Whatever happened to JoeJoe Brown?

I think I kinda know.


I've known JoeJoe (not his real name but I call a lotta rabbit hole stuff JoJo) a long time, way B4 internet time. He was a friend on at least three of my online social media accounts. I see today he has removed himself from those lists and blocked me.

While that's nothing peeps come and go, block & talk shit 24/7/365, I kinda saw it coming. About a year and a half ago I seen his wife @ Zaxby's in Cville. She kept staring at me and I knew I knew her I never forget a face. I'd only met her a time or two. I guess they'd been married last 10 or 15. Up till that time @ the chicken joint I probably hadn't seen JoeJoe & fam 3-4 years since I'd moved from Aville. Finally she came over and asked if I was Todd.

After some how-ya-been-doin' s I asked how the 'ol man was, she said he was in the nut house after he lost his mind over the holidays a while back. She'd had to get a restrainin' order too cause he'd started threatening her to back off when he was in a fit and tearing the house up. She said they'd had some knock down drag outs till he tried chocking her to death and she had to knock his ass out with a bottle to get him off her. I asked WTF happened and she said I knew about his hearing shit and thinking people were following him...

No I didn't. I reminded her it'd been years so she filled me in. We got our food had a seat and she talked for almost the next two hours.

Apparently my 80's friend has paranoid delusional disorder which has just came about, dude is about four five years older than me, so the cat is late on the typical onset of madness. Though we all know yer mind can go at anytime with or without reason. She said he started hearing shit like motorcycles and three wheelers riding up and down the street and thinking people were in cars a street over sitting there running their motors and revving up to fuck with him. She said a few times he got up in the middle of the night and went out looking for the pranksters.

She said what was wild was sometimes she'd hear it too. Like trucks idling or going up a never ending hill.....I told her remember back around 2012 I was at a party at their house talking about the hum (thehum(dot)info) which is microwave resonance peeps are tuning in on and it's driving them into an insomniac hell? Yeah she said. It sounded to her like someone blowing air over an open bottle, a kind of wooooo.....woooo. Woo woo exactly I told her. Or rrrrr...rrrrr.

We then off on that subject cause she's still hearing it, her kids are now too and they all think the government is watching them. I didn't go into stuff about The Eye cause best not to go too deep & real on fresh peeps. I do remember though JoeJoe & fam were not about any "conspiracy" stuff. I'd been laughed at and told I was crazy back in the day @ their party and whenever I'd mention resonance or Big Bro runnin' apps n social programs. But this type of turn of events I see happening more and more.....I keep tellin' folks but they don't listen till they can't hear anything else long after I'm not around talking 'bout it any more......

She said it got so bad he'd called the law to file an harassment complaint and they hooked him up with a counsellor who then started sending him to a doctor who had him on all kinds of dope. She said it got worse he was hearing them talking to him when he'd hear the sound. I told her that was interesting that there was probably an hallucination of the mind though I do know peeps who swear V2K is being run their ass 24/7 by satellites. implants and everything else. My dogs up @ Ft. Meade got a machine and to me it sounds like mother fuckers yelling in a canyon way off. Scream and shout into that thing and I could see where it'd fuck with people, hard.......

You hear it? I asked. She said she heard the ultra low vibration sound all the time but never any voices. Coulda been those meds he was on I told her. While they do help some with voices in their heads like all drugs if you treat symptoms you don't have which are helped by the drug, often taking that drug will give you those symptoms. Wild how that works....

Why didn't JoeJoe holler @ me I asked her, I was at the time still on his Facebook friends list? Embarrassed she said and that later on after a while he thought I was the one probably doing it, that I was working with the law trainin' and providing them with the know-how to do it.

WTF? I was stunned. While not the first time I have been accused of being the law, I get that quite often, nor that I'm mischief making with machines, it's still kinda weird to hear that. Comical at this point. Really? Dude definitely had lost his mind.

Anyways Christmas couple years ago it came to a head he got on this gangstalking kick and said they were following him. She said JoeJoe knew it was the illuminati and that they were after them cause he knew their secrets and everyone who knew those things were monitored. They'd had an incident someone cut them off on the interstate and JoeJoe'd chased them down, got into an altercation and had to be restrained by five-o. Completely fucked Christmas with her family up.

