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LAUGR 10/26

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Chris Slater
Chris Slater Audio/video/pics/names/addresses/social media and telephone numbers get it before it is forced to be taken down.
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Chris Slater
Chris Slater Any of you who know some of the people unidentified, get in touch You can also contribute anonymously, dozens already have.
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Chris Slater


TENT REVIVAL IN AVILLE T'NITE! Join the Maddog for some fire and brimstone preachin'! Then some cold brewskis and maybe a good joint afterwards! Going on NOW, next to the old Ford dealership @ the corner of Hwy 41 and Noland street (home of Aville legend Shane "BillyGoat" West). C'mon C'mon! 



New Cold War? End the last one first......


70-80% of retail/wholesale goods combined, over 90% of electronic components N USA R from China, but you're gonna do new "cold war" and enrich your abusive, criminal defense industry enterprises that much more? Exactly how stupid RU people? No wonder Chinaman put spy-chips smaller than grain of rice on ur computer boards. Grow the fuck up and realize you still have the power over the Asian bloc in almost every corner, and believe me most of their civilian population is even more weak and stupid than your own head up it's ass population. This BS from your exalted leaders that they are "gonna make most of the stuff we get from China in the USA now" is complete bullshit. If so, you got about two decades of very hard work before you, and there is no credible plan to get you there, just political rhetoric. Quit believing the crap that held you back for 60-something years and is the reason you don't have better everything, including the shit you get from the Land Of The Dragon....if your nations had not been playing emperor for generations, and I am saying this about all nations involved in the last cold war and in the ongoing on, you'd have colonies in space and on other planets, among other great things like virtually 100% renewable energy running your nations, affordable health care for your citizens and be a whole lot fucking smarter. Quit being damned idiots....New Cold War my ass....just more of you being abused by your masters.



The Music Modernization Act, good thing, now work on someting else you keep ignoring......

Glad this was passed, sorely needed. Now, let's talk about something no one EVER talks about....
Maybe your government can work on enforcing the law on music industry bottom feeders who are using hacking techniques to gather metadata on every file on your devices, either by placing illegal miners onto your computers or using media playing software (Winamp, Itunes) to have the same sent upstream to "copyright" reviewers (called auditors) who then sic the Homeland Security Copyright & Intellectual Property Division on you (The FBI will usually be the ones to kick your door in) if you have something, maybe not even a music or video file, on your devices. All you need is one file.. 

I totally agree artists should be fully and better compensated, people forget, often, I am a songwriter with hundreds of titles; yet music publishing is something of a sham when corporations are allowed to own the label, the recording studio, the publishing company, the wholesale/retail apparatus, the broadcasting or media outlets, as well as the "asset" which is how the "artist's" recordings, lyrics, and sheet music, along with the physical or digital file "product", are recognized by the same corporations. 

"Auditing" is what the industry calls it. It's hacking is what it is. Instead of suing Google/Youtube (too big, too powerful, but early on they tried), or good 'ol Zuckbook or ANY social media site for hosting copy-written material (and TONS of it) illegally, the meat and gravy now is to get you, the peon using gathered information from your media player, internet service provider, or their illegally placed software miners.

Today, "they" can even place the "files" on your devices using all kinds of methods, in fact that is out of control. It's called setting your ass up.....

How about tackling that? This bullshit that you've bought the "asset" but never own it is a load of crap. If you're not making money, manipulating the content, or using the actual music or components containing such in a commercial manner, such as when a band sends you their music to play on your independent "broadcast" knowing full well, and not expecting to get paid, but their "publisher" or some "rights organization" (they are hundreds of these type organizations, some good, some purely bottom feeder entities) sues you for "using" their "assets", well let's deal with that problem now....

I'm not even going to get into the fact that mass DMCA false take down notices these bottom feeders issue, as well as common criminals, why the fuck are those doing that bullshit never arrested for all kinds of things? I've had it done, the service provider kick me off their site, take the music or whatever else down, then when I contact the copyright owner they know NOTHING about it, didn't and don't approve of it....but by then the damage is done....not even going to get into that crazy ass bullshit.....

Not only that, commercial stations play songs as part of "advertising" where the label, publisher, or a middle man buys blocks of time, which is then resold at astronomical mark-ups, to sometimes THEIR OWN corporate partners who push these artists and songs. That is how and why only a few artists "make it big", and you hear only a small set of the same artists from the same labels on all the bigger, and most of the smaller, media outlets. That is called Payola.

