Review - AUTHOR & PUNISHER - Beastland


Filaments of growl, arranged in megalithic prowl. The assertion of the heavy not above relapse, who also just happens to be the label. Tossing stone into steel, a might settling of the space time continuum. As a mountain lion above it’s prey, waiting, it strikes. Bringing torrents of pain, the warm blood dripping from open wound. Still the guitars rise, and the mind melts away.

Pulling vapor from the darkness, song such as Nazarene and Pharmacide set the scales with hints of industrial psychedelia. But it never strays at first from the void, remaining hidden in the swirl pitch of envelopment. Truly, as you can never get away. This is your destiny. Beastland. Final breakdown of your soul, as the soaring chords of the band, take you into the abyss.

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