Mirror Of Haze - The End Is The Beginning

Honed in if a bit stoic in a few spaces. The thick swirls of guitars, bass and drums, whether by humans or machines transforms alright and there is plenty of feedback and reverb to go around. Song quality is above average, tight arrangements in a retro-goth vein. This release ended up on Wave Records out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a fitting home for this band as their label mates run the range of dark matter. Clocking in at 8 songs, a full album in length, fans of darkwave and early age euro wave will delight.

Standouts include Upside Down In The Air, showing strong melody which pushes the psychedelic guitar and lead break somewhat after building from dry electronic drum beats. Both vocal and guitar follow the same line, making it sound tight in both verse and chorus. Plus when the guitar breaks off at the end again the vocal push fits right into the continued melody line. Follow Up Prisoners Of The Maze brings a more dramatic approach, with the progression in the verse chorus allow for somber expressions. Again the guitar work flirts with excellence, allowed to envelope a simple straight bottom end, therefore carrying the song overall.

Big Swoops come again via In The Hyacinth Garden.  Again definitely psychedelic quarters, half and quarters meshing into a smooth transient sound. The effect is furthered by the steady droning hold of sparse vocals riding the waves of music. This is Mirror Of Haze.




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