Sad Excuse for Justice. But the best is yet to come.....


GBI Agents gets no prison time or extended retribution for the type crimes the rest do who get everything they have taken away from them, their lives destroyed even if they're not guilty, go to prison for years and pay out the ass for even more years, when "justice" is applied to them. the little citizens.  No.  These "special agents" get probation and are allowed to pay back no more than what they stole.  Fuckin' special indeed!

Seeliger - "Putnam’s two-plus decades of “honorable service”in law enforcement offset the harm of charging the GBI more than $60,000 for items including a leather sofa, furniture to go beside her pool, clothes and gifts for her then-boyfriend and now-husband (a former Sandy Springs Police captain)."

Bull damned shit.

This is a perfect example of different justice for the elite compared to most of the rest of us. Time to look deeper in the GBI and especially take a look @ this  Judge Clarence Seeliger character.  At the very least least he needs to be removed from the bench.

Amazing really. U do a 10th of what this woman did & your ass is gone 4 years. Her sentence is complete bullshit. More real stuff 2 come even worse than this. Lots of her buddies still runnin' wide open fuckin' people's lives up for far, far less than what Putnam did for years on end. Knowing IF they get caught, like good 'ol Sandra they'll do very little IF ANY time. She is doing NONE and is free to try and live her life w/ just some probation. Seriously fucked up. RICO + other serious charges and she does no prison time? BULLSHIT!
You try that horseshit. She deserves a HARSH sentence for her crimes. ESPECIALLY since she investigated and put people behind bars for the same damned shit she pulled. Every case she had pending needs a reset or be dropped. 

And she also gets to keep per state pension?? WTF???