7/16/21 LAUGR: Tribute to Jeff LaBar & Gary Corbett

Tribute to Jeff Labar, guitarist for Cinderella, and Gary Corbett keyboardist and songwriter, tonight on LAUGR, beginning @ midnight choose Liveme @ rockfest.org. Phones: 770-427-4023


Zoids - Running Man b/w Crash Mind

Fresh off a split they just released with Satanic Togas, this new single also contains Crash Mind from that set.  Running Man though is pure gold, Zoid, er, void of any filler it's scrappy garage punk @ it's most fierce, straight up ass moving riff over-lording the scat shot of whatever else is in there.  Masterpiece!




New Stuff from Juno Distro!

Via the web:   https://imagescdn.juno.co.uk/email/juno_dist/html/JunoDistribution-New+Exclusives-21-07-12.html

Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers - Tremblin'

Cat scratchin hoedowns made to shak-a-laka boom on the proverbial rockabilly scene. Crazy man crazy! Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers create more above top grade as they have for many a night now.  Whatever your feel for the classics, they are here! More fulfillment via the Dirty Water Pipeline! RockN Daddy-O RockN!!


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Box Of Green Tea

Mom and Dad brought me by a load of Groceries on one of their last times Mom could drive and they came by my house, prob about fall of 2014, not long after I'd moved in here. This unopened box of green tea was in that sack of groceries, I vaguely remember putting it up in the back of the cabinet.

There is sat, lost behind some big bottles of pepper, garlic salt and what not. Under a big bag of tea lights. Forgotten really, because I've bought a few boxes of green tea since then when I thought I was out and figured I'd used this box. I'd looked for it few times before I bought more.....I "thought" Dad brought me a box last time he and Mom came here. Just figured I'd used it years ago.

Until today. Just so happened I was out of green tea and went looking deep in the cabinets. There it was. Guess it was just a coincidence on the eve of father's day here, already father's day other side of the world.....

Nah. That's not how the cosmos works. Spirit of the 'ol man lives on and was round n about, helping out, saying hello. Reminding me in a simple, symbolic way of his love and caring heart.

Love and miss you Dad! Happy Father's Day everyone, World Wide!

Dad enjoying a hamburger at his last family reunion, fall 2015


Singles: The Schizophonics - Black To Comm b/w remake model + Satanic Togas - Strange Attraction b/w Unaware


The Schizophonics - Black To Comm b/w remake model

Burgeoning sidewinder on a drive to quench a need of bluesy garage punk rock is how it starts. The unmistakable signature of volume, feedback, and the clankety clank premeditate the atmosphere. Back with kills too. It's like three beers and a teekillya plus a good hooter, ready to rock!



Satanic Togas - Strange Attraction b/w Unaware

Heard the riff a couple times, could not place it. I heard some of it before.  That's not important. Because Strange Attraction blasts right into Unaware.  A song for the time of day more relevant, there has not been.



5/28 LAUGR: Jaybird, Ghoulies, CAMO, Irmans, Sick Thoughts

TONIGHT ON LIVE AT THE UNDERGROUND (LAUGR - pronounced like the beer)

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Mirror Of Haze - The End Is The Beginning

Honed in if a bit stoic in a few spaces. The thick swirls of guitars, bass and drums, whether by humans or machines transforms alright and there is plenty of feedback and reverb to go around. Song quality is above average, tight arrangements in a retro-goth vein. This release ended up on Wave Records out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a fitting home for this band as their label mates run the range of dark matter. Clocking in at 8 songs, a full album in length, fans of darkwave and early age euro wave will delight.

Standouts include Upside Down In The Air, showing strong melody which pushes the psychedelic guitar and lead break somewhat after building from dry electronic drum beats. Both vocal and guitar follow the same line, making it sound tight in both verse and chorus. Plus when the guitar breaks off at the end again the vocal push fits right into the continued melody line. Follow Up Prisoners Of The Maze brings a more dramatic approach, with the progression in the verse chorus allow for somber expressions. Again the guitar work flirts with excellence, allowed to envelope a simple straight bottom end, therefore carrying the song overall.

Big Swoops come again via In The Hyacinth Garden.  Again definitely psychedelic quarters, half and quarters meshing into a smooth transient sound. The effect is furthered by the steady droning hold of sparse vocals riding the waves of music. This is Mirror Of Haze.




