"Folks is catchin' on!" Some WERE radicals though.......

For those on the wrong side who's hearts and minds were not right with the lord, their madness and darkness had just begun.  A few still could not recognize the hell that was upon them. Until it was too late. Some who had reveled in the darkness could not believe it had reversed itself instead came for them.  For those too it was too late.

For the entire world it was too late. - narration episode 8


"Lotsa cool names - presence, howler, wi-hi, v3K5G.......check out the hum site (thehum(dot)info) for info on how THE EYE (everyone, you, everywhere) app uses resonance folks is feelin' in their places now thick as electrobutter like swimming in a sea of attenuation....now fully deployed and implemented gives NO ONE any choice but be in this blast or madness! THE EYE weapon of pure hell. Folks is catchin on!"

Maddog on social media 2018 (Episode?  do white boards)


"5G is the ticket right now. You'll have us in the living room, bed room, bath room, everywhere. 24/7 no need for a flyby." - via quantum subs, 2018. UNderground says hello! 


"uh, most NOT satellite based....... aliens? Global attacks maybe, seen it done. Local homeboy can cobble celldar use good 'ol cell sigs no NASA needed. No chips of course electro freqk is YOU no doubt.....resonance? Yeah BOYTEE!@ Look up deadhead signals good way locals can use gps/stingray/radars to roast ya, call it the cook.  First weapons I saw was outta body one night like we can do seen 'em usin' PRESENCE from 'ol white van parked outside.  Folks didn't know I was there......"


 From Reign Of Darkeness (2015)(c) 2018 WTW portions from Brainscan (c) 2003 & Webmaster (c) 1996 undergroundrecords.org/motion.html


"NO LAWS ANYWHERE!@!" - No fuckin' doubt
Actually The World Council has law about just this and way beyond other stuff devil been doin' - rockfest.altervista.org/council

"She was made a sex slave.....former FBI official.....protected b y Government"  Now we talkin' Maddog's world! SEX SLAVE!!  I wrote that tune YEARS ago! twlist.htm?

"These people have clearances"......not all us some they stole the shit from. www.angelfire.com/ca/wtw/book1.html
KILL YOUR STUPID ASSSED SELVES NOW! Satan have ya sooner or later anyhows.....you have ruined our once beautiful country, the whole friggin' world as well.

Conspiracy?  Heard all that stuff was a lie......madeup, bullshit?

Stalkers?  Police handlin'?  Ha they's tha policy didn't you say that's who it was?  Jesus Christ....damned crazy folk!

Let me git me tin foil hat!

Documentary does sound cool as hell, films & stuff to...Surely the jews will get on board this shit is entertainment cutting edge!!!!


"To fuck is not the way!!!" - Diorama, Girls https://youtu.be/nD8uWqBM3P8