2018 Australian World Council Meeting: Live


Live: Closing minutes of Australian World Council Meeting. The Aussies approved expansion of the Government Activity Monitor. Last two nations will vote by year's end - Russia & Chile. As of yet, 62 Nations have approved it, none have voted against it, and there have been 0 individual votes against it. Tyranny has shot itself in the foot.....Maybe fucking with everyone under lies & guise wasn't/isn't such a good idea?

The Government Activity Monitor was created in 1996 to combat clandestine and often illegal activities by federal and regional/local governments.  It uses public observations, including live and recorded video, to monitor known and potential civil rights abuses. The GAM also uses court house and legislative monitors in order to know how people are treated in those situations. The GAM is not a clandestine spying apparatus, but rather was created to combat such dark state manifestations.

The expansion to make available to all World Council (Free People) public live feeds was brought forth after thousands of members noted their federal governments operating in secret, and using such operations to suppress, blackmail, commit espionage, and do both known and unknown criminal acts against it's own peoples. 

After my own private home was broken into at least once in 2018, my dog poisoned, and eavesdropping devices as well as malware & spyware placed on at least a dozen electronic devices, with relative hacking being observed and monitored for over two decades, consultation with other World Council Members determined the original electronic variations of the GAM would be discontinued and live a/v feeds, as well as investigations into any and all oppressive tyrannical acts by governments, would ensue. This is based on negation by such entities of all Basic Respects (angelfire.com/ca/wtw/book1.html) numerous times, often under guise, and usually done in strict secrecy with or without legitimate court approvals.

THE GAM live feeds will be available online to everyone in 2019.


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