Now, long as you say in the broadcast, who paid for the time (you will hear this sometime - "the music this hour is brought to you by Time Warner" or more than likely "Sears, Walmart" or whomever initially bought the "advertising time", it's legal (still payola, but legal now) - yet that has only picked up because the pay-for-play via advertising is rather well known as a racket tactic today, and labels that cannot afford to play with the big boys constantly raise hell about it....

I've worked for major labels and major distributors, this is how your SUPERSTARS are made, paid for, illegally, in most cases. Plus, I investigate "auditing" using the above said methods as well as payola, so you can imagine, I am hated.

Add Payola, bottom feeders and hackers together and it's massive crime. In fact, outside of federal governments and the larger media telecoms (ATT, Comcast, and low and behold, the Time Warners/Universals/Disneys/Sony's of the world), one of the largest criminal organizations in the world is called The Lords, and guess what they peddle?

Media Assets.

So yes, good bill, very much needed. Now work on the crime these "asset owners" are involved in.


2018 Australian World Council Meeting: Live


Live: Closing minutes of Australian World Council Meeting. The Aussies approved expansion of the Government Activity Monitor. Last two nations will vote by year's end - Russia & Chile. As of yet, 62 Nations have approved it, none have voted against it, and there have been 0 individual votes against it. Tyranny has shot itself in the foot.....Maybe fucking with everyone under lies & guise wasn't/isn't such a good idea?

The Government Activity Monitor was created in 1996 to combat clandestine and often illegal activities by federal and regional/local governments.  It uses public observations, including live and recorded video, to monitor known and potential civil rights abuses. The GAM also uses court house and legislative monitors in order to know how people are treated in those situations. The GAM is not a clandestine spying apparatus, but rather was created to combat such dark state manifestations.

The expansion to make available to all World Council (Free People) public live feeds was brought forth after thousands of members noted their federal governments operating in secret, and using such operations to suppress, blackmail, commit espionage, and do both known and unknown criminal acts against it's own peoples. 

After my own private home was broken into at least once in 2018, my dog poisoned, and eavesdropping devices as well as malware & spyware placed on at least a dozen electronic devices, with relative hacking being observed and monitored for over two decades, consultation with other World Council Members determined the original electronic variations of the GAM would be discontinued and live a/v feeds, as well as investigations into any and all oppressive tyrannical acts by governments, would ensue. This is based on negation by such entities of all Basic Respects (angelfire.com/ca/wtw/book1.html) numerous times, often under guise, and usually done in strict secrecy with or without legitimate court approvals.

THE GAM live feeds will be available online to everyone in 2019.



Gaslight Theatre - The Era of Fear and Lies has heads in strange places.....

Good article, all should read:
Gaslighting the populace is a serious crime of deception and moronic endeavor.  Those who do it as part of public policy are traitors.  Why are so many allowing the Era of Fear and Lies to fester like an open wound?

They are easily fooled, easily cowed, and they do it willingly, to themselves. It is EASY to fool and mislead people, when they are begging for it. After a while, as deception rages, most are far too scared, belligerent or worn down, to do anything but continue to cheer "rah, rah, go team". Or tune out completely and become apathetic pawns. So they choose a side which caters to their whims, and they cheer on and become hard headed to reality.
Most of you, except for a few close friends who have witnessed it for themselves, and for some on my friends list who are aggravated stalking victims (as in targeted), most don't know what gas-lighting, or being "gaslit" means in the literal sense...this article is a spot on ringer describing it as a national threat.

As I told a belligerent man @ the gas station today who refused to listen to anything except what he wanted to hear, it really goes without saying that if the economy wasn't as good as it is now, which has little to do with the circus of liars and thieves your federal government mostly is, and is as good as it is despite the ignoramus morons we continue to allow to take us for a ride it is possible when over we'll not recover from, few if anyone but complete fools would be cheering this administration and the shit that is being pulled on you.

Which seemingly so many cannot see, because they are blind with a disease called cognitive deception; a disease the political elite have learned to nurture, grow and spread.

Good for them most of you have good jobs and are paid well....take that away, a buncha smug children would possibly be on the streets calling for heads to roll.

Then too, maybe not. If I've learned anything when people all up in the political nonsense who-side-are-you-on game kinda wake up and get their head out of their ass, bottom line they still fear the government.

Some of us fools, as many of you call us, never feared tyrants to start with. Don't worry about saving us from investigations, the law, the government, or ourselves. Work on and worry about saving your own ass, and saving the country.

Being all sparkly eyed and cheering gaslighters and gas light theatre, won't master the task.
Again, pretty clear as to WTF in this article.....
Have to give USA Today props for that one......


