South Cobb Drive, Marietta Street, Industry

SOUTH COBB DRIVE will be a film about the cruising scene along South Cobb Drive from the 70's through the 80's running chronologically from the Sandy's days through the prime time of the Putt-Putt to Copperfields era (Steak N Shake, Burger King, Red Barron) and the slow disappearance of the cruising culture thereafter. 

I will do a script for a possible film production using actor recreations perhaps later on, and will begin doing interviews of those who lived through these eras for a recall documentary.

Get in touch if you have pics of those days, the cars, the locations, yourselves, and if you'd like to do an interview for the documentary or be a consultant on the film script.

Todd (404) 954-2708

Don't forget I am currently doing interviews for the following documentaries:

INDUSTRY - The Music Industry how it was up through the Napster era.

MARIETTA STREET - The Club scene along Marietta Street in Atlanta in the 80's and 90's.

Anyone who'd like to contribute to those, time is of the essence, hook up!

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