The Music Modernization Act, good thing, now work on someting else you keep ignoring......

Glad this was passed, sorely needed. Now, let's talk about something no one EVER talks about....
Maybe your government can work on enforcing the law on music industry bottom feeders who are using hacking techniques to gather metadata on every file on your devices, either by placing illegal miners onto your computers or using media playing software (Winamp, Itunes) to have the same sent upstream to "copyright" reviewers (called auditors) who then sic the Homeland Security Copyright & Intellectual Property Division on you (The FBI will usually be the ones to kick your door in) if you have something, maybe not even a music or video file, on your devices. All you need is one file.. 

I totally agree artists should be fully and better compensated, people forget, often, I am a songwriter with hundreds of titles; yet music publishing is something of a sham when corporations are allowed to own the label, the recording studio, the publishing company, the wholesale/retail apparatus, the broadcasting or media outlets, as well as the "asset" which is how the "artist's" recordings, lyrics, and sheet music, along with the physical or digital file "product", are recognized by the same corporations. 

"Auditing" is what the industry calls it. It's hacking is what it is. Instead of suing Google/Youtube (too big, too powerful, but early on they tried), or good 'ol Zuckbook or ANY social media site for hosting copy-written material (and TONS of it) illegally, the meat and gravy now is to get you, the peon using gathered information from your media player, internet service provider, or their illegally placed software miners.

Today, "they" can even place the "files" on your devices using all kinds of methods, in fact that is out of control. It's called setting your ass up.....

How about tackling that? This bullshit that you've bought the "asset" but never own it is a load of crap. If you're not making money, manipulating the content, or using the actual music or components containing such in a commercial manner, such as when a band sends you their music to play on your independent "broadcast" knowing full well, and not expecting to get paid, but their "publisher" or some "rights organization" (they are hundreds of these type organizations, some good, some purely bottom feeder entities) sues you for "using" their "assets", well let's deal with that problem now....

I'm not even going to get into the fact that mass DMCA false take down notices these bottom feeders issue, as well as common criminals, why the fuck are those doing that bullshit never arrested for all kinds of things? I've had it done, the service provider kick me off their site, take the music or whatever else down, then when I contact the copyright owner they know NOTHING about it, didn't and don't approve of it....but by then the damage is done....not even going to get into that crazy ass bullshit.....

Not only that, commercial stations play songs as part of "advertising" where the label, publisher, or a middle man buys blocks of time, which is then resold at astronomical mark-ups, to sometimes THEIR OWN corporate partners who push these artists and songs. That is how and why only a few artists "make it big", and you hear only a small set of the same artists from the same labels on all the bigger, and most of the smaller, media outlets. That is called Payola.

Now, long as you say in the broadcast, who paid for the time (you will hear this sometime - "the music this hour is brought to you by Time Warner" or more than likely "Sears, Walmart" or whomever initially bought the "advertising time", it's legal (still payola, but legal now) - yet that has only picked up because the pay-for-play via advertising is rather well known as a racket tactic today, and labels that cannot afford to play with the big boys constantly raise hell about it....

I've worked for major labels and major distributors, this is how your SUPERSTARS are made, paid for, illegally, in most cases. Plus, I investigate "auditing" using the above said methods as well as payola, so you can imagine, I am hated.

Add Payola, bottom feeders and hackers together and it's massive crime. In fact, outside of federal governments and the larger media telecoms (ATT, Comcast, and low and behold, the Time Warners/Universals/Disneys/Sony's of the world), one of the largest criminal organizations in the world is called The Lords, and guess what they peddle?

Media Assets.

So yes, good bill, very much needed. Now work on the crime these "asset owners" are involved in.

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