Review: Ricky Hell & The VoidBoys

Ricky Hell & The VoidBoys

Crossed up foaming fritzer of fuzz, the beats want to be machines and the heart
a hacked up lung of gooey excess.  I think most of the songs might be the same, but it cannot be, for the drone may go on, yet the names have changed. Apartment 9 is like death at the door as you lay gasping for air over stimulated at the dorm room co-ed study session. Groovey, like Days In Hell. Rock & The Voidboys bring it, whatever it may be, salda, canteloupe, el mojee, you recognize it the second they show up at the party.  Like a long lost friend who used to dance with you naked while college radio blared from the stereo.  Ah, those were the days! Blasted like Hiroshima! Running with the gritty gutter head kick of Amphetamine Girl, waiting for the spooky twilight of Killing Season On Earth, rats on the radio son, rats I'm tellin' ya! Relive them Streets Of Fear again with the great Ricky Hell & The VoidBoys!  It's all it takes to make ya wanna popunder some concrete! Feel that beat one more time!

Contact:  Dirty Water https://www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk/

appears in The Underground Sound, Issue x:  undergroundrecords.org/sound