Ghoulies - Reprogram

Thinking how they'd sound is pretty much how you get there.  No disappoints here for spastic controlled freak outs, slip leans and rumblin' means. Hinting often at a barely hanging on schizo mess, it all somehow seems to get pulled out and make it past the curves. On the straight away she'll kick in and run mean in the quarter half and full mile; just building up that head of steam for some twisting hair pin turns with the organ wound up blaring and the guitars biting. Not a song on here is even two minutes long. Adding to the apprehension, the suspense and relief as the powerchord punk anthems are rarely slowed by any side ditty. Longest tune of the bunch NPC has enough time at 1:46 to let loose and relax a bit, but not too much! Pumpin' cut time follows with E.T. Gnome with a very Jello style ending in No More Bands. Just enough here to make you want more!

7 Inch Vinyl




Have to give credit where it's due. It's a nice mix of punk and power pop, with just a slight dark edge to it. Basically a lead in doubling as a verse, then raving up a bit and doing a repeat. It has a slight waver on the chorus, but generally stomps the whole way through. Unlike some similar fair it doesn't just tease you but gives the feel enough time to develop and deliver. More great stuff coming down the Dirty Water Pipeline.




Dusy-Locane: r60llxn-n-controllxn-freestyle-explicit

Slow starter with a minimal pack then builds with nice spin casting that rides in as the beat kicks up and the verse come quick & mean. Bass blast finishes with the voice sample from early on. Point to the spot.


Chris Jack - Miles To Go

A hint of psychedelia pervades the scene from opening number the self titled one. A laid back, rarely tensive, generally easy flows about mid tempo. This too is throughout the whole album. About as wound up as they get is on Train Of Thought, which is, if it had tons of distortion and drive, Chris Jack, famous from The Routes, going a bit heavy; as it it's kinda jangly with a bit of drive on a three chord ride. Not so sure how good it works, but the following The Way It Has To Be works pretty good as a showcase of his moderate tempo more trippy atmospheric stuff. Some cool shoe gaze on Thought and a nice final word with What's New. Overall, just a tad more balls would be nice. I'll give it five on a 10 score.



LAUGR 5/07/21" Havana Syndrome "not so mysterious"


Tonight! Live @ The Underground

New music from:
We also continue our discussions on the "mysterious attacks" taking place on American government employees. Yet our focus will be these type attacks taking place on US Citizens, in the US, who ARE NOT government employees. It's being completely ignored by the media as everyone focuses on "enemies of America" while no one peeps much about civilians being targeted with these weapons on US soil or the US Government's own use of these weapons.
In fact, these "attacks" on "Americans" on US soil have been taking place for over a decade. Even after Congress and the Biden Administration have sworn to "get to the bottom of it", that this stuff happened to non-government employee US Citizens is ignored. Unless possibly it suits the G's narratives....
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SUZI MOON - Call The Shots

Some may remember the band L.A. Machina, they had a record out on Alternative Tentacles a while back.  I remember seein' one sheets for it online but don't think I ever heard the band.

Suzi Moon was in that band and is now releasing her first solo EP via Pirate Press Records.  It's tough, a bit dirty, and rocks! Suzi has been at this a while, developed something of a pedigree first forged along the lines of a Wendy O' Williams or an L7. The later though she's probably a bit more street punk, maybe more a Betty Blowtorch kinda thing.

I'd say she's all her own hell cat though.  She pretty much lets you know that on opener "I'm Not A Man". The attitude only grows from there with "Nuthin' To Me" following.  The devilish deal is sealed on the single "Special Place In Hell", where Suzi let's ya know you do her wrong she'll cut that ass!

Great stuff here!



Special Place In Hell - https://youtu.be/GmRV_w5JPMc



River's Edge (Original Mix) - Kev Dot Kruz, The Man Who Creates Clouds

Quality smooth Afro flavored banger. Spindly tentacles reach from the dance floor and bring you in. You'll move, a groove simple enough to pulse and shifting enough to vibe. Hear it @ https://www.traxsource.com/track/8634057/rivers-edge-original-mix




Una nación de sociópatas

 Had a discussion on Reddit, as many are on social media these last few years, especially with the Corona, about the cruelty that seems invasive in our basic society here in the US.

Cruelty has always been large in my nation.  It's based on individualism which has been in the fabric of the country since the first foreign settlers, to our nation as a whole going through phases of isolation to running the world.

