The Scaners - The Scaners II

The Scaners – Hard guitar grooves underpin and propel the Scaners throughout this album. The post punk mutterings of Galactic Race come half way through a set list spun off classic beginnings and increasing walks in the wilderness just outside of chaos. This album is about space, here, there and in your mind kinda space. At times stuff can be beautiful, like the opening song which has nods to all the punk which came before it. Then quickly change gears and go horror-camp on you with Catch Up With A UFO following.

Short songs, quick tempos and catchy stuff here and there tend to give the band away. They get in the time machine, drums fast as lightening, and touch down in the Random City. Keeping the coming concept up with the following Mars Attacks; The Scaners love to double time, throw in some clutch, time change a bit and top it all off with some lovely insect like background voices. Definitely movie time man!

The singing keyboard insects come back as Space X-ploration kicks off. It’s actually at a moderate tempo, but rocks pretty hard. They cook pretty good on X Ray Specs too. Next few numbers are rather forgettable, but they come back pretty good with NO Panic, NO Stress. The insects are there too man, The Pesticide Kids also join in the party! They’ve came from outer space, touching down with The Scaners! RUN DD RUN! Contact: Dirty Water Records https://www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk/#/

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