I asked her where all this had taken place because I'd heard something about some guy goin wacko and giving someone a beat down on the interstate after gettin' cut off but I wasn't sure if it was in Bartow or where...

No it was in Alerbamer she said. Some car had followed them from their house in Acworth JoeJoe said and he'd lost it when supposedly that same car had cut them off. He thought they were stalking him trying to harm his family.

As someone who has been stalked by all kinds of characters I can tell you it's usually not the illuminati. It's usually law dogs or some variation of that species when done in an official capacity if not the X or some kinda psychopath. Aggravated gangstalking brought to you by the patriot act applied through the state machine spying apparatus is the biggest problem our country faces right now. Bigger even than Rocketman or Papa Bear.

But most people glaze over quick if you ain't talkin' bout the ball game or politics fed to them by the propaganda ministry. If they haven't heard it on the news it ain't real. All that internet stuff is fake news sez Trump so that's the end to it. God has spoken.

So that's when he got sent to a hospital I asked. No she said that was a bit later he took off w/ his shotgun gonna find out who the asshole racing the truck up and down the streets all night was cause he was tired of it. Couple streets over neighbours called the law, they've had encounters with this man before, he's supposed to be on medication, he has a weapon, it's 2:30 in the morning cold as a mofo and this dude is barefoot, in shorts w/ no shirt on, And he is hallucinating. They figured drugs.

JoeJoe never even smoked the reefer 'cept I hit one with him @ the Van Halen show in 84 cause that's what you did at the Van Halen show in 84. Besides booze and this new revelation about the psych meds, never knew the man to be high, but I'd seem him caboozled a time or two over the years with JOhnny & Jack.

Now what's going to happen? I asked her.

His Doctor thought he needed to go into an intense program she said. She'd had to sign some papers and he'd been so damned pissed off after he told her he wanted a divorce he'd quit talking to her for a while. It was so many months and his doctor would have to sign off for him to leave the program or the limit on how long they could keep him mandatory in their program runs out.

Wow. That's fucked up I thought.

Tell him to holler at me I told her. She said yeah she didn't know whether to talk to me or not. I told her I wasn't doing the stalkin' or pullin' the shit. Yeah she said her & JoeJoe both agreed I wasn't the problem.

Well glad to know that I told her.

Never did hear from JoeJoe. Guess he changed his mind for whatever reasons cause he's dismissed and locked me out. Lotsa folks run from people N things they bunch in w/ times they first hear about bad things when reality sets in hard. Even if they knew them for a long time before hand. Like JoeJoe when the insanity comes in through the door and it's not how they thought things would be, they lose it and even old friends can become enemies in their delusional throes of madness.

I can't help that. The World is a crazy place.

Peace, Luv & The Underground,



You have to take all this with a massive dose of salt......


Amazingly, he did make at least one truthful statement - "Republican Sen. Jeff Flake says the U.S. has found no evidence that American diplomats in Havana were the victims of attacks with an unknown weapon."
Hell yeah it is NOT an "unknown weapon", they know EXACTLY WTF it is. Think about WHY he, they, you the media, do not speak truthfully to you about this "KNOWN" weapon?
1st, this isn't necessarily a "sonic" attack. Symptoms and ongoing results point to use of directed energy (i.e. microwave) weaponry. Which use has been going on for decades and today is routinely common in certain circles (spiesNspooks). The US uses such weaponry on its own citizens who it feels "are getting too big for their britches" in order to covertly harm the victim, who will be at a complete loss to explain WTF w/ clear evidence, and send them (dissidents, rebels, troublemakers) a clear message about who's yer daddy. Use of these assets may be requested by local and state Liaisonas well. 2. It IS slightly humorous that an individual from an entity which uses such weaponry, the US Government, and another entity which has intimate knowledge of such technologies and the names of many operatives whose skill set may be deployed in field settings where these weapons are used (the FBI), can make the completely asinine statements they don't know diddly and there is NO evidence. Such is complete horseshit. 3. They are playing the sheep like a fiddle. 4. If you trust and believe such people who will lie to your face about such things, you're a fool. 5. Turn off the propaganda machine (TV), stop blindly cheering your "team" (life is not a sporting event) and join us in the real world, where this monstrous bullshit is common, and growing.



