Reign Of Darkness: Season 2 Episode 1: The Virus

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UK and others have posted public plans, US administration blows smoke up your asses

 This is a side article for a larger one which I wrote which speaks about the dismal state of public health in the US and how something with widespread potential such as this will one day kill millions here because people have allowed the government to slash and burn public health care and ANY health services for the poor to the ground...

maybe not now (but it might) but sooner than later, something like this will bite you in the ass so hard you'll only have to blame yourselves for refusing to see it coming when it was shining a light in your face and blowing a massive horn while it roared down on you....

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The UK "Plan" for handling Corona. Meanwhile here in the states they haven't even got tests to the hospitals much less private care doctors.

Before anyone sez it's just a thing, another hysteria blown out by the internet this happens all the time, warm weather is gonna kill it it'll "magically disappear" (what kinda dolt says stupid shit like that?); this type of disease as an unknown variant which MUTATES, is anything but "kinda like a bad flu" happens all the time thing.

More than likely for months now here, and with some of you I've read posts on here, and being sick myself, this type of variant is distinctive and has already put some of you in the hospital PLUS many more people I talked to have been sick as hell with pneumonia and bad flu-type illness including a number of people I know who've been sick with terrible respiratory illnesses IN THE HOSPITAL but not the "flu", because they were checked. I've known three people died in the last TWO WEEKS with bad "flu's" or something....this shit has already killed people.

It's probably more or less massively widespread but they've only been testing for it sporadically very recently. It will rage for a while now and the many who will get sick over the next two months here will never know because our fucked up system here and conman government will not even know who the fuck has it...

At least the UK has a published plan..

here in the USA, we've got stupid idiots arguing about who's gonna pay for vaccines and testing, that it's a hoax, that it just a few hundred people, in China it's ending (yes believe their government, for sure) so it will here too in a few weeks....blah, blah,blah....

When it starts killin your folk ya'll will get your head out your GD ass. Demand better public health by your government here, the whole time all this good timin' has been going on (years now it's all we've heard) the gangsters runnin' this joint have done nothing but tear down public health. This is a wake up call.



Zine Passkey's 3/3/2020


Data Brokering That Big Ass

Partial list of databrokers who are selling your shit. 

The Dossier Act would either outlaw much of the more invasive data collection and require any company (including good 'ol Zuck & the Googlers)
makin' jack off your name, likeness and infos (aka data), to share the wealth. 

They no like. 

They get ornery and send mucho calvary.

It has been proven. We have the data.

Ain't shit you can do about any of it, this data brokering bullshit besides "opting out" if that is offered. You can add all your credit bureaus as well
to this list


Pitiful US Government Response (Donnie J has put the kibosh on reform, the more the G and their corporate partners & quasi-entities know about you it's been decided, the better. At the minimum there is massive bank to be made. Just make sure peon you report properly and pay ALL your taxes.):


Some these organizations are also members or associates of the Lords Criminal Organization, which is honored, protected and encouraged by many member nations.  

Organizations and individuals involved in the real-world deep state shadow, those proliferators of The Madness, have been observed partially to a great deal making use
of not only these public facing data brokers, but creating partial to extensive dossiers & databases of their own.  

Much of their activity is treasonous unlawfulness @ http://undergroundrecords.org/archives/issue70


Guaranteeing societal breakdown

"in the future when society breaks down and the homeless fill the woods along the interstates, increasing numbers of the crazy and downtrodden will become compelled to state they have plans to kill figures of authority in order to procure residences of prisons and hospitals to alleviate their societal hardships of no where to stay and nothing to eat....." 

Reign Of Darkness Season One Episode Three, Opening Caption
TW (c) 2018


Donnie J's proposed budget to cut $4.4 trillion in government spending over a decade; targets Medicare prescription drug program to slash $130 billion. Cut $292 billion from Medicaid and food stamps, $70 billion by limiting disability benefits, cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 26 percent,  Department of Housing and Urban Development’s budget by 15 percent, funding of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by nine percent......


