April 6th LAUGR - USstasi & You


Journalists And 'Media Influencers'

USstasi...another 100% real head up for the Sheeple.....the local vetted corps help compile and keep an eye on you writers n influencer types.
Real programs, real world, real you. But hell I don't care, they must be bored as hell.....hell yeah, u 2? Naive and Ignorant is no way to go through life son...do you even KNOW WTF IS REALLY GOING ON???

You a journalist or "media influencer?" or some other BY Word THAT gets you listed for the community watch USSTASI? Or you might be like girl one day down tha road, poppin' caps at the office....

or maybe a music reviewer blogger, rock n roll, outspoken fan of the American, ain't done shit but now, NOW BY GOD, you are on a list. Local folk keepin' an eye on that ass for national sec, uh huh uh huh.....

Got programs for you, who de who.....ain't no paranoia, it's real deal, gonna watch you MFER.....if you cannot see you are blind.

It's call tyranny, communist, fascism....huge databases of everyone, special feeds for the elite few, special login portals to share info (join Infradners!)....on yer citizen peon ass you not actin' right......your fellow countrymen do it in honor of the state security apparatus........USSTASI

This article is how she gets goin' but she been goin' for years where some ya'll been?

LALA fuckin' land a bunch of ya, cause I know bunch of ya......I'd rather not see America die because of ignorance and apathy, that's why I get the close looksee in perpetuity.....'cause I am a threat...

Because I live free or die and do not beleive bullshit and fairy tales....so those enforcing those bullshit fairy tales got pogroms for folks like me, you, and these journalists, or whatever the fuck influencers....


Maybe a member of yer local stasi corps, perhaps the Terrorism_Liaison_Officer or an active safe neighborhoods or cyber-incentives hacker of Infragard?

Happening in your little world today, maybe next door, or down the street, online fer sho fo sho....but it's all cool cause you good eh....

Don't be a fool. That is not cool;. THAT IS NOT FREEDOM!

Tonight, we discuss, live @ The Underground 11 till 1pm.....come join what's left of a free "America".....while you still can.

USSTASI - American Death from Within.

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