So who do you sue?

So if you catch INfragardners hacking shit who do U sue, the FBI? A gentile told me you must sue the government, a hebrew fella told me sue Infraposuers cause supposedly it's a registered non-profit. Guess a buncha people who've had their shit fucked up and been slandered across the land are gonna find out soon....

Which ever, I told GF her bunch are fucking with the elite and THEIR court (that of the man claimeth the peoples & lands) won't do a damned thing but support the plaintiff's internment or death, in response to them trying to extract justice from some "organization" doing things it damned well never should have been doing, yet a social pogrom as national security program under the guide of part her nation's homeland security juggernaut would take storming the halls of congress to get rid of if it just happened to have some members do bad things to civilians.

Existing under guise anyways, creating a massive subversive clandestine elite subculture of informants & snitches besides what "good" it might do otherwise; but that is irrelevant in an established police state as wolf in sheep's clothing which makes it's own laws as needed and it's own court cannot merely strike them down....

Told her do like I do just take names and address, you'll figure out whoo0de0whoo cause the high and mighty will always show that ass (Codename Camaro holdin' 'ees cellphone up the wires in mockery...seeya soon big fella), and then go visitin' on judgment day when bein' a big baller with massively awesome cannot be denied full bore fire power won't mean a damned thing....Smilin' like a MFer as I come calling sayin' "howya doin' big timer, remember pathetic little 'ol me? Judgment day playa, party's over..."

Who still believes that some court of the same system which did those things to them will serve them justice somehow. I laugh....Really?

Her and the others with her (millennials & others whom I told ya'll ignorant as hell and pokin' a monsta) still somehow believe in whatever they are referring to as "the system", which from my personal many decades long experience is all about its self-righteous self and you respecting and obeying it. 

Only merely putting up with you if you report, pay, and obey correctly, and even then if thou speakest in opposition or show thy disfavor of instilled policy, it shall move against thee all the same using it's wide varied arsenal of all kinda weaponry as it so pleases The Beast......

Happens to me, happens increasingly to a lot of folks who dare even ATTEMPT speak truth to power or refuse to heil in authorized fashion at the pageantry parades.

Though I must say I had to tell these youngsters I truly do admire their spunk and energy to at least try to do what they think is the right thing. We'll see how the tenacity holds once the real deal begins and not just the stooges but the dark angel of the deep itself comes to play......

To kick against it's dissenters In-fraudulent is but one means that has been organized by Demigods to be used to beat that ass down should you seem an annoyance or God-forbid an actual perception of any kind of threat.

Numerous gangs or lone wolf howlers as this on the store-er-homefront. Most will even as the press releases say to act as eyes and ears for it's masters to procure early proto-gossip, hearsay and innuendo, maybe even factual evidence against the unworthy heathen who commits or thinks of committing heresy.

Heatin' up the grill and bringing the meat for some red hot fusions. 

That this type of obliging citizen snitch helps keep us safe has not been proven, beyond a very few instances.  It is obvious though this over-jealous use of community hot lines to the man w/ special incentives, goodies n toolsets, and members only re-galas is helping to destroy the United States .  

Creating an elite communist style black hand of hidden tyranny and silent abuse, much like, in some very big ways, exactly like the citizen armies of the infamous Stasi.

It was a bad thing.  Good for a repressive, oppressive, be ruled by or die by kinda G.  Sanctioned paranoid driven nationalist  rattin'  machine by the state, some called it. A terror machine in the shadows of everyone's neighborhood.  

Proven, real and everyone knew it after so long just damn sure don't get them bad boys on ya by talkin 'bout 'em like whats really goin on!  As history shows us in such a hell, in hindsight, WTF went down.

Lot like what we got cookin' back at the house in 2018,  & dem ain't no good eatin'. '

But these cats girl & other folks done caught hackin', ruining their lives and careers, puttin the man on 'em and keepin' an eye on them for him and all the other stuff they told me folks who "they think" are members of seven different chapters of the MC, er, organization in five different states, are but one of the players runnin' wild in the terrorist filled streets of the US today. 

Causing way more serious god damned problems to freedom, life and liberty than they are preventing.

An extension, IN REAL LIFE BY GOD, mirror of the tin foil hatter fantasy called GANGSTALKING that crazy paranoid folk come up with and cain't prove worth a shit n giggle. Of course all that TI shitola that is make believe bullshit and these folks paperworks and website sexz dey goin' all good........right?

I call 'em all, in honor of one of the modern day giants in the trade:  USSTASI

Mostly what I observe and can confirm it and others like it (more of these kinds of organizations than most know esp. corporate tools all up in the MIC, spending your cash, all of them, to play gestapo in some perverted social out reach program) doing, that can be verified by collected evidence, is gang stalk, harass, and hack on a massive scale those who do not praise it's value as an arm of Massa, or will not kiss Massa ass after it has applied torque to let 'cha know best do as told, shut up, and be thankful we have not done worse to your insolent ass.