Do stupid morons not understand those programs will have to GROW by that much to keep up with the growing poor and low income populations, growing environmental mess and affordable housing shortages? Not to mention disease prevention in the face of things like Corona do not wait for you to balance budgets and strip the already shaky safety nets from those lowest on the totem pole....

People are stupid, and cruel.  He's making sure you'll have a societal breakdown when all of that is done.  Hope none of his stupid cuts get passed and his budget clusterfuck gets shut down.....

Grow the fuck up people.


Electoral College - One of the US Presidential Election's major worsening problems

excerpt from a lecture I did on Facebook about the Electoral College.....

" it's part of the election process which can be one of the most easiest gamed, a 2017 study said in present day US with population outlays as they are, one can win the popular vote by OVER 20 MILLION and still lose the general election because of the EC process. While it served it's purpose in a young country with partisan lines flowing along population density centers (such as larger cities), in today's US the use of the EC process as given results in: a). spending on advertising and rallys often overshadowing platform messaging display an out-of-balance relevance leading to a "sound-bite" type of campaign style developed over two hundred years of need for early "battle ground state" victories necessitated by the misnomer that those who win big electoral points early on generally win (they do 2/3rds of the time, it is a misnomer because those states are less than one third of the 50 states - making it a type of illusion), b). the guaranteeing no third party will ever win the Presidency unless that party outspends by some estimates the combined amount BOTH other parties spend, times two and as I mentioned c). the disassociation of actual national choice as to President by allowing certain regions of the country to matter more (which the EC was in part supposed to help stop, and did for well over 150+ years, but now does just the opposite) than others and the votes of those who live there counting MORE than the votes of people living elsewhere. That's not all, but those are three very important things. It is an outdated and antiquated process, but it does show an early weakness in a representative type government over a true democracy, where in a republic by representation (US Federal Style Of G) your own choices are lessened by having the few speak for the many, leading to our current dysfunctional political state where one (your rep) speaks for many, which is a fantasy, even in a majority constituency there shall be a large amount of people when population levels are in the 10's of millions up overall nationally who's wants and needs are thrown away by the adherence of their "representative" to party line. No where and at no time in my lifetime has the breakdown of my expressions being put forth by my representatives as to governing been as disparaging as now. The EC is not one of your election processes strengths, it WAS, a very long time ago, now it is one of it's greatest weaknesses. All this falls on death ears as long as your candidate wins by the EC process (as Daddy Donnie did), but let it be candidates you despise win by the process for extended periods you may come to see the EC's virtues much less than you do now. Something else which is almost comical, more candidates call for ending the EC UNTIL it helps them win, then, not one of them continues to say it's gotta go. Kinda the US way over all, if it works for you fine, if it doesn't, not so much.....the left is not wrong, and "right" candidates disparage the EC process when their party is not in power in the election as much, sometimes more...but, it is true "righties" prefer the process more, because it is easier for monied candidates appealing to far less people to win the elections. At 20 million more votes in the general election and you lose, you can bestow all the praise on the EC you want, if it gets to that it's a fraudulent election, and honestly at five million, definitely at 10 it is. A process built on calculations picks your winner, not the choice of the majority of the people. You're not far from that....."


Review: Suicide Generation - Prisoner Of Love

With a strong detroit punk sound via London UK, Suicide Generation brings it steaming hot to the table, primed, full of energy & hubris.  The three tracks I got from Dirty Water Records off Prisoner Of Love all roar with ease of intensity. While not lacking in any real capacity there is a yet yearning for something, but that's irrelevant, as the echo chamber sings that trademark sound. Here then is the cold of the barren blade silent against the waist band, sharpened to a fine hone all about a glistening of raw energy, deeply held tight by the power of eternal night. Sweaty skin bleeding through leather till it all meshes into one singularity poised to blow all to hell.  Like a caged tiger, ready to strike, to devour, to rip your face off.  This is Suicide Generation, Prisoner Of Love.