Yet the cold hardheartedness of the individual has not ever been on display as it is today with things such as the pandemic and things such as arguments and acting out over wearing masks or opening schools, the the past almost four years of Donald Trump and the more than ever divisive political landscapes.

We are a nation of sociopaths, not as a majority, yet we have allowed mental illness, at least the cruel aspects of it as displayed in socio/psychopathy, to run amuck and over us, that non-hateful majority, for quite a while now, decades. 

I have dealt with a small group of sociopaths over a long period of time.  It is famously gone through, the decades of abuse, in Issue 70 of the Underground Sound.



Review: Herzegovina - Emergency

Salt water taffy progressed southside via Latin American ingredients. Sweet hoxboxing hoverings (In Danger) place alterna vibage rolling over a start strike reggae lick plus drone. That scattering exists throughout, giving a unique groove to the home crew (Black Cat). Frantic smatterings ensue via flashback (Rubilitte) which only relays into another blackout session (Intoxicação). Ending not much like the poppy new wavish beginning (title cut), and that's good, shows depth of character.

Much and many times here I am taken into the place that would be vaguely familiar as college radio circa '81 (Road Of Joys, among others), which is cool, sometimes retro hits the spot. Even hear a bit of Jello in there (Fleeting Celebration). Makes me wanna pogo just a bit, before I settle down for my coffee.

Contact:  Via Dirty Water - https://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/dirty-water-records/pressreleases/brazilian-post-wave-trio-herzegovina-sound-2021-distress-signals-with-debut-lp-emergency-mandinga-records-3062419.pdf


Cypress Hill - Champion Sound

 Pack it in anticipation.  No disappointments here. Smooth glider stutter stepping through the streets hittin' on that wedding cake kicking ass and taking names!


Todd La Torre - Rejoice In The Suffering

 A few times you may hear things that feel really pro tools, but no idea if that software was deployed in making these recordings.  Overall this is a pretty strong album, if you like melodic metal that much stronger. La Torre has always been a power singer in Queensrÿche and all his bands prior, and there are no disappointments here.  If you're into riff-age from start to finish this album has a ton of it. The double white vinyl is a definite collector's item (just a heads up). 

Much is said about this being his first "solo record" but like I said he's been a presence and key member of a few bands before Queensrÿche.  In fact as I listen to this album some of it reminds me of those earlier bands, which is where I know of Todd La Torre from, he was in Queensrÿche A LONG TIME before I even realized it, probably not until The Verdict, and really not until I saw that tour and said that singer sounds and looks familiar....so it's strange to hear people refer to this as a "first solo record".

But there's definitely later day Queensrÿche all over this. Like said though, this metal is a bit more riff orientated though certainly with a similar yet varied sonic quality as to his day job stuff. Here too, I've read a few reviews which say this sounds nothing like Crimson Glory or the former mentioned band, or just in a spot or two.  Nah to me sounds just like 'em, but it is what it is another band, with the singer from those bands. Whether that is a curse or plus to you depends solely on if you hear things in perspective.

For me the album seems to have some central themes, it calls upon the deep, dark overtures in spots a bit, and touches on both the garage looseness and technical tightness giving it a unique flow from start to finish imbued with interesting textures of heavy, showcasing La Torre's vocals as well as his excellent playing skills. He does a lot of everything on this record. Most of it is his, and Craig Blackwell's playing.

This album to me DOES sound like something which has been worked on for a long time.  Rare are any songs on here which feel unfinished arrangement and playing wise.  When I found out indeed it has been in the works for a number of years, that did not surprise me because it has a simple solid quality that presents itself the length of the disc.  It took a bit of time.

It's probably good enough too, to stand the test of these times. Coming at a time when there is fertile ground and tons of new stuff arriving from people holed up finishing stuff in the studio over this past year, and running, as covid has shook the world.

Lots of good stuff too, has come out and is coming out.  You can put this in that bin.  Pretty good stuff. Score one for La Torre.

Contact:  http://www.toddlatorre.com/



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Every so often you get a release that transcends any genre specific keywords, removes any clarity as to specific values or trends, and just delivers a strong set of performances typical of a higher set of vibes, a noted well-strum of achievement. The killer. Like that first wiff of the sativa, the damp intriguing scent of the earth paired with some cosmic virtue that emerges as the squash blooms then matures in the springtime, calling the mists of ghostly apparitions, the songs of your ancestors, visiting for another storied hoedown. You open the doors to your mind to the engulfment of the specter.  You greet the Shapeshifter, with a smile.  'Cause you know it's gonna be good.