LAUGR: 9.29.18 - Tyrants and Heroes of the State

LAUGR: Dealing with Tyrant's and Heroes Of The State.

You cannot judge someone or something until, as the old adage goes, "walked a mile in their shoes". So while occasionally you'll continue to hear me raise hell about knot headed fuckers breaking into my house, poisoning my dog, tearing up my shit and installing a buncha bullshit, at this point, maybe some of these big ballers have figured something out.....probably not, but it's really simple....

"Did you learn anything?"

Not me, because it's not near my first rodeo, ride on the merry go round, or dealing with belligerent overbearing authority who feels they have great powers...no, I mean the idiots that did those things and basically, walked right into their own reality. Like I said, doubtful anyone has learned anything. Yet we'll see....

Now I will be as direct as I can be, like or not, here is where you are.

The first thing you do if you want to learn about individuals, is you talk with them. Especially if you've been invited, you say hello, how are you, you sit down and you learn about them. hear them out, what do they have to say.  You might learn they may help you. 

Of course, if you don't give a fuck, feel you are above thee, then more than likely you'll decline.

Until, maybe you feel "threatened", then you either give 'em the gun, or keep watching to see what are these disobedient heathens up to?

Like the invisible imaginary man up in the sky supposedly does....watches you in silence.

If you feel you have "power" over someone, you may feel like you don't need to deal with peasants and peons, stupid people and crazy folk......after all, you are the great and powerful OZ...

Then damn Toto pulls that fuckin' curtain back and the show suddenly looks like a great sham.......

See, your government(s), for the most part, feel you need to thank them, for being merciful on your little ass, and giving you whatever "good" things and "freedoms" you may have...

Unfortunately, most of you have been so conditioned, if it is not fear and awe of your masters it is apathy which has set in and some other kind of indifference or detachment, perhaps happiness and enjoyment of worldly things, or whatever it may be, at this point in history I can honestly say, you are being used, abused, manipulated and controlled, to the point the numbers of your animal species which has the ability to think for itself continues to decline, and the human entity isn't headed for the crapper, it's swirling down the abyss into the sewer...

Yet that is not the point.....quite a few intelligent people who aren't in fantasy land not only know this, they realize why it is like this. Yet I digress....

"The first thing you do if you want to learn about individuals, is you talk with them"

The United States Government and it's "States" feel like "Motherfucker we don't need to talk to some crazy fool...."

And it is that attitude which has you, not me, in a whole helluva lotta shit.

Those among you who feel the sun rises and shines with the greatness of yourselves and what you may have achieved, or that the good Lord has blessed you and it is your job to spread the love or pop the noggin' of those who dare defy you.....

Imagine if those who have real power, not at the end of a gun, in the confines of a courthouse, the boot on the neck, or the power to kill @ will....

Imagine if "they" just figured, fuck these ants, stomp their asses and show 'em who's boss and can let 'em live or die, stay free or cry like a bitch when I say cry......"

None of you are "they".  Death at this point is your master. All end that way. Yet you had a choice...

Being respectful is the first thing anyone does when being such when they are asked to come in, sit down, and if not learn then explain whatcha doin'....

The government does not do that, unless, maybe, it's with other "great and powerful" "heads of state".  Hard to do that anyways, if your head is up your ass.

Animals, humans included, kill to survive, kill to rule, put the fear in those who may feel otherwise that you will obey, or you will pay for your insolence.

Respect is a two way street and you earn it, even if you're the government.  I don't mean the Mafia type of respect, where you respect the more powerful, but the first chance you get you fuck them if they're not paying you enough or you dislike how they're running the rackets....

Your government operates the same way.  The rule of law means you obey their law, because they are great and powerful and if not the people then "GOD" has granted them these rights...or

Maybe it is their elite warriors who have granted them and maintains their power. Heroes of the state we call them....most of them will be quick to let you know you "owe" them for, whatever...

The test of tyrants is simple.  Does the tyrant respect you?  No, tyrants don't respect anyone.  So you start there, respect.

The government does not respect you.  Those who respect you are honorable...and let's step back just a second, and combine these two central terms...

"Respect and Honor"
Yeah you can earn them, yet they are your God given Rights, and are called Basic Respects.
The government, nor anyone grants you respect and honor, for it is not theirs to grant.  If not, or they hold the sword over your head saying sure we respect and honor you subject, servant and citizen, but don't get too big for your britches and dare fuck with us.....

Then here comes that damned Toto.....

Be thankful that with real power has mercy on, and respects your stupid animal asses.  Besides your conditioning by your masters, more and more of you feel like hey man, we never hear or see no "God" so fuck that fantasy......

