Review - Mad Monk Meets Kev Kruz @ The Monastery

One of the best old school mixtapes I have heard in a really long time. The story behind the mixtape tells why it’s unique before you even spin it. When you play it, it moves from funky rhythm to trance with smooth transition and ease. All flavors here; house, bass, dancehall, minimal, groove, street, hip hop and techno. What it gives is over an hour of dance floor prime. This is a classic for the club and house parties alike.

Contact: redsunmusic.net


Peace Family!
It's an honor and a pleasure to share this mixtape!
The back story... Beast 621 has been a great supporter of my tracks - He lost his hard drive filled with music and asked that I please resend him my tunes... I did. 
Madness Ensued 
He took the tracks I sent him - 
went into the Mad Monk Monastery -
and returned with this gem...

Fasten Your Seatbelts- It's a helluva ride!    
One Love - Kev Kruz

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