Gaslight Theatre - The Era of Fear and Lies has heads in strange places.....

Good article, all should read:
Gaslighting the populace is a serious crime of deception and moronic endeavor.  Those who do it as part of public policy are traitors.  Why are so many allowing the Era of Fear and Lies to fester like an open wound?

They are easily fooled, easily cowed, and they do it willingly, to themselves. It is EASY to fool and mislead people, when they are begging for it. After a while, as deception rages, most are far too scared, belligerent or worn down, to do anything but continue to cheer "rah, rah, go team". Or tune out completely and become apathetic pawns. So they choose a side which caters to their whims, and they cheer on and become hard headed to reality.
Most of you, except for a few close friends who have witnessed it for themselves, and for some on my friends list who are aggravated stalking victims (as in targeted), most don't know what gas-lighting, or being "gaslit" means in the literal sense...this article is a spot on ringer describing it as a national threat.

As I told a belligerent man @ the gas station today who refused to listen to anything except what he wanted to hear, it really goes without saying that if the economy wasn't as good as it is now, which has little to do with the circus of liars and thieves your federal government mostly is, and is as good as it is despite the ignoramus morons we continue to allow to take us for a ride it is possible when over we'll not recover from, few if anyone but complete fools would be cheering this administration and the shit that is being pulled on you.

Which seemingly so many cannot see, because they are blind with a disease called cognitive deception; a disease the political elite have learned to nurture, grow and spread.

Good for them most of you have good jobs and are paid well....take that away, a buncha smug children would possibly be on the streets calling for heads to roll.

Then too, maybe not. If I've learned anything when people all up in the political nonsense who-side-are-you-on game kinda wake up and get their head out of their ass, bottom line they still fear the government.

Some of us fools, as many of you call us, never feared tyrants to start with. Don't worry about saving us from investigations, the law, the government, or ourselves. Work on and worry about saving your own ass, and saving the country.

Being all sparkly eyed and cheering gaslighters and gas light theatre, won't master the task.
Again, pretty clear as to WTF in this article.....
Have to give USA Today props for that one......

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