Locked out of Facebook. Standarized testing aborted......

 hash&metabrewski on file (6.6million_in_damages_so_far&counting) @
1. KATTYWALLER (biometric identifier) @ (login4looksee)
2. BOBCATHOLLER (synthetic correlative) @ (login4looksee)
3. HOT TAYTERS & JELLYBEANS (stonypony machiner *classified&unavailable*)
 USstasi @ 666.com |||p[agin]chinaman&chinadoll: TITTYCAKKA HAS FALLEN.  I REPEAT. TITTYCAKKA HAS FALLEN!!|||
Verified Certified failures.  (see pulpwood documents on file):
 Justice originates not from thee abode of the Talking Monkey Man.
Do you like what you hear? Do you like what you see?
Do you worship the beast
That is even easier to decree
Welcome to BabyLon, Motherfuckers.
We've been waiting. So when the great machines of the Godless Fail
Only hell can save you now.
I haven't heard it all, yet. But I have heard enough. Perversion takes many forms. From the invisible man's eye in the sky, to the same blasting through your room, the final solution needs flesh to counter the illusion.
Have you sent in your confirmation of identity? Zuck is waiting. The new features of the service may not be available without taking the necessary steps for biometric immersion.
**WARNING: may not to available in all areas. Seek counsel with your representatives to install needed software & updates.
Is this the new Facebook Nudie pic thang Zuck's got goin' on?

About this article
The social media group is testing technology which it claims will automatically block naked photos and videos from being uploaded.

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Todd West
Todd West hmmmm...seems, once again. the 'ol Maddog has pierced a festering wound. https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/logout...Manage

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Todd West
Todd West Upon first hearing the proliferation of dick & clit pics...I pondered the reasons for the great machines allowing such nasty ass shit on their glistening service portfolio....for many years their success in stopping the oodles of ye noodles seemed a st...See MoreManage

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Todd West
Todd West Well shoot, now the Animal cannot log into his account.....all that responds is this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheep#VocalisationsManage


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Todd West
Todd West Seems the virus has infected the core memory. At least the Doppelgänger rides HIGH above the telemetry layer of the corrupted bit stream. Gotta love that high tech of the talking honky tonky monkey man. Zuck be thy master, chant the children of disaster.....

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