The Howl

I'd heard rumors. Superstition some say, yet real run time experiences have a way of asserting themselves over anyone's mere belief. I believe it true.
Big Chief Say:
"When @ midnight you hear the coyote call, a spirit of your brethren tribe, has reached the other side."
I'd forgot for a long while ever hearing it, until.....
As the rich clouds of incense formed spectral wisps swirling around the solar lights, I prepared to test the laser synchronized to the atomic clock, precisely at midnight where I stood in my front yard.
I heard him start up.
Not back in the woods in the forest behind me. Closer, perhaps down near the old ruins where the spiked currants & the thorn orange grows.
Near the small sun enriched clearing, where the black locust grows. It too, crowned with thorns.
He sounded as a young male, but his voice was already strong with a fiery howl.
I've heard this one before. But not around here. His timing and cadence were perfect.
The rich smell of locus flower seemed to come in as a cool breeze filling the air already enriched with flowers resins and herbs from around the world.
We'll have locus flower in our yearly batch of Temple Incense this year.
Gotta hand it to him. Big Chief have strong medicine, and much wisdom to share.
Wild sometimes how the real world works.