WolfPack@ Idol

Perpetrator Wolfpack Shadow Watchers in the new Sound @


July23rd, 2018

It's been determined while I was @ Billy Idol my place was broken N2 meaning I had computer less than three weeks B4 they broke N& installed their goodies. Spike got sick on 5/15, meaning they either came back 2do more or 2grab what they already placed #rockfest #PoliceState - When I was at a Memorial Day party network activity shows my location active (but me not home) & AT&T WILL & DOES have those logs, as does devices here used during that time. I've got pics of the wolfpack @ idol, and of some involved there, here and at nearby locales, stalking and harassing and plotting evil deeds, and executing them at will...... Be interesting to see how they achieved warrants, if they did not, the Patriot Act WILL NOT save them, or any screwed up "investigation" about some either imaginary or mob/G controlled "assets"....if their warrants were under guise.....lawyers need to man up and quit being scared pussies...YOUR LAW is SHIT if stuff like this can just "happen" and the gathered evidence not be taken into considerations. If not in a court, I will just publish the info to all the public. So tired of this fucked up abusive bullshit. More than a few need their asses in prison for a long ass time.....

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