New Cold War? End the last one first......


70-80% of retail/wholesale goods combined, over 90% of electronic components N USA R from China, but you're gonna do new "cold war" and enrich your abusive, criminal defense industry enterprises that much more? Exactly how stupid RU people? No wonder Chinaman put spy-chips smaller than grain of rice on ur computer boards. Grow the fuck up and realize you still have the power over the Asian bloc in almost every corner, and believe me most of their civilian population is even more weak and stupid than your own head up it's ass population. This BS from your exalted leaders that they are "gonna make most of the stuff we get from China in the USA now" is complete bullshit. If so, you got about two decades of very hard work before you, and there is no credible plan to get you there, just political rhetoric. Quit believing the crap that held you back for 60-something years and is the reason you don't have better everything, including the shit you get from the Land Of The Dragon....if your nations had not been playing emperor for generations, and I am saying this about all nations involved in the last cold war and in the ongoing on, you'd have colonies in space and on other planets, among other great things like virtually 100% renewable energy running your nations, affordable health care for your citizens and be a whole lot fucking smarter. Quit being damned idiots....New Cold War my ass....just more of you being abused by your masters.


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