When the greatest weapons fail, Justice will be served.

Indeed.  Not a thing you got will be worth a damn. Yet those on whom you used many dark and evil things as you pleased, even in secret, for power, praise and death, will remember well.  For you will be locked inside your own very special kind of hell.

May it serve you well. You have worked long and hard, it is fully deserved.

Vengeance is mine said The Lord.

He wasn't joking.



ABBATH SPEAKS! With that I raise my ale high and toast those who have gone before me. It is a good day indeed when one can ride to avenge the oppressed, enslaved and fallen against a greater enemy! Providence on our side as the winds carry our songs to those who hoist whip and chain, or greater destructive thing. For as the sun rises upon the Battlefield even the greatest demons shall know our names, what we bring, and seek to hide far away! Knowing not even the mighty Angel Of Death has any greater power at that time and place, when we come for those who have stolen our treasures, enslaved our people and taken our lands! WARRIORS! FOR FREEDOM! FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! UNFURL YOUR BANNERS! TAKE THEM THE FIGHT!