Guaranteeing societal breakdown

"in the future when society breaks down and the homeless fill the woods along the interstates, increasing numbers of the crazy and downtrodden will become compelled to state they have plans to kill figures of authority in order to procure residences of prisons and hospitals to alleviate their societal hardships of no where to stay and nothing to eat....." 

Reign Of Darkness Season One Episode Three, Opening Caption
TW (c) 2018


Donnie J's proposed budget to cut $4.4 trillion in government spending over a decade; targets Medicare prescription drug program to slash $130 billion. Cut $292 billion from Medicaid and food stamps, $70 billion by limiting disability benefits, cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 26 percent,  Department of Housing and Urban Development’s budget by 15 percent, funding of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by nine percent......


Do stupid morons not understand those programs will have to GROW by that much to keep up with the growing poor and low income populations, growing environmental mess and affordable housing shortages? Not to mention disease prevention in the face of things like Corona do not wait for you to balance budgets and strip the already shaky safety nets from those lowest on the totem pole....

People are stupid, and cruel.  He's making sure you'll have a societal breakdown when all of that is done.  Hope none of his stupid cuts get passed and his budget clusterfuck gets shut down.....

Grow the fuck up people.

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