginning @ 10pm east coast time @


CAMup for full show @ tinychat.com/undergroundlive



ON LAUGR T'NITE: TRIBUTE TO BUTCH TRUCKS May 11, 1947 - January 24, 2017 @ http://www.rockfest.org #rockfest



Gonna be the first Christmas w/o Dad. It's gonna kinda be strange. I finished up the latest zine w/ a focus on some of the stuff he and the Lockheed wrecking crews used to pull, some of the things he and I used to do, and a few things which may be family secrets tied in there! Really miss the 'ol man, he'd kinda come alive @ Christmas! http://undergroundrecords.org/sound/


12/16 - Asshats, Megapussy, Drain Snake, Evil Spirit

On the 12/16 LAUGR (Live @ Underground Records) it's the UGR "Roastin' Hogs & Smokin' Yule Logs!" Christmas show! Featuring new music from:

The Partiers
War Wound
Dramatic End
Evil Spirit
Drain Snake

Beginning @ 10pm east coast time.  CAMup @ http://www.tinychat.com/undergroundlive

No cams - stream only @ http://www.rockfest.org


How many of you will die serving your masters?

"They reasoned that the War and economic growth were much more important than the possibility of illness or cancer for a segment of the population twenty to thirty years in the future."

"They" still think like that.......



Court Of Order opens Inquiry


We the High Priests of the World Council, have opened inquiry into the use of electromagnetic weaponry upon Free People. A filing has been placed with the Court Of Angelic Order which triggers collection of information, evidence and facts upon which to make a determination as to the Truth. Any one who would like to make a statement and or to present evidence for use by the World Council in these matters, you may contact us through linked contact information at the World Council and Book Of Divinity websites beginning January 1st, 2017.

The World Council

Book Of Divinity


Using IRS Form Form 3949-A, a case study, plus new music!

On the December 9th Live @ Underground Records:

Using IRS Form 3949 - A to fire off Silent Audits and attempt to fuck the lives up of those you dislike. Included on tonight's show - case study involving state department of transportation, set-up and civilians.  Why the state does not give a fuck and does not care about truth and or/justice, only that it rules you and you do as you're told. Camup and call in to speak to the instigators and the investigators.

Plus, new music from:


plus the year 2016 in review part 1.  Beginning @ 10pm east cost time@ http://www.rockfest.org Camup for full show@ http://www.tinychat.com/undergroundlive Phones: 1+(404) 954-2708


Universal Income and the National Pension Program

Elon Musk thinks universal income is answer to automation taking human jobs - http://mashable.com/2016/11/05/elon-musk-universal-basic-income


This can be achieved through a national pension program where the taxes and fees already collected on natural resources which goes straight into the G's pockets is rerouted and divided between all citizens of the nation....it's something like 2 billion $$ per day collected in the US on things like petroleum taxes, land usage permits, spectrum licenses and usage fees (everyone one of you who pays for telephony services pays this), taxes on water usage, timber taxes...none of that stuff the government owns but they regulate and collect money you are not allowed to have nor use, and the natural state is everyone's, not just the government's. The National Pension Program I wrote for the World Council does exactly this. Everyone gets money from things of the natural state only the government is allowed to get money from now. For the average person in the US this is close to $18,000 per year which can be put into a fund for each citizen and can be applied in various ways. Simply spending it will produce a perpetual economic engine. The government does not want you to be independent, it wants you to report to it, obey it, and pay it, so that it may control you easier. Not sure about Elon's plan, but he's a smart man.....

The World Council - http://rockfest.altervista.org/council

Sound Issue 61 Reviews are up!

The Underground Sound Issue 61 Reviews are up!  Featuring reviews of:

Jen Gloeckner
Green Day
The Cavemen
Red Fang
The Fadeaways
Archie And The Bunkers
Dj Odyssey
Tyrant's Kill
Franchise Music
Downfall Of Gaia
Raging Speedhorn
Luke Winslow King
High On Fire
Death Beast
The Avalances
Iron Reagan
Los Chicos
St. Elmos Fire
Blank Face
Heavy Metal Eruption
J Halkz
Blues da casa Torta
Lucy And The Rats
True Widow
Kev Dot Kruz-Iklwa Bros
Imperium Dekadenz  
J Ryan Daniel 
Inter Arma 

Reviews @ http://undergroundrecords.org/sound/sound3.html


Rattler now loose in China

Add me, Maddog West on QQ - http://www.qq.com/ - #rockfest  

Start up Rattler, then background HIP module using audio sequencing.  Then you'll understand.