Might even, as this kinda "system" tends to do, actually stop really bad things from happening, or at least prepare contingencies for when they do. Hmmm, still looks like the stasi as is to me, for it had the same or very similar charter, and history shows WTF was really goin' on. We are not at such a point in history here in the States to look back and go WTF, yet, though many feel, and I know, such a time is rapidly approaching.

(insert short ranter)  

I have seen great and small alike, throughout time who think otherwise; that in some strange twist of fiction one can use the system in place against the maintainers & enforcers of that same very system.

Such mistaken poor sods who have obviously not experienced it's treachery first hand or are still ridin' the roller coasters n having at good time @ Delusional Park drinkin' the watered down over priced cool-aide singin' patriotic songs, cheering as the great leader(s) appear, seem 'em time and time again get annihilated.

(end short ranter)

But far as I know no state nor federal laws exist unless you got the gift of fort knox and years of life, and probably your actual life, to spare, for reprimand of a quasi-state organization under open or classified directives of a task master funded and ultimately determined as to charter by the people, IF those people would ever get off their apathetic asses and stop the country from completely going under, if it is not already too late...

My friend she's like most peeps in the USA, too scared to utter a peep either in public or private, fearing the worst and thinking it's not gonna help any way except it will get the wrong people angry at you. So be quiet & non-confrontational life's too short for conflict against greater forces, pick your battles wisely.

We've all seen what happened to folks who tell tyrants setting up or runnin' police states in places like Germany, USSR, China, Cambodia, Chile and other places of hell to take their citizen spyin' brigades shove it up their asses and get offa my cloud you fascist communist nazi bastards!.  They pay with their lives.

Believe me, folks here in 'Mercia don't want that to happen to them, so they keep their mouths shut, or practice free speech very cautiously, opinions to themselves and cheer the teams. Hell man this is America man we's free! So what if there's so close a similarity to the ranks of the citizen intel knights of those places and what we got goin' on in 2018 on the streets of maw & apple pie?  

Sheeple will bellow - "Ain't no secret police state with folks watchin folks, paranoid and shot out is gonna set up shop in the Land Of The Free BY GOD!"

This believe this 100%.  Even as it happens right before their eyes, like so many times in modern history. Just like is has over and over in Countries as they become verified Paranoid States of oppression. Oppress all who are not right, who may not be "on the right side".

She's like most ALSO believing what they are told via the G PR & credible (i.e. on their side) media, and that anything not official and in the papers has to be bullshit. 

Also more than less like her so are most others taking part in their hooray-for-my-side games thinking all is good and if need be voters can change things. Be nice and they will respect you. 

They are here to help protect you, or protect us all against the approved bad guys (i.e. the bad guys not on your side). Thinking in their hearts what is being done is for the security of the people and nation. 'Cause that has been proven and that is their stated creed...

Can't people like my smart ass not see and understand that....heard that from her and folks like her since at least the late 70's.

She's like the ultra-forgiving if bad things happen must be because you weren't doing right. These folks just doing their job.  After while, you just shake your head.

After a while though, as seems to happen when time reveals limitations of the tunnel vision happy land of the muse.  Strange shit happens more frequently and some peeps in the lands begin to feel like they are living in some weird, parallel reality of double speak values hidden in plain site.  

Some kinda unplanned serious crap happens, maybe often and to some of their fellow peeps or other trusted members of the world wide areas they blabber w/ on line have the same kinda shit going on in their locality, and the ignorant begin, slowly, to wake the fuck up.

IN her case I guess, according to what she told me, her phones, computer, at work computer, all the computers of everyone in her immediate family and a few other's phones have been hacked, some ruined.

Plus I take it she, after years of telling me and others such things probably were not really happening or the media would be all over it, would I please consider seeing a good doctor (sound familiar?), have realized without choice their neighbors, co-workers, and maybe even family, some of who are members of this exact or similar organization are stalking and harassing the shit out of 'em (heard about that going on, almost like an epidemic?)..... 

You increasingly will if your head is not up your ass) poppin many if not most items on the Hangstalking 101 play book after researching the symptoms online.

At credible sources of course, which for some reason are incredibly hard to find on these subjects, except for conspiracy theorists blathering on, mental and obviously way out in left field somewhere...

Like she said I was, for years.

So yes, NOW they believe "something" of it, now that it's them and not some crazy loon jabbering a paranoid yada-yada about tin-foil hatter nonsense. NOW, it is real. Has to be, it's happening to me and some of my friends, and I at least am not crazy....they tell themselves in their minds, careful not to say anything, start to be very aware of surroundings, people, and things happening...

Still not saying I'm not crazy and off me rocker, but hell no she can't deny it all together any more, still not sure though. Must be in error, it's just too hard to believe, can't be true......can't be.