Or maybe, you don't really know, so you'll say just in case we'll like print a slogan on our stately things, on our fiat, say some prayers, just n case we might be wrong.....

God Bless America.

Yes, definitely, be thankful as a motherfucker, if that, perhaps, instead of being a tyrant, something which actual power to create and ultimately destroy would walk a few miles as one of you before decided you are shit and need to get off it's planet....
If it didn't, say send someone to check you out, besides being "invisible" and watching all you do, like a pervert who doesn't want to get caught, like folks who equal religion with an imaginary God who watches, sees and hears all, but isn't real so don't worry about something which doesn't exist watching you in silence....free yourself from those stone age delusions......

So instead of trying to understand and have empathy for you, respect and honor you because you have perhaps deserved it, because you respect and honor in return, it just said fuck you I see and hear everything thing you do, don't need to talk to your sick and sorry ass...

and squashes you like a bug, like the weak little sniveling animals you are.....

Nothing.  Compared to the great and powerful Oz who watches and sees all!

Then, here comes fucking Toto, a lowly dog of all things, licking it's own goober and eating it's own shit like dogs tend to do, and it makes a complete fool out of you.

Well, actually no, it just exposes you for what you really are.  You made the fool out of yourself by hiding behind that curtain, watching like a pervert in secret, and bullshittin' your "people", when you are not ANY better than they are.
Even if you are a god-like tyrant and mighty warrior of war......

God damn you Toto......

Have you learned anything?

Well see.

LAUGR 9/29/18  7:30-9am  @ http://www.rockfest.org  passkey:  [894k._?]-4jmb5=$;




If you haven't already read this (buncha of ya have), read it if you don't read anything else today.  Or re-read it.
There are many confused that down the rabbit hole lay unproven wacko conspiracies of all sorts.  Yes they do....
Down the SNAKE HOLE though, everything is real, too god damned real.  Most of you, even those who revel in WTF is really going on, won't and don't like it.  Even if you kid yourself and believe you're in control....HA!
The Miners Of Industry.
For many years I have watched live, archived and documented the use of pervasive software through the internet to audit, capture, and manipulate data on a computer and through it's networked devices.  This type of "auditing" metadata software is common and ubiquitous.  It has legitimate purposes, yet can also be the hackers tool set of choice of all KINF+DS of malicious behavior and mayhem.
Now with that sinking in, I will remind folks what Johnny Rotten himself said "We put an awful lot of Sex Pistols footage in and had problems getting rights from people who should have been favorable to it. It’s odd that my life is being manipulated by other people. It’s frustrating." (https://www.salon.com/2018/09/15/john-lydon-wants-you-to-know-the-truth-people-do-not-know-what-i-had-to-endure/)
He is talking about those jealous of their control over things, "assets" as they are commonly known, and the large number of bottom feeders of the industry who profit in the massive weakness and unfairness in all kinds of law, or really, the lack of law overseeing use of not only any kinds of software, but anything you have on a "device".
The dark madness inherit here will only get worse with CALE.  Yet, it's not just gonna be the oppressive hand of the man and his minions.  No, it will be the undoing of legitimate law enforcement with integrity.  We are past that point, well past it.
Here is why, or at least some of it......

Read the rest in Issue 66 of the Underground Sound @ http://undergroundrecords.org/sound out October 3rd

Interesting article, says a lot about some of you......

I found this article extremely interesting. I have this hack on at least two of the 12 devices I am doing forensics on. The Russians didn't put it there. I also have hacked PC Doctor software on at least one machine, which neither the Russians nor myself installed. 

Yet it is the Elite Russian Hackers who have and are using it.  I almost laughed...almost.

While everyone is all into this political rah rah going on today about stupid shit people did while drunk in high school, I asked myself, how many of these people know WTF is really going on?

That stuff like this, using this exact hack I believe, is done and the people who do it (your heroes) are not prosecuted, says more about your political system and government than that nonsense broadcast today so you will line up and cheer your side.

Think Kavanaugh would vote to allow recourse on things like this type of state supported, funded and implemented illegal breaking and entering, libel/slander including numerous types of conspiracy over decades (long ass time folks...that not only has it been allowed to continue but keeps on ramping up basically says your justice and law enforcement systems are shams) hacking done under guise?

No, he has stated numerous times in the past he is all for full government surveillance, done in complete secrecy, if need be to "preserve democracy".

"If you have nothing to hide, having us make sure of that in the affirmative should not bother you at all." Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

I've heard this tyrannical logic repeated from at least half a dozen people arguing with me today via IM, or making a similar asinine statement, which I generally do not respond to because anyone who will knowingly let strangers into their personal private world for a looksee done in secrecy without any due process or means to address such intrusions are supporting a type of perversion which is an extreme sickness.

