SnakeRattlers - All Heads Will Roll

SnakeRattlers - All Heads Will Roll

Out for a bit over 6 months at this point, latest from Snakerattlers is all wrapped up in sparse brick n batter with a side of garage blues integrity. Prefs for me personally would be the instrumentals, as few as they may be. While the vocals fit nicely on top. often how they fit in are rudimentary to the overall vibe of the program.

That said, Aither's Theme, Ooga Booga are top shelf.

Beyond, we have a mixed bag of goodies n' half measures. Similar to staggering while suffocating while reaching for the handle to the oxygen tank, results are typical for seismic breakaways, put to a skip beat and the occasional rave up. All taken in strike 1-2-3 fashion as go-go dancers descend upon the scene; before you realize it you'll join them, spastic responses above toe tapping and head nodding.

All in all, Snakerattlers aren't half bad.

Contact:  Dirty Water Records UK.

This review is part of and appears in the current edition, ISSUE 70, of The Underground Sound Webzine @ http://undergroundrecords.org/sound

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