If you haven't already read this (buncha of ya have), read it if you don't read anything else today.  Or re-read it.
There are many confused that down the rabbit hole lay unproven wacko conspiracies of all sorts.  Yes they do....
Down the SNAKE HOLE though, everything is real, too god damned real.  Most of you, even those who revel in WTF is really going on, won't and don't like it.  Even if you kid yourself and believe you're in control....HA!
The Miners Of Industry.
For many years I have watched live, archived and documented the use of pervasive software through the internet to audit, capture, and manipulate data on a computer and through it's networked devices.  This type of "auditing" metadata software is common and ubiquitous.  It has legitimate purposes, yet can also be the hackers tool set of choice of all KINF+DS of malicious behavior and mayhem.
Now with that sinking in, I will remind folks what Johnny Rotten himself said "We put an awful lot of Sex Pistols footage in and had problems getting rights from people who should have been favorable to it. It’s odd that my life is being manipulated by other people. It’s frustrating." (https://www.salon.com/2018/09/15/john-lydon-wants-you-to-know-the-truth-people-do-not-know-what-i-had-to-endure/)
He is talking about those jealous of their control over things, "assets" as they are commonly known, and the large number of bottom feeders of the industry who profit in the massive weakness and unfairness in all kinds of law, or really, the lack of law overseeing use of not only any kinds of software, but anything you have on a "device".
The dark madness inherit here will only get worse with CALE.  Yet, it's not just gonna be the oppressive hand of the man and his minions.  No, it will be the undoing of legitimate law enforcement with integrity.  We are past that point, well past it.
Here is why, or at least some of it......

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