LIONSGATE is a USB device containing archived program binaries primarily for Linux .  It was attempted to be made unreadable and it's contents obfuscated.  When it was mounted part of the fuck todd squad hacking crew would try and use it, as they did OVER 50 OS on USB sticks I was reviewing and testing, according to ongoing forensics.....they left this behind on LIONSGATE, see referencing visitation logs (AS:MASTER:MIND*984nb_&http://feedjit.com/).....put 2 and 2 together.....think.


IP's coming in to machine - tracerty

cr2.n54ny.ip.att.net     us     113.203 ms     112.291 ms     113.194 ms
11     cr2.wswdc.ip.att.net     us     118.331 ms     112.524 ms     115.680 ms
12     cr1.attga.ip.att.net     us     110.922 ms     110.919 ms     110.882 ms

this "log" was inside a file archive repository, which had been corrupted and made not to work any longer via usb connections. As you can see, the computer kept the info, embedded on the disc.  Again, this is the type of "illegal" unwarranted surveillance being done on EVERY ONE OF YOU.....via these semi-primitive computers.  Heed The Word.

via Tracert_January2018log


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