Assets, Claims, the Law & the Insane

"Remember, as a subject all your assets, incomes, revenues and banking arrangements must meet the criteria of law, which plainly states you are required to document, report and if need be pay, per requirements of statutes unto declared national authority. This is in effect regardless if you use their central bank related instruments (legal tender bills & notes, coins & bonded documents of any perceived value) or not; including barters & any other things of determined value either received, held, traded or sold. As the individual or licensed entity, your compliance is mandatory, for you are claimed by authority relevant to the organization mentioned in these articles, at birth, and may not expatriate yourself to remove responsibility to this national authority and remain physically within their declared nation state(s). In some cases, removing yourself from lands claimed by this nation and filing to have their court declare yourself free from oversight and claims of authority will in no way negate the past, current, or future responsibilities this nation has determined applies relative to requirements to report, pay, and obey declarations per authorized mandate of this nation concerning incomes, revenues and assets which they may determine you have or are in control of, therefore they are entitled to oversight of the use, taxation and collection of tithe, lien, loan and fee of which they are master comptroller.
In your reference kits you will find documents pertaining to ongoing tests related to this type of subject matter in a real world case.  The numbers signify identification of the Person, Organization and time line of events known to be evidential.  Entity one is Free Person and member of the High Council. Entity two is an employee of a partial state of a larger state overseer. Entity three is a multi-person multi-agency conglomerate tasked by statute to act according to official protocol in these type cases. Data involved in this specific case qualifies and will be applied to evidence files attached to the hosting nation state for use in the Judgement Of Nations. Which per these particulars we are approximately half way through till completion, declaration, and publication. The information will remain analogy until action by either Entity three as noted or expanded, or further accusatory or threatening action of Entity two. A determination as to recourse is outlined within your reference kits, which we will vote on today......"
WTW - addressing meeting of the World Council, July 2017