DIY & Lab Grade Infrasonic Monitors

Want to monitor infrasonic @ home? Here is one DIY product which seems to work. - http://www.infiltec.com/Infrasound@home/ Tired of THE HUM making your life hell? (http://www.thehum.info), start with the cheaper monitoring equipment and work your way up to that big daddy Techtronix spectrum analyzer. Start bookin' readin's cause microwave resonance is NO JOKE! It'll fuck your little world up!


when ur ready to upgrade to Maddog level, this is a nice little unit.....https://www.linktronix.ch/.../1404218159_53b2ab2fc3cd6.pdf - I prefer a modified RSA5126B w/ multi-membrane single sampling antenna designed in-house which can be used to track the directional flow of energies. using a simple adjustable microwave matrix broadcasting device (running Angelspeak Soul Assembler software BY GOD) allows you to interact w/ harmonics & main signals of induced energies in your environment. It's called a trackback device when used w/ the sampling antenna & software to find the fox. You can follow the ghosts back to their haunts....you will then understand things you'd probably have rather not known about, if you're a sheep......


12/1/17: Using Plasma to code Star Systems, plus Half Breed, Insanity & Crackpot

LAUGR 12/1/17

Plasma Encoding, from the subcellular to the suns. Programming the Breath Of Stars to form physicality & evolutionary life. All from the science of plasma(s)!

Plus Music from:

Medicine Man
Los Angeles
Half Breed

Beginning @ 9PM east coast time. CAMup for full show @ http://www.rockfest.org Get the APP @ tinychat.com


Live @ Underground this Friday: TRIBUTE TO MALCOLM YOUNG

On LIVE @ UNDERGROUND RECORDS this Friday (Nov: 24th), a special tribute to AC/DC founder MALCOLM YOUNG who passed away November 18th.

Join us as we celebrate one of the best known guitarists from one of the biggest bands ever.  CAMup for full show @  http://www.rockfest.org beginning @ 7pm east coast time.


11/17 LAUGR: accessing plasma via DIY devices using .angel & .matrix files

On the Friday November 17th LIVE @ UNDERGROUND RECORDS (LAUGR), music from:

Jerry Phal
Los Angeles
Among The Torrent
Agonal Breathing
Inner Suffering
Arkhon Infaustus
Think No Speak
Spiritual Prison

plus using .angel & .matrix files to tie into low grade common plasma via a variety of DIY devices.

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REVIEW: Tyakrah - Wintergedanken

Nice guitar work.  Easy flowing black metal with thumbs up for superb listen-ability. Some I've heard complain about the vocals being mixed two low but I don't hear that at all. 

There's also lots of lead playing throughout, something lacking on too many dark metal albums overall. It's a limited release of 500 released in conjunction with Slaughterhouse Records here in US. Powerful, moody and deep, I'd give it higher ratings, yet there ARE a lot of bands like this out there. Which is a damned good thing, because there's a LOT of shit masquerading as music in more extreme forms of metal. U do need to look hard and long because labels seem to forget, or don't care about, reviews much these days. Great to hear something worth having and listening to.

7 out of 10.


Review: Pussycat_and_the_Dirty_Johnsons_-_Aint_No_Pussy

Rough, simple & bomabastic punk rock, scattered, chunked & covered. Sneering attitudes with "soft verges and hard urges" (Midnight Motorway) alongside declarative inspirations such as "One Of The Boys" (s/t) come in bombing run style with lead ups, explosions and then shell shock before it starts all over again. Some proofs at a spot here and there (Ain't No Pussy) make sure it is understood status quo will not be honored. Quite tribal at points (Userpetine) it's probably the looseness that draws you in. As good pussy is known to do. It ain't actin' though, it's bread n butter rock n roll, with a bit 'o extra butter to slide 'er right in. Aside from the sexist cliches, good loud n raw does tend to do well in your face on stage. Then too, much of it could be just getting away with it. The Dirty Johnsons do a lot of that, getting away with it, but like that other cliche does say, they ain't no pussy. Turn it up louder, give 'em hell!

