Geek Squad Snitchin'


Sad. Yet this is a very, very small tip of a massive overwhelming iceberg. This is gangstalking to a TEE if only to show one tiny part of their secret spying machine apparatus. If ur heroes N legislative government won't step up & demand not only reform but criminal indictments, get rid of them all, vote them out or demand N public they go. This is NO better than Gestapo, Stasi or KGB. N fact far worse. Lying under guise to hide the truth is bad business and destroys lives & integrity.. You'd be a damned fool to believe anything these people would tell you.

All this is done to try and stop what, child porn? Service provider logs and simple observance can get those guilty easy enough. Knowing how simple it is to put anything on anyone's computers, I'd have to see the perp going to and knowingly downloading/uploading the shit before I'd say yup, sicko here. Files on computers w/o network records or media insertion logs for proof means anyone can put that stuff there. Anyone, for any reason. That includes the government or their contractors.

Betcha not a damned thing lasting is done about this nonsense. Too many too in love with the myth and legend. Cognitive dissonance does not allow sparkly unicorn delusions to be crushed or destroyed, but excuses made and raises given. This is worse than Sandra Putnam and the GBI's horseshit merry go round that's been running wide open for a long time. Someone needs to put the brakes on this madness, cause it will destroy your country. Probably already has. https://www.comicsands.com/fbi-geek-squad-spy-americans-2544272388.html