Contact: Dirty Water Records UK

This review appears in Issue 70 of The Underground Sound @ undergroundrecords.org/sound


Review: Leafy - Somebody

Nice feel; sparse but interwoven. Intersecting base time with atmospheric heights. There is a current of ambient old school, and a force of will bubbling just underneath. Memorizing in the right light. 

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SnakeRattlers - All Heads Will Roll

SnakeRattlers - All Heads Will Roll

Out for a bit over 6 months at this point, latest from Snakerattlers is all wrapped up in sparse brick n batter with a side of garage blues integrity. Prefs for me personally would be the instrumentals, as few as they may be. While the vocals fit nicely on top. often how they fit in are rudimentary to the overall vibe of the program.

That said, Aither's Theme, Ooga Booga are top shelf.

Beyond, we have a mixed bag of goodies n' half measures. Similar to staggering while suffocating while reaching for the handle to the oxygen tank, results are typical for seismic breakaways, put to a skip beat and the occasional rave up. All taken in strike 1-2-3 fashion as go-go dancers descend upon the scene; before you realize it you'll join them, spastic responses above toe tapping and head nodding.

All in all, Snakerattlers aren't half bad.

Contact:  Dirty Water Records UK.

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South Cobb Drive, Marietta Street, Industry

SOUTH COBB DRIVE will be a film about the cruising scene along South Cobb Drive from the 70's through the 80's running chronologically from the Sandy's days through the prime time of the Putt-Putt to Copperfields era (Steak N Shake, Burger King, Red Barron) and the slow disappearance of the cruising culture thereafter. 

I will do a script for a possible film production using actor recreations perhaps later on, and will begin doing interviews of those who lived through these eras for a recall documentary.

Get in touch if you have pics of those days, the cars, the locations, yourselves, and if you'd like to do an interview for the documentary or be a consultant on the film script.

Todd (404) 954-2708

Don't forget I am currently doing interviews for the following documentaries:

INDUSTRY - The Music Industry how it was up through the Napster era.

MARIETTA STREET - The Club scene along Marietta Street in Atlanta in the 80's and 90's.

Anyone who'd like to contribute to those, time is of the essence, hook up!

The username @scddocumentary has been created for SOUTH COBB DRIVE.
It's now easier for people to find your Page in search. People can also visit your Page at fb.me/scddocumentary and send your Page messages at m.me/scddocumentary.



You ft. Ghostface Killah (1A)-Nicole Bus

Strong groove. Emotive delivery, clean, with sliding melodies and plenty of attitude. Soul top liners placed seductively over enriched sample play.  Nice key line and plenty of good spits. Bus & Killah Deliver.

You Rick Ross Remix

Ross has his heavy. Kickin' some kilos like pot roast. Smooth soul flavored like the Ghostface Killah version, with Ross's personal salutations; call & response, a twinge of echo, and plenty of updatin' with a somewhat less dirty kick. Enjoy this hit!


The Government says fuck you and your health, and your safety. Trust us.....you have no choice.

"no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to levels of RF radiation that are tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today"

Pretty much that's it in a nutshell. All of the above, which means you and yours, ALREADY before 5G deployments are being dosed with 10,000+ times the RF we were subjected to just 30 year ago and it shows in oh so many ways....

Being we're just supposed to take the words on safety from for profit entities (that includes your government) which include ZERO field tests using scientific methods credible with real world deployments...pretty much means to hell with your safety, let's buzz along with all this cool tech and make some massive jack attitudes....

You're being fucked...all of you, you, your children, your families....how many of you say anything about being fucked like that?