Contact:  https://www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk/pussycat



On the October 27th LIVE @ UNDERGROUND RECORDS (LAUGR) we cover
SOULAssembler pre-header parses plus the new album Chiefdom from North American Indian supergroup Wellhouse Ponies exclusively for THE UNDERGROUND


The long awaited return of  CHUCK
WRONG CROWD 30th Anniversary release

Stenography & compiling programs through music programs and files 

Programming AIR using geo/trig/calc + AngelSpeak (AS)

All on today's LAUGR @


It almost killed me!

Half asleep, commercial for this (watch embedded youtube video) came on. Had to lay on the floor lost my breath laughing, peed all over myself!


RAWR! http://www.gettrumpybear.com


10/20 LAUGR - Norweigan Underground & Angelspeak Parsers

On today's LAUGR: Angelspeak Parsers in pre-headers, The Top music from Norwegian Underground in '17 including tracks from:

Dyp Elv

@ http://www.tinychat.com/undergroundlive


Review: White Light Cemetery - Careful What You Wish For

Love this band.  They're smooth, mysterious, slightly dark n twisted, groove laden & masters of heavy riffing. What they lack in creativity, they make up in tenacity. This hard rock via the Sabbath vein, with a heavy dose of Zeppelin, though somehow the band have managed to skip the cliches everyone loves to point out and just go for it. A time or two in history, no matter the level of heavy or mimicry, this approach has worked out really well (anyone remember that first Kingdom Come album?).  I hear some Bad Company in there at times as well; someone has a deep record collection.  None of this a bad thing, as I said, when it is done right.  Careful What You Wish For seems to fit this narrative. In these days it's good to hear heavy blues, since long ago many of those old school bringers became something else entirely (Whitesnake anyone?).  WLC will always have an awaiting audience, hopefully they continue to put out the good stuff, and those ranks will swell. In some ways it's been a long time coming, or perhaps it is a generational thing. That these cats hail from Louisiana cannot be understated.  That place seems to have a thing for the voodoo, and this band does too. Their last tour early in the year was a good one, right now they are quiet, preparing a new assault.  May you be blessed when it hits 'cha!  Contact: https://twitter.com/Official_WLC


Join us this evening as we discuss new music from:

Agonal Breathing
Toadmaster (+interview) 
Scáth Na Déithe
Inner Suffering
Space Kat
Brothers Till We Die
Alliance Of Fear (+ interview)

Desolate Heaven
Sydney Crust
Los Angeles
Among The Torrent
Basaticc Rubacio
Arkhon Infaustus

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REVIEW: Manifesting Obscenity - Doppelganger

Finest of Grindcore with enough cast in metal undertones to gain some street cred. The wheeze of the swine master evolves with the blast beat into a sucking sound of bliss. From wrenching time signatures into parades of reduction, to one-off bass runs the clackety clack of the machine gun spells doom. The title cut is almost a relief, living up to it's name of virtuous illusion if not at times horrid excursion. As the album begins with what sounds somewhat like the sound of flies feasting on corpses on Desert Of Suffering, you are suddenly spun into the oblivion of A Reflection Of The Generality. Showcasing not only the pitiful state of your planet's reality yet too being a progressive view of a crumbling masterpiece on the edge of the void. Guitars burp along, then begin the start-stop march as the light fades to dark. It is fitting for a band called Manifesting Obscenity.

Frantic fight for coming to life ensues on Disappointment Of The Burieds, showing that the dead do indeed rise in the last days of this needless existence, before the remains of the past overtake the arrogant state of mankind, dealing justice for the mess it has made of this place. Usually you don't get lyric sheets w/ Grindcore, but you really don't need it, the good stuff transcends the need to know.  What is that?  Lead guitar on Fierce Bloodshed?  The HELL you say!! Me like geetaras. I LIKE IT WHEN THEY GRIND,  LOVE IT WHEN THEY JAM! Pure core on Intestinal Division; it is if someone is playing the fuck outta something, as the yawning pit opens to take you under. The song ends with that big sound of the fate of finality, giving death it's eternal soul. This sets up an almost Irreversible Feeling, that soon the nightmare could be over, you awake to a new sunrise, the world lives again. Yet is all, as the final song before the title cut says, just an Abruption, before the true end. You cannot escape your fate. 9 outta 10.

