Just a different world today. Industry leaders too are perplexed


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2 little 2 late. Chaturbate, XHamster, CAMup & the like R the new way 2 chat & stay connected with friends & complete strangers like Zuck was way back. Folks who sexy & got the knack & the moves I've heard can make a few bone too, unlike Zuck who don't share the wealth.

Better B 18 or up tho the man is watching, some sites w/ backdoor keys to sneak in like on Zuck, in fact I see 'em watchin' much, much more than on Zuck & hardly if any at all AI doin' a lot of the research analysis, makin' connections & whatnot like's all the rage now. Folks is eyeballin' instead of turnin' it all over to the machines. Must be lotsa teenage gangsta stuff goin' on. 

Stuff that requires that kind of comprehensible immediate response, for such interest and scrutiny by actual humans...

@ some fusion centers and regional headquarters they've caught some "observing in order to spot possible criminal activity" so much in fact some watchdogs say they leg pullin' (a few have got caught pullin' other things as well) but like I told the Youth Minister something being illegal never stopped kids from runnin' wild B4 if they ain't right in their minds about the consequences & the parents aren't paying attention too much about what's goin on behind closed doors. Like when the kid is supposed to be gone over to a friends to spend the night & the folks ain't wonderin' much why they takin all kinda things inappropriate for backyard camp outs, 'n' ballgames (pun well intended) w/ 'em. Like platform high heels, lingerie & all kinds of toys, lubes & makeup.

I mean....hhhheeeellllooooo...

We used to pull all kindsa crazy stuff when I was a teenager too. As with most other things though I am kinda glad I got in through the door before everyone lost their damned minds. Folks nekked doin' naughty naughty things on the screen chatting w/ folks & takin' requests might be ok now, but in the 70's and 80's folks would've flipped the fuck out. Completely.

I still remember Muzz sneakin' round tryin' to catch me smokin' weed. I shudder to think of the scene if she'd walk in and the computer is runnin' & things goin' on. Ol man woulda tanned my ass and run me out of the house for doin' things teeangers should not be doin' in public. It'd been a damn hardcore scene you got caught by the Rattler makin' the rooster crow inside the house all hours of the day and night. & Online?? All hell woulda broke loose.

Hell I remember you might have to ride yer bike for miles just to find a place that'd sell you cold beer, a pack O' smokes (the box was still fairly new then) or a playboy mag (no showing' the deed or insertions back in them days, they'd call it porn then and it was hella illegal). But of course times do change.

You ain't even gotta show ID @ the door or act like you are who you are at the clubs nowadays.  Kids liable to see anything.....

Kinda negates the needs to be responsible for things you do to their own people, long as you ain't hurtin; yerself (or they see you clearly are and step in for your own good, like arresting you for smoking cannabis before it got to be a thing, or catch you w/ the lights out in the dark) or goin' against the law.

Some folks get my drift.  Some folks remain clueless,  Aye it is but the way of the world attending to the needs of your Overseers.  They who are thy masters....

Damn helluva mess I'm tellin' ya. Whole damn world is in a helluva mess.....lord help us all.