NSS & NSP: Perpetual & Determined states in relation to ENTITY

Parts here are from the Doctrine of Creation regarding programming in AngelSpeak.  This is part of lectures and series of talks given recently.


Part 1 - Basic Descriptions
Part 2 - Formulation of Entity
Part 3 - Expansive Realities

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Part 1
NSS & NSP Basics

Natural State Systems & Natural State Processes I often talk about.  No need for definition here. Some times a simple explanation seems hard to understand in either logical reasoning or truthful analysis when making accurate definitions, often because of the observer's disposition due to previous experience, ignorance or results of flawed technique, which produce the unnecessary difficulty in understanding.

I will try to avoid that, yet I realize that may be impossible.  Theoretically though, nothing is impossible, given the right perception.

Theories are a central part of science.  Testing hypothetical values that can be formatted in a working equation to produce theory, using tools of science, methodically discloses the Knowledge of Relevance, which produces types of Understanding. 

Understanding produces Knowledge.  This is a two way street and produces best when circular in motion. Perception is indeed a determining factor when using information to increase understanding of subjects, which in turn allows greater knowledge. Sometimes this is referred to as The Cycle.

Coding this, the cycle, into production and being able to access the code in a stable runtime reality requires after first concepts that multiple instances, or active observation models, applying variance, are built to provide the needed information (data) to begin forging the doctrine, which are modular interpretations used to build processes. 

The results of these observations are expressive determinations, and can be used to factor variables within operational processes which will yield various kinds of statements. These in turn can be used to build a wide variety of systematic states.

This is how we come to what is known as the Reality of the Situation. You can also have all kinds of situations which are not real.  If such situations are allowed to prosper outside of Reality, ultimately these situations will be negative and or destructive. The point in developing or maintaining negative situational context would seem illogical, yet often ignorance plays a huge part.

If you observe or have direct contact with extremely negative or destructive systems which operate under controls or design of a capable entity, say hello to the dark side. Even without prior experience, you have met Death.

True we all deal with death, it will be with us for a long time. In Reality, it is part of the cycle. As part of the natural state it is a specific set of determinations, not an absolute value. It is a type of influencing factor, not a fully coded perpetual operation producing an eternal state as often perceived.  

Death as determination process instead of an absolute value is that way because the code cannot ever be completed for our Natural State System. To cease to create would mean a determination of an ending or finished state of being. End is an absolute value.  So the Natural State is designed to be Perpetual in a literal sense. It remains everlasting without end, for it has been created to function that way.

This is why we compile from the most simple statements into more complex statements allowing greater design yet require disassembly operations as part of the package of Our Natural State System.  So that Our Creation, the Natural State and those things of it may be decompiled to an inventory of individual process statements which allow variance and reuse. 

Not being able to reuse your code lessens the productivity of the operational program, negates the evolutionary factoring and disallows extensive variance in expressive outputs.

Who wants that?

Yet most thinking beings in our Realm have to deal with messed up stuff on a regular basis because somewhere along the line, either through society or resulting from the operations of their own minds, truthful facts are not permitted.  

I have heard that some truths are better left unknown.  Somewhere, somehow, some one knows these truths better left unknown if they are factors in Real Situations.  I will guarantee you that if possible, those who know these truths will become capable of using them, if only for understanding.  It is when such a scenario, that factual truth is known yet hidden or used for power through deception, that abuse of knowledge comes into play.

Often times when the factors of truth as they are known to cosmic designers and courts of order are realized, what has to be dealt with remains because of hierarchy, which dictates accordingly. If control of the hierarchy has determined the facts not be known and the truth is a perception they may control, most often those systems and states eventually fail.  Reality void of truthful fact exists not in the Natural State.

In other systems and states, their workings and existence not requiring the truth factor in the equation, may be all kinds of others, yet they are not Natural State. Nor by design can they be Perpetual.

True in a virtual sense perpetual may mean so long that no one knows how long. Literal perpetuity however requires circular expressive situations to offset the limitations of static environments.  Linear constructs have point/placement determinations based on directions, and can be end run; without cycle, eventually a linear construct program will meet it's limitations then terminate when return to initial statements are not available. 

Constructs designed to employ circular situations (cycle) can be programmed to be perpetual. Such will have limitations, those things may be overcome with the application of knowledge. Understanding the systems and states which produce the Natural State allow those with this Understanding to use the knowledge to the degree of their capabilities. 

To do this, apply Knowledge, you use Process. Those results of process are furthered by engagement in a looping style to render Objective Creatives, which is turn can render stable Creations.  

An architect or administrator over a perpetual state of Creation in turn would not only understand but be capable of generating these types of processes.

Time does not give these types of processes by default, but for Life in this Realm, properties of instance, which include time codes relevant to expressions, are part (processes) of the Natural State System (NSS) that include operations designed to allow development of concepts. 

In this Realm, Run Time Reality in Our local observations process time as a linear concept relative to motion. Without observation such a perception is not stated nor understood, so the effects of time are not so much negated as redefined.

Here's where the characteristics of your Processing Unit come into play. It would seen simply not programming the determinations of characteristics would mean the processing unit, yourself say, or another sentient entity, would not be affected by things left out of the creation codes. Rendering the Entity though when observation is one of it's abilities, automatically engages subroutines whose output values are in part perspectives.

Quantum State Systems are built upon these directives allowing operations which give expressive value. These type Systems are part of the Natural State, created specifically for multi-functional purposes in Evolutionary style systems.

Natural State Processes include Creative Elements allowing Realization of Natural State Systems (most often just called the Natural State, or Nature). The best, more stable way to produce Natural State Systems is for the processes that lead to it's creation be of simple design, easy to deploy and implement.  A complex design using more parts quickly requires creation of an increasing array of support processes to Realize stable states.

In Knowledge, eventually one learns large, more complex states made up of things above elemental processes require more overhead, and at the core, such states have been shown to be less stable than the simplified ones, because of the greater allocation of resources required for Operations in complex state processes. When resources are not available for other critical processes, even basic general use, the reliant state becomes less stable.

Complexity does not always mean greater or better. Sometimes, especially when complex systems operate at odds with natural state processes, such a burden produces destructive tendencies. 

(end part one)

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