Contact:Inherited Suffering Records: https://inheritedsufferingrecords.bandcamp.com/album/manifesting-obscenity-doppelganger

Need your stuff reviewed? Send recordings to Underground Records, 89 Tatum Street, Marietta, Georgia 30060 USA or infos via email ugr.geo@yahoo.com




ON LAUGR this weekend!  TRIBUTE TO TOM PETTY!  plus guides on .gel files & Gelacious programming and an introduction to QUACKER & Q# = any versions or forks of QUACKER: quantum universal algorithmic coding kernel environment realities which can render the SPIRIT ENTITY via the Holographic Interface Programming (HIP) Assemblers.

Turn down the noise, feel the code!

The Underground


10/6 LAUGR - Tom Petty Tribute, GEL biochemical programming

On the October 6th Live @ Underground:

Special tribute to TOM PETTY

plus:  Gellacious Biochemical Programming




9/29 LIVE @ UNDERGROUND RECORDS (LAUGR) streaming live from THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE in Aville!  https://www.adairsvillefestivals.com/  #rockfest #party

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9/15 LAUGR: playing new album in full from The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) - We Own You, You Owe Us which will come out in November.  Plus interview taped today in Atlanta as they prepare to crash a stage at Music Midtown!



"Three Shall Come, Spinning Counter Clockwise"

"Storms shall arise which have never been known before"

"Then, three shall come with the powers of the natural state, spinning counter clockwise, from the seas and oceans."

Maybe some more aggravated gang stalking and blackmail can stop the madness.....?  Maybe not..... Perhaps the great courts of perceived justice and the mighty war machines can whip the imaginary natural state entity? NYET.

Book Of Divinity, Book 2 - Structure Of The Tribulations


Review: Septic Flesh - Codex Omega

Around for well over 27 years now, Septic Flesh are legendary through their intense music and deep dark imagery. The new stuff retains the classic maddening driven intensity adding in enough creative nuance to be beyond relevant nearing top echelon among contemporary european thrash bands releasing new material. As a second generation death metal band, Septic Flesh were early during that wave, which defined the cutting edge back then and what is considered the founding genre of every thing darker today. Peering into the abyss of ground down damnation, Septic Flesh reach in and capture the torment of souls, eating their essence for breakfast.

After charting new places with opener Dante's Inferno, #2 on the list 3rd Testament exemplifies the band in full power, easily switching from blast beat to death grind. Portrait Of A  Headless man which follows is a bit symphonic with all the keys and strings, yet not nearly as bad as it reappears as an album closer later on. I thought I mighta even head a flute in there, but coulda been the band fuckin' w/ me. Subliminal is a forte of the band, as evidenced by the arabian modal undertones of Martyr. They are Greek so it's not a big stretch to reach into that culture nearby. A slower number, it expands giving the band a chance to show off some of their timing skills, settling into a classic metal groove while shifting gears between west coast early 80's and a middle eastern feel. As another middle tempo standout, Dark Arts makes a case for more symphonic passages under a roaring wall of melodic feedback.

Preferences are for the slash and burn take no prisoner numbers, say Faceless Queen, or the black leanings of religious hatred encrusted The Gospels Of Fear or the powerchord stomp of Trinity. Through the band show the skill of experience while crafting a somewhat fulfilling album. Even the soundtrack throwaway Dark Testament somehow seems ok. In smaller doses the marching band stuff mighta been better.  The album artwork is pretty cool, definitely. Replace some of the half-asses Codex Omega could have got close to an 8 or a 9, as is, I'd give it a 7.

Contact:  http://www.septicflesh.com/


Review: Ovarian Despoilment - Ustulate Monuments

Snot sucking grindcore wrapped around marching metal war anthems, OD is rarely forgiving. Lots of these bands fail to be musical above riffs they've lifted from some thrash bands 20-30 years old at this point. Not these motherfuckers! The sounds of pigs fucking can never be over-rated in this land of madness.  The very images the music brings are of insanity, torture, death, and Donald Trump tweeked out on a 24/7 twitter rampage. Yup, it's pretty awesome.

