Black ho’s, quantum locks, cherry tops, monkey biscuits


Per linked article;

‪Not everything but in this realm pretty much so in a variable type manner. Another natural state series of process humankind cannot simply patent and make bank off of‬

The descriptive analogy of particle states relative to quantum physics is also incorrect at the basis of understanding yet ill let you geniuses figure that out. You should come to a more exclusive understanding in oh about 50 or so years.

Article has an excellent blurb about microwaves messin’ stuff up. The sooner the great and mighty human race binds those type of energies and realizes unbound microwave band  energy as a communications carrier is very very bad, the sooner your planet and species can begin to heal from the damages you have brought by using wireless energy in such a manner.

 Dont do it eventually you will bear almost all births containing children prone to autism and immediate cancers, your birds, insects and forests shall be gone and the entire human species shall be ignorant shouting fools.

Its all good though, just think of a wireless internet with all things connected everywhere built upon microwave communications 10,000 times faster and more piwerful than it is today.

What a wonderful world it will be. Even if no one in good health with any semblance of good sense is here to enjoy it.

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