Lords Of Zion, their wormers, hacking, the law, and complete tyrannical bullshit

Someone over in another pal😉ce said:

iTunes analytics? I never thought I'd see the day...

To which I answered:

"When working hand n hand with those who want to look perhaps collect something owed, either legitimately, bullshit someone is badly mistaken, or made up in their minds; much as it is good for you it is a boon to them. Probably this is just an adjustment for you since a long time itunes has been sending not only your podcast detail stuff it does but meta and perhaps detailed info on all the media on your drives to copyright detectives. It hasn't always been restrictions were auto some folks might mess up play something or have something without permission of the owner. Not like ALL US companies are responsible per your laws to stop bad guys (esp. terrorists which related enacted statutes alot of this more recent big ballin' has spring from), and I seen most if not all US produced media playing, recording or live broadcasting related software doing this or similar;  but often these wonderful advances in tech offers are wolves in sheep's clothing. 

Not always, but more often than you know, and I have been podcasting since way before the day it was given a newfangled name. Messin' with the 'ol internet too...

We have reams and reams and reams of backup to this mouth running and have sent it to the Highest Court there is. Because of the classified nature of reality in some folk's minds and the fact you have incredibly shifty folks, some of the same or heavily involved with some of the others, who can work the legal systems as well as their guns, you'll need to be able to read between the lines in Underground zines N papers, maybe on a few of the real podcasts left that's not yitter yadder conspiracy chatter, to know WTF is really going on.  Though it is not hard unless one is at a loss of mental facilities or is just plain dumb and stupid to start with....."