Enjoy your networked devices....



from an article by:

Thomas Peter/Reuters

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been reading The Uninhabitable Earth. The author, David Wallace-Wells, had me from his first sentence ("It is worse, much worse, than you think"). Wallace-Wells has done us all the great favor of clearly laying out incontestable evidence for what global warming will mean to the way we live. The book's chapters focus on humanity's ability to work and survive in increasingly hot environments, climate-change-driven effects on agriculture, the striking pace of sea-level rise, increasingly "normal" natural disasters, choking pollution, and much more. It's not an easy read emotionally. But it forces the reader to look squarely in the face of the science.


Susan Crawford (@scrawford) is an Ideas contributor for WIRED, a professor at Harvard Law School, and author of Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution—and Why America Might Miss It.

Wallace-Wells points out that even though thousands of scientists, perhaps hundreds of thousands, are daily trying to impress on lay readers the urgency of collective action, the religion (his word) of technology creates a belief that, to the extent there is some distant-and-disputed problem, everything will be mysteriously solved by some combination of machine learning and post-Earth survival. We'll live in spaceships and eat lab-printed meat, and Elon Musk will fix things.

I see a parallel in another big news story: the hype and enthusiasm about 5G wireless as the “thing that will make the existing [communications] model obsolete.” 5G is touted as the solution to all our problems—which sounds pretty unrealistic, as I’ve written in the past. (We’ll still need fiber wires everywhere, including deep in rural areas, to make 5G serve everyone, and there’s a real risk that we’ll end up with local 5G monopolies absent wise government intervention.) And there’s a new (to me) angle to 5G that I’ve resisted in the past: What if transmissions to and from 5G cells, which will need to be everywhere, and much closer to us than traditional cell towers, pulsing out very-high-frequency radio waves at high power levels, pose real risks to human health?

I’ve been impatient for years with people complaining about the health effects of wireless communications. The phrase “tinfoil hat” leaps to mind, I readily concede. But I am learning that hundreds of scientists and tens of thousands of others believe that the intensity of 5G represents a phase change and that 5G’s effects on mankind should be studied closely before this technology is widely adopted.

As with climate change, where denial rhetoric has been driven by companies interested in maintaining the status quo, the wireless industry is vitally interested in assuring us that 5G poses no issues—or that there's an unresolved debate, so we should trust the existing radio-frequency exposure standards. That’s where we are now.

So far, the European Commission, focused on ensuring its market players lead the way in advanced wireless services, has rejected pausing to consider the human health effects of 5G. The Federal Communications Commission has acted similarly.

But what if the FCC is measuring public health effects against a decades-old standard that (a) measures the wrong thing and (b) was based on the work of an insular, private group, half of whose initial funding came from the power and telecom industries and that elects its own members? I am bothered enough to suggest that we need better, more neutral standards based on widely accepted science.

Here's the quick summary: The FCC standard for measuring the health effects of electromagnetic radiation is based on whether the exposure, on average, will heat human tissue over short periods (6 minutes for occupational work and 30 minutes for public exposure). That standard was adopted in 1996. (The FCC launched a process in 2013 to re-examine this standard, but its review doesn’t seem to be progressing.) But some very persistent scientists say that's the wrong standard, for at least two reasons: Human cells can be disrupted by mechanisms that don't necessarily involve heating, and the standard measures average exposure rather than potentially harmful peaks. They're particularly worried about effects on the skin and eyes of bursts of 5G transmissions that may lead to short, harmful temperature spikes in exposed people. But that’s not the only concern.

Other scientists worry about mental health effects, sterility, cancer, and a host of other problems they say can be triggered by long-term exposure to base stations and handheld devices. Canadian scientist Magda Havas, who studies and writes about electromagnetic radiation and teaches at the University of Trent, asserts that the governmental bodies and agencies that say that "non-ionizing" (effectively, non-heating) radiation is safe and can't cause cancer below existing heat guidelines are wrong; she points to what she calls "sufficient scientific evidence of cellular damage" caused by these transmissions.


