Forced Compliance through violence, if need be. It's the American Way.

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Context, amply defined as:


 (from dictonary.com)

1. the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect:

2.  the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc

(from merriam-webster.com)

1 : the parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning 

2 : the interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs : environment, setting

 ( finished with snippers) 

Context is so important that learning how to understand it is essential to our survival. We could be losing this important skill in a large portion of our society, badly.  Worse in other parts of the world than others possibly.  I can't speak from extended experience for anywhere but here.  Where I live, in my country, the U.S.A. being able to understand things contextually has gone completely out of the fucking window.

I want to say this was worse before my time, but that could be a type of illusion.  Like where I live , the same applies here, I can only speak for what I have experienced in my time. Data often will not correlate into useful sets that do more good than harm if you only see things which have been taken out of context. So I can't speak for others or other times, but by understanding how my world and your world are the same relatively in the problems we face, I, we all, have opportunity to research in order to formulate better answers.

Where this hits a snag, perhaps complete breakdown, and how context fits in here, is when either I have decided I am right with my answers and force my decisions upon you, or you do the same to me. This can be applied to whole societies and civilizations when things are taken literally out of context.

I knew this long ago, say, since I was 11 or so when I started middle school. Of course I was just a child and there was no way I "knew" humans were "losing" the communication skills relevant to perception of context, I just just knew comprehension of anything above simple concepts, being able to think things from different angles yet come to relevant conclusions, instead of just "I don't know", or harping the mantra of the many, was foreign to a mass majority of the other kids. 

True maybe one can learn that in school, how to discern reality by thinking for yourself.  I don't think so past the point of halfway. Unless you gotta helluva school system with fantastic highly intelligent teachers early on. Cause very quickly on average, less than a decade later when that middle school kid hits college, if for real college is "successful" for them, they may get a great education, or they may just get trained well for a career.  Both we'd hope, right.

Yet that rarely happens for the majority.  Many times it's something in between, and for some going to college was a complete waste of time.  They didn't get shit out of it but a bill.  That bill is actually central to the overall problem here, yet I am getting way ahead of myself.  Let's rewind just a second to that middle school child.....

Ever since then, it has always baffled me as to why naturally there is a bad tendency for so many people to take things OUT of context. Experience would seem to have the effect of one being able to think things out better, see things as they say openly and come to better conclusive statements.  More realistic things and ideas that serve you better overall.  For a few, maybe now as older persons their experience has helped their mind grow into that older and wiser situation.

For many people though, as they age at the point they should be wiser, that's just not happening.  Instead they are just getting old without the wiser mind & soul benefits.

 Going back to location specific, this phenomenon is perhaps even worse here, as in much more prevalent, now than it was when I was an 11 year old child. Some will say that's just my opinion, the "data" does not support such an opinion. 

Pretty sure though it's NOT just my opinion or a yada yada rant as Maddog is said to be known for, because honestly, you can see it with your own eyes, damned if more and more motherfuckers nowadays can't understand shit. UNLESS it's their opinions, even though we are supposed to be "advancing" overall intelligence wise according to the "data" and should be well past accepting opinions as facts.  

Data hell, seems to many of us who have to deal with the real world, or better I should say more accurately deal with the people in it, basically every fucking thing is literally, taken out of context.

There is ONE major factor causing this, and many different lessor ones.  The ONE big FACTOR though, and even the data will back Maddog up on this one, I will explain clearly in just a second, and it's not just my fucking opinion it is glaringly obvious per even the visual observations of a blind man. It's not an opinion.

Opinions ARE NOT theories.  But damned if now more than ever if they aren't accepted as such.  People today, at probably more than ever before in history, can without a doubt rationalize ANYTHING, as long as it squares with their opinions.

That's a fact,  jack. And it ain't just my opinion.

This capability to rationalize as one pleases doesn't just seem to be getting worse.  It is.  To hell with what the "data" says. Yet, it would seem that should be impossible. Data just does not support such a hypothesis. 

 Is your head out of your ass?

Yes?  Good, now let's examine something related to contextual data, because not all pure data is contextual. Much of pure data by the numbers is highly subjective by perspective context, making it possibly applicable or relative to only certain situations, which outside of that specific situation, the data applied is out of context. 

When so, this forces a negative or false statement, degrading the quality of your real world run time or, disallowing it all together. The situation due to false interpretation of contextual data, has become severely unstable, at the very least.

When you take situations out of context, and then say it has to be this way because the data says so, there is a very real possibility you'll not know what you are talking about, yet to you and those who are of like mind or follow you, well of course you know what you're talking about, cause you're all about it.

They believe you.

