Review: Suicide Generation - Prisoner Of Love

With a strong detroit punk sound via London UK, Suicide Generation brings it steaming hot to the table, primed, full of energy & hubris.  The three tracks I got from Dirty Water Records off Prisoner Of Love all roar with ease of intensity. While not lacking in any real capacity there is a yet yearning for something, but that's irrelevant, as the echo chamber sings that trademark sound. Here then is the cold of the barren blade silent against the waist band, sharpened to a fine hone all about a glistening of raw energy, deeply held tight by the power of eternal night. Sweaty skin bleeding through leather till it all meshes into one singularity poised to blow all to hell.  Like a caged tiger, ready to strike, to devour, to rip your face off.  This is Suicide Generation, Prisoner Of Love.

Contact: Dirty Water Records UK

This review appears in Issue 70 of The Underground Sound @ undergroundrecords.org/sound

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