So by the time you get to the tattlin' Preacher Man, you have already traveled those gravel back roads, stopping at the roadhouse on edge of the boondocks, title cutter blaring wide open. Building on that which follows the kick off barn burner Bring Down The Rain. At this point you just feel it in your bones, you got sumptin' special. The tickling spells of Appalachia have entwined with garage grit over layered on some semblance of the proverbial acid trip.  This much is proven on Long Time Ago, as the title fits above symbolically. You'll remember the troubles, but you can't, never, forget the pleasures.  It was and is a special time.  Always right to blow yer mind, to crank up the jams.

That's the special magic of Chicken Snake, that clever fogginess of voodoo defined as rock n roll, with a snake eye beat that puts feet on the floor; an entranced whirlwind of wicked commencement, as the festivities begin. It may be the hometown festival, a theater of the enthralled, or the wide open fields of the festival. Wherever, still, Shapeshifter is there, lurking, at times you can glimpse it, that pure greatness that comes with a knowing smile, of those who have tasted Chicken Snake when the moon is right. Cold Night For Alligators is all this, and more.

Brake bucking on Don't Look At Me, or playful spirituals on Devil Moon, what counts is the rhythm of the roundabout, the bleeding heart of the skally wag. Draggin' a leg or pitchin forward like a pressure pill overdose, or you can if you want, just sit back and observe.  However it is much more fun if you get up and participate. Folks won't mind, you're just another who have experienced it, that, thing, that mystery, that incredible folk music of the soul that takes you, compels you, commands you....

That is the essence of Shapeshifter. And in the end, that's all that counts. That you have finally found it, heard it, seen it, embraced that ride. #1 With A Bullet, for a lifetime baby.

All the hail the mighty Chicken Snake!



2/26/21 - Unfiltered, Silencer


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King Chiefs - Flying Into Void

Very solid rock album. The riffs sing loud and clear, singing in the vocals and pretty good ones at that.  Nothing overblown anyway around. You can hear the San Diego in the cuts with their laid back yet simmering tensions; that's Southern Cal for ya. Quite a times the leads rise above, and generally space is given a bargain, which does well in big beat type riff setups, stuff doesn't get too messy. The songs are strong as well on melody, which really is the added ingredient that makes the album overall.  It does get sparse in a place or two, though I'd say a full band set live would fix that up.  Standouts are title cut Flying Into Void as well as the following Buzzface. A good example of the mastery of space exists on Hidden Hills, power rock on Cut Teeth and the dangerous of complacency on Poison Eagle. Not a bad song on the record.

 Roosevelt Row Records @ https://wearechiefs.bandcamp.com/




LAUGR 2/12/21

On tonight's show: The rise of the three legged dog.

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Lo-Fi Epic

Classic replay: Trip 248 from February 2000

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One of the best in the pocket bass players I've ever jammed with!
Tonight on Live At The Underground (LAUGR - pronounced lager, like the beer) we pay tribute to both TERRY LARUE & RICHARD KILGORE - two former band members died january/feb - ten years apart!
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After our ground-breaking mid-week show about how The Lords criminal Organization runs your world, they strike back at The Underground!!!

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To hear how THE GANGSTERS THAT RUN YOUR WORLD want to control what you hear, see, and do, in the privacy of your own home to a public chat on the internet!! TUNE INTO THE SHOW!

As an added Bonus - SOME KILLER ROCK N ROLL!!

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Ever Heard of The Lords? One of the world's largest criminal organizations?

Tune in tonight @ midnight, LIVE AT THE UNDERGROUND, as we expose the gumbas of The Lords, and who their master's really are!

Helping poor Americans in time of need? NAW. These huge corporations with power to play, delay, wheel, deal and steal your money...IS PART OF WHAT IS FUCKING AMERICA, RIGHT NOW, HARD AS A MOFO!!

As they appease their foreign masters.....while your GOVERNMENT does nothing about it lest you talk about these darlings of the G, then GUESS who they REALLY come after?? YOU!!!!

HEAR THE MADDOG HOWL! Tonight, beginning @ Midnight, a special LORDS CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION special @


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SINGLES REVIEWS : 2. Lil Freaky f. Future & Herion Young, AYO 215 , Venus, Win

Issue 71 - The Underground Sound

http://undergroundrecords.org /sound


Lil Freaky f. Future & Herion Young - 27 Birdz (Dirty)

Smooth underflow on a hard scene. Tellin & sayin', showing good timing, times and end of the lines.  Tight clips & spits, good N ease.  Always on the street, like an autobio of the scene. That symphony there in the background....