Then if such a misleading mindset is not somehow corrected, the more things it affects, touches somehow, will increasingly be out of context, degrading the reality of the entire situation, beyond mere wrong is right double speak.

A perfect example:

Notice how both definitions of context I pulled above came from different sources, yet said or defined the term essentially the same? Both 1's and 2's from each source were worded very differently, put together so to speak, using very different choices in words to convey the same basic meaning,  YES BY GOD, those are good examples of STATEMENTS IN CONTEXT when used in communication and thinking processes.

Most of you (not all, but hey) if you can take (accept) things in context, can still read 1 or 2 at either location and understand what each says, like I said essentially the same yet word choiced very differently. So, here is another important relevant term to our headline and post,  it is not BULLSHIT.  It's real, not made up in your fucking mind. Anyone who can think can understand that concept.

Let us hope......

Now, let's look at what is generally accepted as the meaning of the expression "taking things out of context":

(from idioms.thefreedictionary.com)

*out of context

[of an utterance or the report of an action] removed from the surrounding context of the event, thereby misrepresenting the intent of the utterance or report. (*Typically: be ~; lift something ~; quote someone or something ~; take something ~.) You took her remarks out of context! You're the dishonest person, not her!
See also: context, of, out

(from wikipedia.com)

Quoting out of context (sometimes referred to as contextomy or quote mining) is an informal fallacy and a type of false attribution[citation needed] in which a passage is removed from its surrounding matter in such a way as to distort its intended meaning.[1] Contextomies may be both intentional, as well as accidental if someone misunderstands the meaning and omits something essential to clarifying it, thinking it to be non-essential.

Hmmmm.  Yeah. Interesting.  However, out of context can be applied to much more than something written, spoken or quoted. As our pulled third party definitions attest, it can be applied to many things relative to undermining construction of truthful understanding expressed through communications.  It may also, over time, refer to accepted untruthfulness. A falseness of application much different from the actual image. To mean not what it really means.  Removed from reality either partially or completely. 

Basically, more than misunderstood, out of context means it's some kinda lie.

So in street cred lingo, BULLSHIT.  It is bullshit. 

Remember how in the PURE SHIT edition of The Sound we talked deeply about Bullshit?  No?  Well hit the archives if you wanna and refresh those wonderful memories, awaken the mind @ http://undergroundrecords.org/archives

Brother Big Jim has an interesting take on it:

Now with all that out of the way, let's head back to the headlines.....


That headline is real, not my opinion, not made up in my mind. Nor is it taken out of context.

The United States is a very violent place in some ways. Often not seen, but many experience this silent violence as different forms of oppression.  

I am sure tons of places are far worse, yet we need to start having more less one sided conversations about "here", openly, about the USA. Not some other place in comparison, which is a common tactic of people who for them, they don't need to hear your pissy ass whining snowflake opinions, so shut that bad mouthing America down before you start.

If you do such as the in the last sentence of the previous paragraph while speaking of the US, or anywhere, in open honest conversation, you very well could be taking things massively out of context. Sure it is worse elsewhere. It can be better here though.  Will have to be, for the United States to survive.

Truly loving something, you will grieve when it dies. I pray for the USA all the time, as I pray for all.  America though is a different animal.  I do not understand it and I have lived here all my life. The USA, yes, I can tell you what that is, because it is clear.  America is a concept, it is not what the United States is.

My Father, God Bless his soul, was true blue. He was a very smart man, even if I sometimes was too arrogant to see this.  He was arrogant though as well.  So we are a lot alike. I'd laugh though when he'd say "Where did they get this America shit? Canadians are Americans, so are Mexicans, Brazilians, people from Argentina.  We're all from America, either North, South or Central."

The 'ol man got it, and he pretty much worked for the government. He understood America was a concept, and an American was from America. Maybe not just the USA.

Citizens of the USA are Americans. To so many of  US Citizens though, in their minds, to be an American, you have to be a US Citizen, or, this is where it gets good, represent what America is.

NO. To represent what America is to them, in their minds, is to to represent a concept.  Concepts are tricky, they can be terribly misunderstood. The United States is a country in America, North America. An American though may not be from the United States.

Like Dad was saying. I'm from America, and am a US Citizen, but I cannot be an American.  For like I said before, I do not understand what that is. Often I'll say yeah I'm an American, because I am from America.  People get mad sometimes too.

"Son, you don't know what America is?  It is freedom, the right to do as you choose, the right to free speech, do what you want to do as long as you don't harm others, America is the land of justice and liberty......."

I can go on and on.  This was a veteran at a 4th of July cookout maybe 5-6 years ago.  Nice man. He was smiling when he said that, and we sat down munched and we talked about an hour.  How we got there was someone said, the Americans are here as some riders pulled up on their bikes.