Contact:  http://www.shownomercyrecords.com/

Review: Useless - Departure

Screeching upper mid-range production may be the hailing of many a black metal album, but it about ruins this one.  No bass and blown out frequencies before a non-existent upper end make a harsh listen.  Too bad, underneath sounds like it may have something. Seemingly there is something worth your time here. Making it unlistenable does not bring you to that conclusion.

Contact:  https://uselessblackmetal.bandcamp.com/


Review: The Darts - The Cat's Meow

Lead off track to their album of fuzz worship the 2017 LP "Me.Ow" done up in video. Shows fun time with the girls and their Super 8's, kitty showin' and lyrics about "scratchin' at the back door in my mind".  Adding to the effect is the delivery of the organ and purring on the edge of growling. Smiles all around as the romp wanders on, the somewhat scathing mid range just right for the girls on this number. You however may have to turn it down for the sanity of your ears and neighbors.  Or maybe turn it way up, and fry their minds, as yours is already gone.  Just remember, it's all about a good time.

Video Single - https://youtu.be/YEli8nf7O6w



TONIGHT ON LAUGR New Albums in full from
& interviews from the bands in 2012 & 2013 respectively

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Your freedom is an illusion

in response to:
US Spokesperson - "Deliberate use of such weaponry is inhumane."
US Subject - "They're using infrasonic weapons on me!"
US Citizenry to Subject - "Put on yer tin foil hat it'll amplify them signals you stupid crazy conspiracy theorist! USA! USA! USA!"
US Government - "Shew, thank God most of our people are ignorant and stupid. If they actually knew, it could be bad....."

Then along comes Cuba, and suddenly......

You begin to reap what you sow.....

Reality of the situation, perhaps your ass will be next -
Smart meters? Haha, yah....right......

Should pay more attention while you still can......the only fantasies here are in your minds. Put 2 and 2 together, you *might* figure it out....but I doubt it, too many of you are too in love with the master of those doing such madness, to realize you're bat shit crazy as well for allowing it. Kinda like a lotta other things most all of you seemingly ignore....

Your freedom is an illusion.



ROCKFEST‏ @rockfest 17m17 minutes ago
TONIGHT! Tribute to CHESTER BENNINGTON on LAUGR including his last and final show with Linkin Park

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Phones: (404) 954-2708


Dark Web Novices

Dark Web beginners kit:

Hidden Services - https://www.torproject.org/docs/hidden-services.html.en

Basic Locations - http://www.thehiddenwiki.org/

Search engine https://ahmia.fi/

Why it's not really all that

Entry Guards and Client basics

Maddog Radio Finder

TOR alternatives Part 1 - http://deepdlltweb.com/2016/05/09/tor-viable-alternative/amp/index.html

Tor additions & subtractions - http://anonhq.com/best-alternatives-tor-network-browsing/

TOR alternatives Part 2 - https://cyberogism.com/tor-alternatives/


Final Equinox practice October 1st 1989

This is the last time Phibro and I played together as Equinox, October 1st 1989. We were auditioning bass players and recorded all the jams. The guy never showed up this night but Philbro and I worked on the music from a couple of new songs we had written the past month. Philbro told me at the end of this jam session that since we couldn't get a full time bass player he was going to play in No Control full time.

I generally don't post stuff like this but you can hear the mastery of Philbro's playing captured on a couple open room mics. You can feel his sense of time (it was immaculate) and his creativity since these were songs we'd only jammed on maybe 5 or 6 times total. The song in the middle is just a jam, we wrote new songs like that all the time.

I really miss Philbro. Yes you can hear here somewhat what a beast of a drummer he truly was, but moreso I miss my friend, and finding this tape the other night in the boxes and boxes of tapes I have from over 35 years jamming, kinda took me back, made me smile. Even though this was the very end of the band, literally.