Wantin' to say sumptin bout how he was done. How all that was got over, and a bit of playback. Like what the real is, not some fantasy.


Venus - Swipe, Delete

Storytellin' bout the bad bitch, and everything from footballers to big ballers. What you come across lookin' online. Some folks just better throwin' than others. You gotta weed through the BS.


Callin' times be done, and ones yet to come. Corkscrew filet with a piece meal bass injection. Then the bullets come via the wind, and shit gets started all over again.  Another day in a gangsta paradise.....







PR: Herzegovina - Emergency

 VIA: Chuck West, [04.01.21 06:37] @ https://t.me/joinchat/Cei-TFPGrqkIjndrBwNqsA 

REVIEWS: Brazilian art-punk trio Herzegovina drop 'potent, schizophrenic jangle' with debut LP, 'Emergency' -
Reprobate Media - Jan 03, 2021 17:04 GMT
American Pancake 1/3/21 - https://www.americanpancake.com/2021/01/album-primer-herzegovinas-potent-jangle.html

Listening to songs like the schizophrenic jangle art-punk "Fellini's Dreams" and smashing jammer, surf punk-esque "Ego Arcade" from Brazil-based Herzegovina and I am pleasantly, ecstatically (in fact) transported to proto-punk, pre-new wave, art-punk sounds circa 1973 to 1979. Within the hills of Rio de Janeiro, Rafael Crespo (guitar/vox), Marcello Fernandes (bass) and Mario Mamede (drums) have been creating their post-punk abstracted sound since 2016.

As I listened to these two songs that sit smack dab in the middle of their latest album "Emergency" and the divergent mix of tracks prior and after like the jagged surreal "Black Cat" or the bottom-fed bass/guitar assault of the title track or the dark horror pop affection of "Intoxicação" (which is deliciously mind-blowing), I thought of an amalgam of so many artists I love like Television, Devo, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and even early Talking Heads.

Herzegovina will take you on a surreal journey full of dark turns and sharp edges. I am digging the ride.

Via The Underground PR Pipeline @ ugr.geo@yahoo.com, one of the Internet's longest running media & public relations scrolls @ http://undergroundrecords.org/pr.html send your press releases to the above email and join our Telegram for the latest and the classic Underground!



 Taken from conversation at:

My father did the same and his highest earning year was just a tad over 38k ( Ive got his old tax returns).  I’m disabled, denied any help by the US government, and survive on less than 12k a year, a good year is maybe 15k. The coming year I dont know if Ill even have anything income wise but somehow Ill survive if I dont freeze to death this winter. Luckily I own my house, but all utilities are up for turn off. I hear people constantly crowing that indeed wages are up, that Target is starting people at 15 dollars an hour! I live in an area of metro Atlanta where the living wage for a single person starts at 15 an hour but one county over Its 18 an hour. So when I hear people talk about families with children living on one or a combined income that does not cross 30k a year, and how if they’d just live within their means they should be able to do “fine” or even good, I really don’t know what to say. Sure there are individual types like me who live frugally on the edge of bare survival, but that is not a sustainable norm.


and survive on less than 12k a year



I've done it most of my adult life. Food wise you learn what to buy to make due. You just don't buy new things, go out to eat and spend money on much entertainment. Granted I own my own house small and shabby that it is. If not for that, Id be in a far worse world of hurt probably homeless.


Some conspiracy theories are about as BS as what the scientists often tell you


Link to article - https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2020.568942/full


Sure many do. My father knew someone who lost their career back in the early (or was it the mid) 60’s because dude said the CIA was experimenting with narcotics on citizens on US soil. Back then that was pure nonsensical conspiracy theory . We know better now. Same will come from the use of electromagnetic weaponry by the government on its own people happening now. PhD’s in your fields are as well too often eager to believe their own bias jumping to’s....it can be tough, I know to deal with a strange reality one says no way in hell science says nada cum yada....can not only be hard, not popular and make you look crazy, but jeopardize your life and career. In the rare instance though, are those with theories about conspiracy who don’t know honestly WTF they are talking about. They can if they’re enough of them with varying degrees of bias and ignorance, help continue or increase the harm the loonie tooners who they call conspiracy theorists cause.