So my usual smart ass goes "which Americans?  The Indians, Mexicans or Canadians? Which and what America?"

Many people have fought and died for America. The country. Yet there is no country called America, it is a concept people have decided represents, like what the veteran said.  The country however, when people say America, what they really mean is the United States Of America.

America for short.  No. The Country is the USA. That we, the citizens of the USA have decided the USA is America is not a bit arrogant, it is borderline delusional. America is a beautiful place, oh hell yes indeed. It is however, a concept.

The country of the USA is a beautiful place as well.  Definitely no concept.  It is however, not America as the veteran said. To him, certainly it is, he fought for that. The USA is not America because the USA is a nation like all nations in many aspects, it has borders, laws, governments, ways about it, armies, etc.

America however as a nation, cannot be defined, for it would need those things, probably all of them and more, to be a nation. No America is a descriptive term, a concept, a mindset even. Yes, even a type of Spirit, the American spirit. If you define it as a nation though, you're starting to reach.

Because I live here.  I know my nation well. How it was formed, it's history, it's post modern identity, as in today. I have studied extensively how it is governed, how that is set up, operates, and not only the mindset of those who govern it, supposedly by the people, but observing it's actions throughout my lifetime since the earliest age I can recall.

It is not America.  It is a monster.

That makes me so fucking mad I can hardly see straight. Does that make you angry too?  Indeed I know many of you it does, mad enough to kill my fucking ass. 

For you have told me that. Both straight up as they say, which is literally, figuratively as well. You presented your self as Americans.

You're a god damned liar.  America would never do the things I have observed and experienced, if you were Americans. We're you US Citizens?

I do not know what nation claims you.  But you were, are not, fucking Americans.  You may look like Americans, present yourselves as Americans, hell even claim to BE Americans in your own minds.

Yet, you were not.  You are Monsters. Terrible Beasts. Until I experienced the real you, I was delusional perhaps as well. Then I met you, experienced you, the proclamation of America you claimed to be.

You were not Americans. You are the fucking Devil. I know the Devil incredibly fucking well, it is family. I was fooled for a short while, thinking man this is America?

No. And you gotta lotta folks fooled. For indeed you are the crafty Devil. The real Devil, not a fucking concept.

Stay away from my people.  Stop claiming them as your own. Kill me you might, damn it Devil though I will tell on your sorry ass, I just have.

The US people, good or better than any.  Many would kill to become a US Citizen. An American.

Can't become both. Literally.  Figuratively, certainly.

If you're an American, you cannot actually be a US Citizen, like I am, because Americans are free, as the veteran said.  He IS spot on conceptually.  I am sure sure all the vets fought for America. Figuratively.

Literally, their command, which they fought under, is the US Government. The US Government represents the American people.  No, the US Government rules the United States Citizens. Very different thing. Literally.  This is not a concept.

And like I said, the United States Government is a fucking monster.  It is the fucking Devil in disguise. I was at first saddened that the real Devil had got in and took over.

Then I got mad.  This isn't grieving where finally you just have to accept it.

No motherfucker, I will not. 

For America isn't dead yet, and I hope the Citizens of the United States aren't either. Sick? Maybe.  Because you are in control.

The Devil will go. Now the United States Government "might" stay, but the fucking Devil will go. Maybe not by me, certainly not hell fuck what can one crazy man do?

Against the mighty US Government?  The fucking Devil?  Nothing to not much.

The US People, maybe not the citizens yet certainly the People, be they truly Free People, My People.  They will get rid of your ass.  For we ALL have grown tired of the Devil.

For the Devil is truly a Monster if they're ever was one.

Keep claiming you're whatever, whatever they say America  is.  You are not America motherfucker.  You are the Devil.

Among many Devils. I know thee well.

Motherfucker, enjoy it, cause you will be going back to hell, for a long time.

Just as soon as America, and the world, figure out what is going on.  They are catching on.  Might be a while, but I have met the Americans.  They are figuring you out.

It is but a matter of time.  I know time may not meaning anything to you, it is a concept, right?

Crafty. Crafty. Yes, I have known the Devil a long, long time. Longer than most. There is NO, NO, NO  motherfucker in the EXISTENCE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE better at deception.

Literally, the King Of Lies. Biding it's time.

Tick Tock Motherfucker. Ding Dong the Witch is dead. Which 'ol witch?  The fucking wicked witch.

Let them know, the wicked witch is dead.

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. Indeed, you are not. Nor have you been, for a while.....

I have heard both truth and lies about the Devil. One honest to God truth is The Devil is the MASTER of disguise. Absofukinglootly.

