Singles Reviews: Ward XVI, Shades of Gray, Witches Brew, Hung Daddy & Chums

Ward XVI - Shadows ft. Russ Custard
Haunting, powerful song. Nice power, not so overly dramatic to cause discombobulation.  Great tune, brings it home then slides right on out. 



Shades of Gray - SHOUT!
Driving big beat anthem.  Plenty of liquid jam behind the tales of selling souls and rocking out. 


Witches Brew - v1
Laid back blues based retro rock.  You can dance, sang, n trip all at once. That good stuff. Classic.

Hung Daddy & Chums - Outbreak
105 on I-75 runnin' wide open rave up double kick vibe on the south side. A tinge of crown, a double gush of juice, she's wild. Reminds of the time when it was nothing but a ride way past the red line. Like she outta be!



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