LAUGR: Remembering Chris Cornell

Remembering the music of Chris Cornell, on this Friday's LAUGR @ http://www.rockfest.org

Review: Playboy Manbaby

Not at all what you'll first think upon hearing the name.  Which is either one of the worst band names in rock n roll or one of the more brilliant.  The first jewel of theirs I got to tangle with was the single You Can Be A Facist Too b/w I'd like to meet your parents. First off singles which aren't on the latest albums is an ancient record label "trick" so that the singles sells more and the album can rest as it's own product not reliant purely upon the single. Today, it may or may not be even relative as to why, then again, today, who cares?

Plenty of humor in the spiel of Playboy Manbaby, and I guess really it has to be that way.  The single over all could be the bastard son of the Cure, PIL and maybe some gutter punk wretch from the streets.  Definitely not what you think by the pictures and name.  I'd say that's a good thing.  Pretty much the album is the same thing, except maybe rougher at spots, if that is possible.  I hear horns in there too, maybe there were on the single, just drowned out.  Anyways, they do better without their blaring, mostly. Last One Standing perhaps there they sound the ticket.

That's the thing about Playboy Manbaby, "mostly" they're an acquired taste preferable to shit, or eatin' roses.  But like w/ the Fascist single and a spot or two on the album, they hit it right, and it's like a discharge after a full night of drinking, almost a relief!  Honestly, Don't Let It Be as an album is probably great drinking music, the more you drink the better it'll sound, guaranteed!

To be included in The Underground Sound Issue 62



On this Friday's LAUGR, new music from APEX REVISION (uk), TIEDOWN (us) plus interview w/ CENTRAXIS (mx) 

Camup for interaction @ https://tinychat.com/room/undergroundlive 


REVIEW: Sarah Shook & The Disarmers - Sidelong

Shook & The Disarmers present a nice platter of traditional western style rock.  Much akin to the early Sun Records catalog, which generally can never be a bad thing.  Here it's definitely an asset, yet Sidelong as a whole isn't reliant upon anything of the past.  It's good music, with more than a splash of heavy heart and real world experience showing through to make you sit back and take notice a time or two. Shook's voice is key to this show, though the band, taken to be The Disarmers, make the picture more complete.  The guitar work is especially impressive, gliding in and out, weaving I think Keith Richards calls it, serving up mournful cries and piercing lead breaks when called for. A full package it all makes, along with great songs containing memorable melodies, it feels like a work complete. It's but a tease though at this point.

It should make you hungry for more, a yearning to feel that edge, slightly wicked, of riding that fast horse across the desert.  Gold in your saddle bags, gold bud rolled, and a trail of dust along your trail far behind. When you do slow down and get all touchy feely, it tends to lose it's way, because you're driving a machine, one that seems to run the best when it's locked stepped into the clakca-clacka or one step behind the down home boogie. Like when you go to the family reunion tore up and everyone is staring at you.  You may wanna hide, you may wanna put on a show.  It's like that on Sidelong.  At each turn it's a different number, from platin' to harvestin' to fetishes up topside, it's irish whiskey on a weekend night, and there never is a work week.  Just cocktails on the lawn, another day of guitars, rhythms and wasted sunsets.  It's real life man, live it!

Contact:  Bloodshot Records https://www.bloodshotrecords.com

REVIEW: Cory Branan - Adios

Cory Branan - Adios

Strong features with a weather front blowing in cool and scripted from somewhere in Americana. There's horns, even Hornsby flavored keys, strumming and an almost Leon Russell thing every so often. Maybe a nod to Springsteen more so though, like you're riding into town on memories and regrets. This is highly apparent on numbers like Blacksburg, which is playbook history all the way.  I get off more on up steppers like the album opening I Only Know, or the traditional rave ups like Yeah, So What. Lots folks like nostalgia though, so the inward looking stuff cannot always be overlooked or hidden in the powerchords. It really are the songs which carry Branan along, which is no more apparent than on The Vow.  Something almost everyone can relate to, even if you've never known it as part of your life.

That's where good songwriters can get you.  While not everyone can produce the most original material, a large quantity of cool to killer songs builds a catalog up nicely. Cory Branan has this quality on his 4th album, and manages to advance his craft a bit by branching out on the more esoteric, bluesy Walls, MS. It's like the Dead man! Proof too you must be from or been a while in that great land of Mississippi to lock up this kinda funky groove. Why you think Elvis came from the state named for a river? Branan goes a bit Petty on Another Nightmare in America, still
it's ok , fitting into the real world today as it does. Cory decides to finish the album out on lighter fare, which may seem a cool down, but you've got Visiting Hours in there, which might make ya wanna dance, so it's not all downshifting coming down the mountain. Just check out the scenery, enjoy the ride.

