Interesting article, says a lot about some of you......

I found this article extremely interesting. I have this hack on at least two of the 12 devices I am doing forensics on. The Russians didn't put it there. I also have hacked PC Doctor software on at least one machine, which neither the Russians nor myself installed. 

Yet it is the Elite Russian Hackers who have and are using it.  I almost laughed...almost.

While everyone is all into this political rah rah going on today about stupid shit people did while drunk in high school, I asked myself, how many of these people know WTF is really going on?

That stuff like this, using this exact hack I believe, is done and the people who do it (your heroes) are not prosecuted, says more about your political system and government than that nonsense broadcast today so you will line up and cheer your side.

Think Kavanaugh would vote to allow recourse on things like this type of state supported, funded and implemented illegal breaking and entering, libel/slander including numerous types of conspiracy over decades (long ass time folks...that not only has it been allowed to continue but keeps on ramping up basically says your justice and law enforcement systems are shams) hacking done under guise?

No, he has stated numerous times in the past he is all for full government surveillance, done in complete secrecy, if need be to "preserve democracy".

"If you have nothing to hide, having us make sure of that in the affirmative should not bother you at all." Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

I've heard this tyrannical logic repeated from at least half a dozen people arguing with me today via IM, or making a similar asinine statement, which I generally do not respond to because anyone who will knowingly let strangers into their personal private world for a looksee done in secrecy without any due process or means to address such intrusions are supporting a type of perversion which is an extreme sickness.

It also means these people and the supporting systems doing these types of activities are very, very paranoid. Paranoia is a sign of mental state instability and left untreated bad things can and do happen. Paranoid people doing perverted things to others in secret (or so they hoped) are sick motherfuckers indeed.

I am not interested in perversion in disguise. That perhaps you as a citizen are ok with it makes no difference. It will not sustain your nation.

Because eventually, such loss of privacy as public policy destroys every country it ever takes hold in. History shows this as true again and again. The US will be no different, might just take a while longer before all hell breaks loose because of the ignorance and apathy of our citizenry.

I guarantee you, when the Beast is in your home, and you realize this (it's a superbly crafty monster, so many will not catch on until it's way too late), if you give a damn about yourself and your country, that head will come out of that ass.

If not, then you are no better than those doing such evil deeds. If that is the case, let me come install some cameras and mics in your house, in your car, hack all your shit secretly....I'm just making sure you're not up to something you shouldn't be. Really, it's all good.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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