11/18: JACKLEG album + Interview

Tonight on LAUGR:

new music from:

JACKLEG (new album plus live interview)

@ http//www.rockfest.org

CamUP to see and hear the full show! Call-in number - (404) 954-2708


SILENT AUDIT Discussions & Reviews

Silent, or Secret Audits are overseer involved investigations unknown to those being investigated involving a varied number of things. The difference between a Silent Audit and a regular investigation involves the way in which the investigation was launched, the scope of the secret investigation, the deniability of those partaking in such investigations and the non-disclosure policies and methods used to hide the ongoing audit.

Currently the World Council is using an ongoing Silent Audit in determination of judgement in a number of countries.  The Court Of Angelic Order is set to rule on the potential harmful and violent nature of outcomes from such audits which use forced compliance in which to extend the hand of dominance over Free Persons beholden to Silent and Secret Audits.

World Council Discussions and Court Of Order reviews will be ongoing from November 2016 through January 2017 when amendments to the Dossier Act relative to Silent and Secret Audits will be voted on by World Council Members.  The Dossier Act is part of The Way.

For more info:


World Council launches Science & Technology Forum

Current discussion in the Science and Technology Forum - Microwave and near-quantum (dirty Q) networks in the schema of the Entity. Until 9pm tonight!

@ The World Council


LAUGR November 4th 2016: End of the Election, Vote Billy Joe


On this Friday's Live @ Underground Records (LAUGR):

The 2016 Election is coming to a close and WE DON'T CARE, BECAUSE NOT SHIT WILL CHANGE!

The march of the NWO SHALL CARRY ON!

NOTHING shall stop the assets known to the state as citizens being further assimilated into THE BEAST! THE POWER OF TAXATION & FORCED COMPLIANCE OVER ALL LIVES SHALL RISE IN PURE MADNESS on '017!


The ONLY hope is revolution in the streets!  VOTE MADDOG IN 20/20!!!

2016?  It's a waste so write in GREEN DAY!

We taste the new stuff from the boys t'nite!

Beginning @ 10pm east coast time @



Me stones is killin' me!!!!

Can't afford the surgery or even a visit to the doctor so I'm hoping the Chanca Piedra works. All I've got is stones, had 'em 30+ years and herbs have held them @ bay. Lately the shit's been killlin' me (damn aerosol engineering shit is in all our air, water and food, figured it was but a matter of time) so I had to reach out to some South American friends to send me some Stone Breaker. Well it's arrived and I'm gonna start heavy dosing t'morrow. I figure it'll probably work, herbs usually do over time, but it might kill me these suckers are huge. If I kick out remember, I want three stages, or at least three bands, and a beer truck!



LOS ANGELES seeks drummer: Experimental Industrial Punk Metal

Jam sessions to try and find a drummer for the industrial punk metal band LOS ANGELES.  Atlanta, GA, second week in November.  For jam times, leave info @ (404) 954-2708



TITANFEST announces new names for November line-up

TITANFEST 2016 - which will take place on Saturday November 19th - has made some additions to the event line up.

The new additions to the bill are: NWOBHM heroes Oliver/Dawson Saxon, folk metal eccentrics Skyclad, extreme thrashers Huron and defenders of old school metal Dethonator. The heavy metal extravaganza will be taking over the sister venues of The Dome and Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park, London.

Already announced for the festival are thrash metal legends Onslaught, thrash veterans Anihilated, progressive thrashers Beholder, old school thrashers Nightlord, all-girl metal goddesses Hysterica(Sweden), NWOBHM stalwarts Weapon UK and technical thrashers Furnaze.


Oliver/Dawson Saxon

Skyclad guitarist/vocalist Kevin Ridley says, "Skyclad are really pleased to be performing at this year’s Titanfest in London. People are always asking us for more shows in the UK and it’s been some years since we played in London. So this gig really ticks all the boxes and we are very much looking forward to it and to be part of an excellent line up that brings together ‘old school’ bands with emerging talent. Cheers and Beers!"