Singles:  https://soundcloud.com/bshq/sets/cory-branan-adios-album



Originally recorded in 1987 and released on Underground Records, this is the 30th anniversary release of WICCAN PRIEST for streaming.


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REVIEW : Logan


No use going over the plot here, just know the glories of the past for the X-men have long passed and the ones left from the glory days are old, addled on drink and drug, sad and repentant if those daring doos of yesteryear are called upon from memory. Wolverine, Logan as we all know, would rather not even talk about it. nor get into the game again.  Ultimately, he has no choice.  He's no the same mutant he was years ago, he's aged well but slowly is losing what's left.  The world is a fucked up, low class beat up place.  This movie very much mirrors all our lives, and the state of the union.

The darkness in this movie is as thicker or moreso than any of the Xmen flicks or the two previous movies which focused mainly on Wolverine.  This series could have already ended, with this movie it gets another opportunity to bow out gracefully.  Like the past half dozen of titles in this series, it's a hit and miss, yet runs out of steam and stutters at points throughout.  It's not much better than the past movies, nor is it much worse.  Like most Hollywood fair now, it's repeats of repeats with different faces sometimes, different names sometimes, but names more than faces supposedly tying you into the series past.  In other words, it too, the franchise is getting old and thin.  Again, a mirror of reality.

Lucky for us all the movie doesn't go docile too often early on with the storyline remaining fairly easy to follow if a bit vague about all the how and when. As in all the Xmen movies young people are a central focus, so the dichotomy between the young girl who is the major focus of the pursuit here and all the old people and old systems breaking down, fit together nicely. All this back n forth happens pretty quickly so by the half way mark of the film the audience should be relaxed and deeply immersed into the story.  Maybe.  After the Mad Max style chase scenes and the high impact fight sequences the movie becomes tiring about the same mid-point. Injections of stilted humor and a meandering plot line expansion meant to indulge you seems to foster boredom mostly.  By the time he action returns 3/4ths of the way in and the movie seems to be going somewhere, it suffers a letdown climax and a drawn out ending.  It's all just a bit too long in the tooth.

Score 6 out of 10

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REVIEW: Kong - Skull Island

Kong - Skull Island

By making the timeline of this movie back in the early 70's allows the movie to spin around retro to make familiar assimilation for both young and old.  The addition of a seriously slimmed down John Goodman and still ghettoized Samuel Jackson furthers the movie into yesterday. There's even a headband ala Loverboy, Rambo or The Karate Kid on one of the main actors once folks get onto the island.  Even there we're reminded of movies about Vietnam, say those they made 30-35 years ago.  Not all this is bad, in fact a time or two retro style effects are added along with todays modern generational CGI; you have the spider amongst the bamboo which is pure camp and robot puppets, not long before definite modern material such as when Kong eats octopus, which scene is part of the modernizing showing at spots along the way.  Sushi anyone?

I'm not going to get in the moral issues and lessons learned here in the movie.  They are thinly veiled with the reality of today's environment collapsing merely a by-gone result of all things mankind, greedy, and evil. So we find people all through the movie trying to get a piece of Kong's Skull Island. Not so much King himself as in King Kong movies past, more for the island and the resources it offers. They don't capture and remove the great King Kong, as in every one of these movies past. Here too of course is the pretty maiden, whom again Kong falls for, yet it's barely a blimp in the movie, more like a casual nod, until the final scenes, where it gets top billing for a minute or two. The action is fairly balanced and copious throughout.  Unlike, say the last Godzilla which had the monster in less than a third of the movie.  Every 10-15 minutes there are dinosaur like beasts fighting it out or imperiling the humans through the entire movie. The modern CGI really scores here and despite the drawn out plot and thin cohesiveness, and lack of depth inherit in the film, it manages to keep the kids and the adults interested till the very end.

Score 7 of 10.