The WIRED Guide to 5G

This got my attention: It turns out that sweat glands, right under the skin, effectively act as antennas in response to the very-high-frequency millimeter waves planned to be used in 5G communications—which is why the Department of Defense uses millimeter-wave crowd-control guns. If you're hit by one of these beams, it apparently feels as if your body is on fire. But there’s no lasting harm, according to DOD.

At any rate, the FCC's 1996 rules don't account for long-term exposure or cellular/biological effects that don't involve heating. And the FCC’s standard is based in turn on standards adopted 30 years ago by a private group based in Germany called the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). ICNIRP has been described as loyal to both the telecom and energy industries, elects its own members, and is accountable to no one.

As an outsider, it feels to me that the scientific concern about 5G health effects is relatively underfunded and that there’s a lot of denial and confusion about the health risks. To his credit, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) asked about scientific evidence on the health effects of 5G during a hearing a couple of months ago, titled Winning the Race to 5G and the Next Era of Technology Innovation in the United States. “I believe that Americans deserve to know what the health effects are,” Blumenthal said. “Not to prejudge what scientific studies may show. They deserve also a commitment to do the research on outstanding questions.“ Told there were no industry-funded studies on the health effects of 5G, Blumenthal said, “So, we are flying blind here on health and safety.” At least he’s asking.

This all feels very familiar. If we were wise, we'd figure this out before we go further. As Nathaniel Rich pointed out last summer in The New York Times Magazine, 30 years ago we had a chance to save the planet.


Various - The Last Testament

Various - The Last Testament

Dirty Water Records put rock n roll, attitude and volume in a blender and unleash The Last Testament. Full of the greatness of the bands DWR has developed these past few years, all of them big in their own way, a fan base each cemented with classic intrigue, rich embodiment of the trades, push, will, the essence of that English determination to put out some of the best. Dirty Waters Records has certainly done that. The Last Testament is the definitive bible of a good, powerful segment of those bands; The Cavemen, Black Mambas, The Scaners, The Fadeaways, Les Lulies, Dave Nodriza; all hyped up, tearing a scene. Fantastic compilation.

Contact: Dirty Water Records



Too many need a lesson on government forms, civics, and literal definitive as basis of reality. I’ve seen hard head-strong mentality confusing socialism and communism from people who should know better for a very long time now.

I would suggest learning the difference between the governments of Norway and Sweden vs the Soviet Union and Venezuela when trying to ascertain specifics. As well as trying to square up common and extended literal, as in dictionary and encyclopedia style definitions of socialism.

You'll find many of your major administration and constitutional styles of oversight and rule are no doubt socialistic in nature.

Stupidity and ignorance of socialism and communism vs reality of political affirmations and community and national contexts, creates a place where public states and extension of true democracy cannot flourish. perhaps not even be considered or implemented.

That's a bad thing. Your choices and freedoms are then lessened or completely negated.

This doesn't work for free people.


Blueface - Bleed It

Review:  Blueface - Bleed It

Minimalist sinister creeper, talkin' bout folks bringin less than needed to the party, while the tec-9's take the stupid grins off their faces. Couple spits about ho's which cause more problems than they worth.  Story of the world.

Contact: Cash Money West

This review appeared in Issue 70 of the Underground Sound:



Review: A.Chal - Six Zero

Testimony of life given into another after time, then taken back by necessity to affirmative ownership of the extender. Haunting backdrop made straight by trash lid click melded to sparse melodic weaves both with vocals and stabs. The over all appearance is a soaring platitude, but one which never lands too high, ditching what could possibly be too much drama, but it’s not there, thankfully, and the piece runs out before it allows itself to self destruct.


The Scaners - The Scaners II

The Scaners – Hard guitar grooves underpin and propel the Scaners throughout this album. The post punk mutterings of Galactic Race come half way through a set list spun off classic beginnings and increasing walks in the wilderness just outside of chaos. This album is about space, here, there and in your mind kinda space. At times stuff can be beautiful, like the opening song which has nods to all the punk which came before it. Then quickly change gears and go horror-camp on you with Catch Up With A UFO following.

