Ghoulies - Reprogram

Thinking how they'd sound is pretty much how you get there.  No disappoints here for spastic controlled freak outs, slip leans and rumblin' means. Hinting often at a barely hanging on schizo mess, it all somehow seems to get pulled out and make it past the curves. On the straight away she'll kick in and run mean in the quarter half and full mile; just building up that head of steam for some twisting hair pin turns with the organ wound up blaring and the guitars biting. Not a song on here is even two minutes long. Adding to the apprehension, the suspense and relief as the powerchord punk anthems are rarely slowed by any side ditty. Longest tune of the bunch NPC has enough time at 1:46 to let loose and relax a bit, but not too much! Pumpin' cut time follows with E.T. Gnome with a very Jello style ending in No More Bands. Just enough here to make you want more!

7 Inch Vinyl



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