Titanfest takes its name from The Underground Titans Tour '92, a showcase tour of the finest up-and-coming underground metal bands of the era, in an unprecedented air of cooperation between bands creating what is still hailed by many as the first underground metal tour. Now, that spirit of brotherhood and unity shines through as some of the most time-hardened bands work side-by-side with the newer generation of underground bands to bring a full day's worth of aural assault from the finest in old school metal, thrash and death metal around.

A limited number of Early Bird Tickets for Titanfest 2016 are still available at a discounted rate of £26.66, reduced from the full price of £30.00 (excluding booking fees). Doors will be at 12pm and after the bands finish, there will be music until 2am. Full details of the festival can be found at www.titanfest.uk.



DEA opens Public Comments for KRATOM

DEA Opens Public Comments about KRATOM. Make the most of it people while you have a chance, it is not often they do anything reasonable. 

Drug and Chemical Evaluation Section;


or Email ODE@usdoj.gov



LAUGR 10/14 features new music from:

Rough Sex
Secret War
The Accusers
Game Changer
Dred Head

plus:  chat with the creators of the new 2017 animated show:  COWTOWN

Beginning @ 10pm east coast time @

http://www.rockfest.org  #rockfest


EUROVIBRATOR : 30 Year Anniversary

Been 30 Years since I released EUROVIBRATOR via Underground Records on cassette in 1986. It has been digitized from the original cassette master for a thirty year anniversary release. The album contained new tracks I wrote over a few days using a new Tascam 388 8-track 1/4 inch reel-to-reel tape machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqz4RwvY5X4


Happy Birthday Muzz!!

On the Friday, September 23rd LAUGR (Live @ Underground Records) we pay homage to the one, the only, MUZZ! Celebrating on her 86th B'day, we'll salute this wonderful woman with a few hours of her favorite music. Tune in beginning @ 10ish east coast time @ http://www.rockfest.org Camup for full access to the show!


TONIGHT ON LAUGR!! http://www.rockfest.org New music from:


plus, sold proof God does not care WTF you think about the existence of the 'ol Master!

Call in's/Phones open @ 11:31pm (404) 954-2708

Camup for the full show!

In a band, wanna do a live on-air interview? We will show filmed ones as well...._ Get in touch!


8/26 LAUGR - Tribute to Charles B. West

8/26 LAUGR. Tribute to Billy West w/ music from the 30's-70's (when he was "young") beginning @ 10pm @

Stingrays? Celldar? Anonymous snitch lines...... Lawbreakin'? Ya think??

Watchin' dat azz, but NOTHING like celldar... https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/aug/26/stingray-oakland-police-fbi-surveillance

Don't know about passive cellular radar (celldar), read the Operation Setup documents for info@ http://undergroundrecords.org/sound


R.I.P Dad

 Eulogy for Charles West 8/18/16

Thanks to everyone who has joined us on this beautiful Summer morning. My father loved mornings like this, and he loved this time of year, the okra is coming in, and my father loved okra. My garden this year was the worst one I've ever had, except for the okra. This year, the okra was the best it's ever been. Dad got to eat some of my okra the last month of his life. You think about the little things, when folks aren't around anymore.

Death is strange. The finality of the situation is broken only by enduring love, faith, and each of our own memories. I pray the Lord is kind to my father as he enters a natural part of life, the ending of the physical self by death. Knowing that the Spirit shall never die, gives me great comfort, yet does not lessen my loss, either figuratively, or literally. 

Life is really short, it is fragile, and it is over quickly, even if it lasts for what seems like a long time. No, Eternity is a long time. The 86 years my father had are no comparison, even if to me, they were forever.  For, in reality, they were all the years I've ever knew, and I am so blessed, and honored, to have Bill West as my father. Now I enter a time without him, and no greater loss have I ever had. That it is common and happens to everyone, does not make it less strange. Nor lessen the pain of this loss.

My father was a person of integrity, ingenuity and intelligence.  He was a great father, and if you asked him for help, whomever you were, chances are he'd try to help you. I've seen him work on fixing something for days even if it could not be fixed.  That used to drive me crazy.

Through life you learn to either accept or ignore eccentricities from people central in your life. You learn however much you like, or dislike it, the fact is you'll have a lot of your parents in you. These things are called familiar because that comes from the word family. My father lives in me, my siblings, and he is a part of a larger family legacy. He was the last of his era of the family left, now it is up to us, his children, grand children, our people, to continue this legacy.