Short songs, quick tempos and catchy stuff here and there tend to give the band away. They get in the time machine, drums fast as lightening, and touch down in the Random City. Keeping the coming concept up with the following Mars Attacks; The Scaners love to double time, throw in some clutch, time change a bit and top it all off with some lovely insect like background voices. Definitely movie time man!

The singing keyboard insects come back as Space X-ploration kicks off. It’s actually at a moderate tempo, but rocks pretty hard. They cook pretty good on X Ray Specs too. Next few numbers are rather forgettable, but they come back pretty good with NO Panic, NO Stress. The insects are there too man, The Pesticide Kids also join in the party! They’ve came from outer space, touching down with The Scaners! RUN DD RUN! Contact: Dirty Water Records https://www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk/#/

Review - Mad Monk Meets Kev Kruz @ The Monastery

One of the best old school mixtapes I have heard in a really long time. The story behind the mixtape tells why it’s unique before you even spin it. When you play it, it moves from funky rhythm to trance with smooth transition and ease. All flavors here; house, bass, dancehall, minimal, groove, street, hip hop and techno. What it gives is over an hour of dance floor prime. This is a classic for the club and house parties alike.

Contact: redsunmusic.net


Peace Family!
It's an honor and a pleasure to share this mixtape!
The back story... Beast 621 has been a great supporter of my tracks - He lost his hard drive filled with music and asked that I please resend him my tunes... I did. 
Madness Ensued 
He took the tracks I sent him - 
went into the Mad Monk Monastery -
and returned with this gem...

Fasten Your Seatbelts- It's a helluva ride!    
One Love - Kev Kruz

Review - AUTHOR & PUNISHER - Beastland


Filaments of growl, arranged in megalithic prowl. The assertion of the heavy not above relapse, who also just happens to be the label. Tossing stone into steel, a might settling of the space time continuum. As a mountain lion above it’s prey, waiting, it strikes. Bringing torrents of pain, the warm blood dripping from open wound. Still the guitars rise, and the mind melts away.

Pulling vapor from the darkness, song such as Nazarene and Pharmacide set the scales with hints of industrial psychedelia. But it never strays at first from the void, remaining hidden in the swirl pitch of envelopment. Truly, as you can never get away. This is your destiny. Beastland. Final breakdown of your soul, as the soaring chords of the band, take you into the abyss.


2/01- Nucleosynthesis, Radio Telemetry

On the February 1st LAUGR ( live at underground records - pronounced lager ):

Maddog Lecture #209 covering- Nucleosynthesis @ point of Realm Formation

Radio telemetry via sub-harmonic channels arising from wind feeds.

Plus music from:

Beginning @ Midnight Hawaii time @ rockfest.org

Phones: 404-954-2708

Ext: 69


Black ho’s, quantum locks, cherry tops, monkey biscuits


Per linked article;

‪Not everything but in this realm pretty much so in a variable type manner. Another natural state series of process humankind cannot simply patent and make bank off of‬

The descriptive analogy of particle states relative to quantum physics is also incorrect at the basis of understanding yet ill let you geniuses figure that out. You should come to a more exclusive understanding in oh about 50 or so years.

Article has an excellent blurb about microwaves messin’ stuff up. The sooner the great and mighty human race binds those type of energies and realizes unbound microwave band  energy as a communications carrier is very very bad, the sooner your planet and species can begin to heal from the damages you have brought by using wireless energy in such a manner.

 Dont do it eventually you will bear almost all births containing children prone to autism and immediate cancers, your birds, insects and forests shall be gone and the entire human species shall be ignorant shouting fools.

Its all good though, just think of a wireless internet with all things connected everywhere built upon microwave communications 10,000 times faster and more piwerful than it is today.

What a wonderful world it will be. Even if no one in good health with any semblance of good sense is here to enjoy it.