THE MIND: Advanced Virtual Machine

I always keep me computers on the wrong days and times showing on the task bar calender to exercise my mind, and to help remind myself never to take anything on face value till I know some truth about the reality of the situation.
It is easy to be deceived if what you see and hear is wrong or misleading and you are not thinking about sensory input to the mind. 

Frustrating? Sometimes yes, but there is a clock or two nearby of I really gotta know. I've noticed keeping up with the days, what day it is, I miss a few times more often now, but don't we all.

The Apple I got running that I set the clock to January 1984 tries to correct itself, I guess, but it never gets the right date on it's own even if I hook it to the internet. Crazy.

Especially for a computer, the kind we have built it's brains and abilities to be all about the math, therefore, actual "time" as in precise measurements.

Time however is not a variable perception to a computer, it is logical data with specific characteristics. If you're a machine, you have no emotive capabilities to understand perception of time anyways.

Simply making a machine "sense" things will not give it the emotional feelings we as humans associate with time.

For that, until further notice, one must be flesh and blood to begin with. 

Your mind though, is a virtual environment given Life and Realistic Capability, such as physiological processes, by it's associative, dependent, co-existence with your physical body. 

Soon though, advanced Virtual Machines capable of inheriting a prepared physicality from which it did not spawn, will change it all.

Join us on LAUGR: LIve @ the Underground, on Friday, March 3rd 2018 as we discuss Virtual Machines, and why the Human Mind is one of the greatest VM's ever conceived. And how, if we make it, humanity has opportunity to advance to include the Virtual Self as part of our species character. How that will happen and what we should do to make sure we get there tomorrow night, Live @ Underground Records.

12midnight till 2am @http://www.rockfest.org