As the time of my father and his family before and now, comes to pass, the world changes. Some things are better, some things definitely are not.
One thing that does not change is love. God's love does not change, and my love for my family only increases. As we're gathered here in honor of my father, I'd like to ask that everyone take time to love one another, their family, their friends, and work hard in their lives to achieve positive things. Don't forget the people in your lives, for any reasons.  Soon enough, we all pass, so make the best of time with those you love, while you're here.

Dad, we'll never forget you and I cannot wait until the day we meet again.  I love you with all my heart and thank you for being a friend, a father,  a husband, and one hell of a man.  The earth and the souls of men are better for knowing you, and your light shines for ever with eternal beauty,  which is the living Love Of God, where now your spirit resides.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and shared memories of my father. I love you all. May you be blessed.


TONIGHT! Black Mass @ RIO Opening Ceremonies!



New music from:



Live @ Underground Records (LAUGR) http://www.rockfest.org
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Well over 100 on the heat index.......

Out picking up cans to get some cash up for my domain registration......had to stop by the library to cool off.  Hope Spike is OK back in that hell-hole of a house I call home......


No Lives Matter

Nah.  What is important is that you REPORT, PAY, OBEY.  In that you trust, support and do what is not only asked but required of you; be a good citizen, work hard and contribute.  Operation Setup showed that perpetual investigations can run as long, and on whatever premise, as needed, until you are made to heel, or are headed off into incarceration, fine, fee and loss of freedom hell.  Don't think so? Stay tuned, they'll kill ya for less money than most make in a week......or for even not doing your paperwork properly. Patience, you'll see it, clearly.

What matters is you do what you're supposed to do so that you are allowed freedom.  Your life otherwise? If you're not down with the war machine, you're going down!


7/15 LAUGR.  Full release of all Operation Setup documents on-air.

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pLUS, bREAK nEX REcorDS showcase

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A word to the wise

As a victim of gangstalking for decades, I'm not one to ask an opinion of the social unrest, for if I was to be unbiased I'd be a complete damned fool.  I can however, be honest as a motherfucker.

First, I don't condone killin' in cold blood, ambushin' and/or terrorizin' somehow....done by anyone.

Second, you cannot insert blanket descriptions or apply opinions onto situations which cannot be objective without being blatantly politically correct or incorrect.

So I stay away from social media posts about all this.

However, I don't lick boots, tow anyone's line, nor kiss anyone's ass. This is NOT a race thing.  I don't care what color you are, or claim to be, we ALL get the treatment and it's got like this because people take "sides" and make wide-ranging assertions based on their opinions.  I go 100% by EXPERIENCE.

Now this is the tough part....

I understand someone who feels hunted, for I have been.  If you are hunting me, or seek to rule or control me, I am not going to be friendly, because I am a free person, not some description of a servant, surf, or citizen which you somehow, either by your decree or by someone else's, have power over.

We got to where we are because people cannot control their anger, opinions and wants. This is on BOTH and all sides.  That is very hard for someone, and most, to understand.

That's why I don't take sides, because my experience will make me jaded. I can "understand" how people feel, and support some opinions, but I am not the one to ask about social problems which did not start with the individual. 

Your society is a mess, based on forced compliance, and that's regardless if you are a lawman or a criminal. My time here not only do I see this, know this very well, but I see both sides, and take neither.  Your systems must change, and that change starts with the individual.

Otherwise, the little animals known as humans, shall fail.

So if you don't like black folks, white folks, cops, or whomever, here is some good advice.

Live and let live.  We're all on this little bitty, very fragile planet, whose life, as well as each of our own, is so very, very fragile.

Time to reduce the foot print of institutionalization over your society, and that means to recognize forced compliance, and seek to remove as much of it as possible, and you cannot do that by threatening, pointing a gun, making accusations or refusing to be honest because you are biased.

You do that by using your mind, your will to work together, and using empathy instead of picking fights and taking sides, when both those sides rely on forced compliance to control.

The main trouble is, and once again this is NOT my opinion, but from my experience in 50 years of being here, is that people are stupid. I suggest you try this, and see if it works:


rant over....