A lie is You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Oh the hell you can't. The real deal fucking Devil absolutely can, or get closer than anyone else. I have literally seen it with my own eyes.  More than once.

Sometimes though when folks either don't believe you're real, or misunderstand what you truly are. it's takes a helluva long time to figure your sly ass out.

Because they have taken you out of context, and cannot recognize what you really are.

"I mean, there is no devil right?  You don't believe in that bullcrap do ya? Made up to scare you, to keep you in line. Fairy tale, imaginary bullshit. I thought you were smarter than that."

I hear ya talkin' motherfucker, just keep it up....

It's rather like addiction  It is said the first step in realizing you have a problem is admitting you have one. While this may be true, yet how many after even entertaining the thought of such, even admitting it, heading off to the rehab or sobering up in a jail cell stop doing the dope of their choice?  It's a low percentage.

If the addict though never will admit there is a problem, even consider that there is one, or takes the problem out of context, dang it man does it ever get tough then.

An analogy perhaps, but we gotta lotta dope fiends here in our land, and I ain't talkin' narcotics. 

Because the same in reverse, others dealing with the perceived problems of the addict yet there is no actual addict that can be helped, but they have decided yes there is and they're going to try and stop them and even help them; can be just as bad, sometimes far worse, than the doper they believe exists and it is their duty to clean them and the dope scene up. Whatever it takes.

Even if it takes tough love to show how much they care. 

And they end up making everyone's life some kind of stranger hell because they have taken things way out of context. I have seen this very thing, more than once and in more than one type image of various unrelated situations.

It is extremely fucked up. Kinda like the Devil.

Nothing spotlights this more than how we deal with public violence in our society here.  Public is a key term. Often the worse violence here takes place privately unrelated to domestic situations. I will explain. 

First though, let's look at public perception of violence in the US. Since we all have seen that, many times over now.

Start with killing people with guns out in public. More precisely, such killing where there is a captive audience.

This article is also about the seemingly random insanity of mentally ill wackos going into schools, nightclubs, wherever there are folks trying to live their lives, and gunning motherfuckers down.  It's the madness in the people who do this that is the cause.  Not guns nor the said to be "too easy availability" for people to purchase guns.

Every time these mass shootings happen, good intended people say we must tighten down on access to guns and check who these people obtaining guns out much more closely. We must secure our places better, to protect us.

Gun control?  Better security?  Hold on. Slow down.  You're not going to like this, most of you, and you will take it out of context immediately if not already. Again, some, and if you're a resident here it's a greater possibility, but moreso if you're an "American", I'll bet most, will take what I am saying completely out of context.

Forced compliance is how your system operates, at the least, and at the very core.  This must change.  This can be very difficult to understand for many, and it can go deeper than maybe you've ever been.  

This is not the wabbit hole though, baby this is rock n roll! You ready?  Let's get started.

Forced compliance is making someone comply with your demands. You force them to do as you or that which you represent wishes, right, wrong or otherwise.  It may be forcing them to do things, yet forced compliance can also be about the shaping of a mind set, the attitude, the ideas about, yes even the opinion, to comply with your demands.

Kinda the opposite of "to contextualize", the verbal integration of context.  To contextualize means to understand more than the words often say, or the basic meaning. It means the looking at all the parts of the picture.  And being able to apply more of the parts to achieve a better picture. 

We rarely do this.  As an individual this may cause you problems, as a governed society it means some of your problems aren't getting fixed the best way, if at all, because people are unwilling to hear and see more than they want to.

In their minds, they don't have or feel need to burden them selves by seeing any larger picture. For whatever reasons. Because to them, they see that larger picture.  Even if in reality they don't see or understand shit. Whatever these problems may be, for them,  not inherit in or caused by their system, and they feel there is not what needs to be looked at to help fix these problems. 

You can look there if you want to, but hell it works just fine for them, or good enough to quit crying and bitching about it. So don't bother them about it. They feel it is YOU, who is way outta context out in left field in another ball park in another universe.

Close in here for the USA when we speak of violent things and the answers to disallowing them, the psychological term Cognitive Dissonance is often applicable when trying to understand why we cannot get a handle on this.  

When you have cognitive dissonance you cannot take things contextually.  You're way outta context on a lot of things. Everything? Maybe.  Seriously.  You have a picture of how you perceive things, your belief system. Yet your actions or the way you actually live do not match up with your beliefs. 

A serious form of delusion which can be deadly as policy. Kinda like the real Devil.

(End of Part 1, for Part 2 click here)


from the Underground Sound Issue 70.

"Forced Compliance through violence, if need be.  It's the American Way."
"The Era Of The Motherfucker Has Begun!"

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