Review: Herzegovina - Emergency

Salt water taffy progressed southside via Latin American ingredients. Sweet hoxboxing hoverings (In Danger) place alterna vibage rolling over a start strike reggae lick plus drone. That scattering exists throughout, giving a unique groove to the home crew (Black Cat). Frantic smatterings ensue via flashback (Rubilitte) which only relays into another blackout session (Intoxicação). Ending not much like the poppy new wavish beginning (title cut), and that's good, shows depth of character.

Much and many times here I am taken into the place that would be vaguely familiar as college radio circa '81 (Road Of Joys, among others), which is cool, sometimes retro hits the spot. Even hear a bit of Jello in there (Fleeting Celebration). Makes me wanna pogo just a bit, before I settle down for my coffee.

Contact:  Via Dirty Water - https://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/dirty-water-records/pressreleases/brazilian-post-wave-trio-herzegovina-sound-2021-distress-signals-with-debut-lp-emergency-mandinga-records-3062419.pdf

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