Voices, I hear voices

“Voices, I hear voices....” - Russ Ballard

Viruzs Salao if you are hearing voices in your head much more likely mental illness is involved. I usually don’t say that in these groups because many take affront to it and so often my comments do not lean to allowing those people relief, because they have decided for themselves regardless of what others say they themselves are absolutely correct in determining its being done remotely through AI or similar techniques. I say what I am saying now because online most if not all of these groups are awash in disinformation agents, operatives of the actual groups which do the evil. I am not saying this to say anyone is an agent, crazy or wrong, yet we are in fact dealing with such unfortunate circumstances. To begin with, humankind us indeed developing such terrible technologies. Truth is even the most advanced technological means they current posses are rudimentary and not very effective, a conservative estimate is about three decades, give or take a few years, before any authority or power has the ability to use neural type networks to get into your head at will, control your thinking and make you hear voices, your mind speaking or theirs. The underground actively monitors their technologies and records actual uses of it on the populations at large. They DO run extensive programs to test and advance their mind control technologies, usually in controlled laboratories or using very small control groups for such experiments, their ability to use these technologies doesn’t extend far past that, but of course some may be used for such experiments, indeed it is required to test the effectiveness to do so on unwilling participants, yet in all honesty if you have say 100 people claiming to hear voices brought on by the use of these type technologies, realistically those for whom it is a truth, statistically the real numbers out of those 100 are 3-5 people.  Of course i will catch hell for this so i will not return to banter the flames sure to arise. I am merely stating facts like it or not, they are a long ways with their current or even developing technologies in being capable of entering minds at large. Their current deployments require very close proximity and cannot be done using public electromagnetic networks, implants affected remotely nor satellites. So if you are hearing voices in your head, instead of “perps” its far more likely a product of your own mind acting alone relative to a delusional paranoid disorder. Not all who claim such are paranoid nor delusional, but most at this point are.

In response to: Facebook group Targeted Individuals:

They like to park their van outside my house and point their radio at my room.... i can feel them trying to brain to brain to get me to confess”

“they were just trying to paranoid you, just ignore them watch them and smile at them.. it is only a super computer telling them what to do they dont really like doing what their doing.. we are all connected to a large super computer data base run by a artificial intelligence who reads all our mind member and non member of it..”

“Vale Ma the super computer is a normal Pc laptop.

The problem is the way they use the software and the eletromagnetic spectrum and radiowaves microwaved powered.”

“yes the member of it doesnt really know what their doing the artificial intelligence is the one telling them by voices in their head.. hearing voices is real when the artificial intelligence is talking to the member of it the voices is loud and clear.. and in the target individual it is the opposites the artificial intelligence try to make the target crazy but the truth is the voices coming from a tower signal through super computer”

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