She, like me startin' circa 20 or so ago, saw software and network traffic signatures pointing to people doing illegal things with software whose code includes pointers to you know who....

I will say this, more recent analysis of the tools and techniques the boys r lettin' fly from the teachin' side, any of the trainers that might get slipped out, you know, software, other goodies, have been stripped of property of stuff. Earlies days they fucked up a good bit.

Guess they got into linux & Dr. Robot.

So girl runnin' forensics on machines infected with malware or corrupted by hackers from the outside says these folks usin' the same software, maybe some hardware where the purchase can be tracked back, using same or connected networks....magically puttin 2 & 2 together.

Now she say they are not gonna do stupid stuff like call them out online, or let them know they know by maybe retuning the favor or acting in a certain way only a fool cannot see.  Let the "legal system" handle it.

No, not going to be talking against their fellow country men, who surely are mistaken, nor do any media interviews or articles. That would really make them mad. 

What is being done though they are sure is absolutely illegal though they cannot figure out why the good guys are backing this bunch though, so they're gonna get the mightier law above the mighty law involved deeply with those doing it, and we're gonna demand it to stop...

She said that's what the courts and legal system are for. I said you're gonna find out, and you ain't gonna like it....

Yet I told her if they are unsuccessful I will consider bringing the case before the World Council and ask for agreement to petition the Court Of Order.....but she said they had PLENTY, more than enough from each involved and that would not be necessary. A court with real powers surely can do the right thing...

Good luck, and I wish them the best I told her. Believe gal is a bit naive like most fellow brethren here in the states about the reality of the situation. The situation being what you get by trying to beat them at their own game is buckshot to the dome or at least the gift (pun intended) of an extended stay @ a Three Hots-and-a-Cot Inn.

A bit sarcastic and over the top, but usually you have all your shit taken from you by whatever means necessary because you were a bad, BAD citizen and dared questioned the means and motives of the almighty great ones, the legendary fighters for freedom and justice, enforcers of the just and righteous law, like their books and posters say. Like in the movies.

Still, I don't know what the Tennessee 10 got in their goodies basket but the almost 10 years (& runnin') of bad business I kept from tore up machines, corrupted files, honey potts & documented trails of reverse insurrection.......

Infofraud - AKA USstasi

& damn do they ever having a complete fuckin' mess already well receipted & cookin' up one helluva storm like a sonbitch..can't believe who ever is responsible has given any of those non-G employee people hardware, software, and training & think legal responsibility disappears when in ruse the horn of national security is blown over the PA system.....

Training them how to break into networks machines and devices alone is a major lawsuit coming any day....

No to mention slander on such a scale it is hard to imagine. Yet is happening and ruining reputations of people and making their neighbors and co-workers leery if not hateful of them.

Can't say I hate it for 'em.....that it has not happened massively yet points to the fear of the sheeple towards the hands of the massa and the failure of constitution, common and proper law, and a supposedly independent "judicial court system" which is so bad a joke it is not at all funny.

The "secret" courts invoked on the backline underpinning this type of tyranny and used as needed, no need for you to know, are despicable as well. Yup, they may have a place, but not at my table. Nor in any halls of justice, except for the self-righteous, shady kind.

This stuff is at least as bad or more than likely far worse, than the stuff the NSA has been pulling for years, except they are official G, officially they hack, watch, listen....it is to be expected even at home (though that was and still is denied, but.....)

These civilians are like a hitler-youth volksguard kinda screwey lewey most people have not a clue about....I have been paying attention to what they do, for a long time.

Good to see some else, looks like many someones, has decided to try to do something about this growing mess...

Told GF I wouldn't say ANYTHING even hint at till her counselors were ready with complaint. Seems to be the case, so just yesterday the Maddog began to howl, though I haven't any idea when it'll be filed, but it doesn't matter 'cause some beena @ the party a while waitin' for a ride home, so they had to call mom and dad to get outta there before it's too late.

Daddy's home.

Maybe I need to get my stuff together so myself and others, probably many who don't even who WTF is going on, yet, can seek justice on our own and in concert with others who have been fucked up by the stasoi.

Would you like to join in?

If you're not scared and tired of the police state's clandestine destructive gangstalking bullshit many of you have yet to see 'cause you ain't lookin' or listening or you might actually like it....

If you want life, liberty and the pursuit of justice be implemented by and for the people instead of under guise by the state machine....

Sounds like a damned good idea....

Meanwhile, till then, as I tell everyone, as a citizen apply to be a member of the Ustasi & become the ears and eyes within.... for the causes of freedom against a secret police state which has an open conspiracy and continues to practice thinly veiled tyranny & treason against truly Free Individuals. Their actions illegal in many ways against their own laws.

Which seemingly such transgression & sedition must be fine, as long as it's hooray for theirs and not the other's side, theirs for the greater good, which of course has to be on their own chosen side.

At least in their own minds.