You know how people will say about certain people that they're straight shooters, straight talkers ain't no bullshit?
You go look and see those people they're talking about are pretty much bullshit, but they DO gotta good show, or act runnin'.
Still, they don't impress you much.
So you turn and look away. Don't really say much. If anything at all.

The people who told you those were no bullshit people you kinda realize, because they've always presented themselves to you as serious, may not know their ass from a hole in the ground.
But you're still friends with them anyway.
Then one day, let's say years later and honestly this is one of those things you gotta be old to understand.....
Then one day you go look and almost everyone is talking straight shooter watching their show, into to it like they're a huge fan
You say same show but honestly it ain't ever been that good even when we were all young and things were new and exciting
You say it out loud. Then you say...
I always heard they were straight shooters but always thought
it was bullshit.
Then people act weird or get mad at you.
Ain't that a fucking bitch?