It also means these people and the supporting systems doing these types of activities are very, very paranoid. Paranoia is a sign of mental state instability and left untreated bad things can and do happen. Paranoid people doing perverted things to others in secret (or so they hoped) are sick motherfuckers indeed.

I am not interested in perversion in disguise. That perhaps you as a citizen are ok with it makes no difference. It will not sustain your nation.

Because eventually, such loss of privacy as public policy destroys every country it ever takes hold in. History shows this as true again and again. The US will be no different, might just take a while longer before all hell breaks loose because of the ignorance and apathy of our citizenry.

I guarantee you, when the Beast is in your home, and you realize this (it's a superbly crafty monster, so many will not catch on until it's way too late), if you give a damn about yourself and your country, that head will come out of that ass.

If not, then you are no better than those doing such evil deeds. If that is the case, let me come install some cameras and mics in your house, in your car, hack all your shit secretly....I'm just making sure you're not up to something you shouldn't be. Really, it's all good.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.



LAUGR: TIME OF ESSENCE, GAM uploads & Live International Feed Events (LIFE)

We have lit our Temple Of Incense, and it shall remain lit for 90 minutes as we end Summer and bring in Fall, signifying the Time Of Essence. Join us on Live @ The Underground for a special mix, just for you.

Also, new music from:

Bil Tormey Orchestra
Cowboy's Blues Review
Los Angeles
Purps N Paper
Master Blaster (FI)
Vault Blower

Plus: Reviews & Binaries from the World Council GAM ongoing and taken this evening from: US, RU, UK, PI, TK, SK, GA, CA,CO & MX.

Beginning @ 2:30 am east coast US time.

Call in's (404) 954-2708
Passkey: [948,bwr}0{?9*&8m] for viewers at 



Murder By Death_The Other Shore

Squeeze boxin, slue-footing, at times as if Gordon Lightfoot, lost sailor at see, a few turns it's Tull partying with some bluegrass, state-fair, honky tonk country western kinda fellas. All the while mandolin, creep box & homegrown down stroke light the way.

At times on the verge of spectacular, just a tad too nice to be construed wicked, yet that 'ol wisdom of where the swamp meets the desert, somehow shines through here, no matter where this crew comes from (I am bad to not read band histories, do more listening, when tunes are playin).

I hear some grooves time or two that lay claim to knowing bout that dark stuff, but tellin' the ho ho no-no, enough shit, here comes the man....bills are comin' due. I almost expected some lead guitar to just tear it up, but I get some folks kickin' some three strike boogie.  And it keeps up that tirade of circumstance, throughout the entire program.

I hear talk about rivers, stones, getting there, having it done, here's to say you ain't the only one. Rollin' tobakker, half moons, dark moors n back-road bars.  It gits her head spinning, maybe yers too, if it's just loud enough, when the strings n pipes come into play, for that just a taste, you get in line for more.

Couple times I wasn't sure if it was pianner, some cello, standup or someone breathin hard. I heard some words about places changing, and I know that scene. Then the sax (or is that violin?) comes in, it's got me.  Only time mate, lived once, relived till the end.

And the guitar moans, throughout the entire life. But O hear them bows on strings, a sangin, puts me back in the haunted quarters, as spirits come to play.

When she rocks it up, brings me back to earth, and I hear them squeeze boxes a wheezin', kinda makes me wanna cruise with the windows rolled down.

Contact:  https://www.bloodshotrecords.com


World Council Meeting - DUBLIN

Join us for the legendary vote as the Irish approved the measure to network the Government Activity Monitors in public feed & public voice to awake the mind of the sheeple! - LIVE FROM DUBLIN last night - 





FEMA talks about preparations for Hurricane Florence
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Andrea Johannsen
Andrea Johannsen Yeah I just heard President Trump took $10 million out of Pmar to gift to ice to give more detention facilities are you freaking kidding me??
Margret Brailsford
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Christine Jenkofsky Torre Pray for CCU campus πŸ‘ŒπŸ™πŸ»
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Mara Silveira What’s so funny!
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Wanda Kachur Be safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
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Songeeta Guha I am former DHSHQ CISOMB immigration Attorney 2005-2009- 908-705-0489- please contact
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Songeeta Guha Went through several hurricanes- Gloria 1985, Sandy, Katrina, Rita
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Patricia Schaefer Praying, my oldest son is in Wilmington and youngest son is in Florence SC
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