Dog & Pony Show Extended! More seats released!

Review: I hear these new ones pretty good seats.  I went & sat in couple shows one early and right before the run was extended and the promoters released these seats,  and yes I will say it is amazing.  Didn't have all the pyro I figured it'd have but I'd heard they had trouble with the permits. Still got lots of special effects and action so for guns that was poppin' if they didn't have the permits & paperwork that's a helluva chance!  Professional production pretty much though so with all that on the line, careers reputations not to mention I know insurance for these things is a bitch! I'd say things probably were done right no need to take the chance.  Not to say this crew don't take chances hell I'd say more like fearless esp. what I seen @ The Dog & Pony Show.  Assembled crew some of them quite a reputation, the infamous and famous as well!

Far as the overall show I want to say impressive but where we was at you could see hear and feel but it's kinda a new place ain't really got all the lights in and sound system right.  So time or two it was hard to tell what was goin on but I got some laser bell binoculars @ Cabelas and they did pretty good but the batteries dies out quickly and those deals you gotta use a rechargeable battery no off the store shelf stuff you gotta remember to plug 'er in and half the time mine was lost in the bachelor pad from hell so the battery was dead.

So closer you get the better show of course  but hell these are practically free and I hear they gotta shuttle come gets you if you're near the venue.  Seems they got the subs wired right they was kickin' like boom boom you'd be feelin it and the highs was crystal clear almost too much but like I said hear the show had been extended so I figure as she rolls on they'll get it all perfect.  Time and practice, with an eye on the goal.  And of course with today's technology  you can achieve anything even stuff you make up  outta thin air and work to make it real, cause I seen it done.  Lots of cool stuff but my new favs new this year were the air boats, race cars and stunt pilots. Little added dimension maybe mostly for the kids but ain't we all kids @ heart? I still love a good plane ride but I took one little disapointed kinda went round and round but you can see the town pretty good.  What I thought was cool with the binoculars from almost the entire ride I could my house outside of town so these planes @ the show don't go too high but you see pretty good and w/ open window you hear the hustle and bustle down below pretty dang crystal clear!

Theres art more than craft and  yet still the show is pretty crafty almost sublime @ times then they'd set off the cannons horses start running hounds barking & baying and it's get kinda exciting if you've never seen this type of show.  I'm kinda jaded been to many over the years and some better than others this one has some great effects like I said but really the animal actors are the stars.Those Arabian Stallions are magnificent worth admission alone but the dogs are my overall favorite.  How they get them to do all that they must train 'em while they're young.  Like I said seats is really cheap and might be kinda hard to see but even w/o specs you can hear the music and feel the beat.  Great Family fun too!  Enjoy!


I just don't understand folks these days. Muzz said she had some errands she needed to run today & I did too so I told her she could just ride with me and we'd take care of hers while we were out.
We rode down to the headquarters of the Dog & Pony Show. I wanted to get some pictures for the yearbook & maybe a presskit for the local newspaper. Took 'em a Chocolate Cake I had baked last night cause I'd heard they liked goodies. Parked out in the gravel a bit cause the paved lot was full of beautiful cars, Top end Mercedes, big 'ol customized pick-up trucks, Porsches, Vettes and a lot of of them Dodge Magnums & Hemis with the big engines & blacked out winnders n rims. The one big RV thingy looked kinda out of place but I figured it was part of the show it said "K-9 unit keep back" on tha side. I love to see the pooches jumpin' through hoops and runnin' up ramps! You could just tell there was big money high steppers workin' in tha show with a lot full like this. Pay must be incredible!
Well dang when I got to the entrance to the inside fence if the two cats @ the gate didn't act all agitated when they seen me coming and wouldn't let me in. No use in arguin' I understand Celebrity Superstars often @ the palace & security don't know a crazed but harmless admirer from a psycho killer from 'ol Maddog on an old school goodwill visit bearing homemade sweets, so I said whatever.
I tried to hand them invitations for The Stag Party hoping they'd pass it along to the ringmaster & stage crew said we were gonna have beer, wine & dancin' girls. Shoot man they bowed up and acted like they wanted to fight! The big one with the bandoleer snarled n growled "we don't need no pass or invitation, we show up at your party if we want to you like it or not!"
I just whistled and shook my head once. Thought to myself damned these folks are way beyond shot out. Show business must be hella stressful if even the sentries are this uptight. I said "I understand. I made your guys this cake...."
"Take your god-damned cake and shove it up your ass!" Big man yelled. I figured boys were for whatever reason was on edge, with their fists clinched tight and although I couldn't see their eyes for the mirrored glasses, the sweat dripping down both their foreheads told me perhaps now just wasn't a good time.
As I was walkin' away I heard the stocky short fella with the yeller hair say "what a fuckin' smart ass."
Got back to the car Muzz said "what happened they wouldn't let you in?"
"You wouldn't believe it mom," I said. "I do believe them dudes were on the edge of becoming aggressive & hostile."
"Why'd they act like that?" Muzz asked in that singsong way she's known for?"
"Hell if I know." I stated. "I show up nice wanting to say a friendly hello and shoot they acted like I was at the wrong place and there was something serious like a war going on."
"Some people just act like they've got their asses on their shoulders all the time." Muzz said. "Your father used to act like that sometimes when he'd get all ill and cranky. You just have to ignore people when they start acting like that you never know what is going on in their minds."
"I heard that!" I said. "I mean seriously who doesn't like freshly made German Chocolate Cake? Not like I was wantin' tickets or autographs I done seen the show a few times and got signed head shots backstage on their last tour."
"I don't understand why people have to act like that either." Muzz said. "There's enough mean and crazy people and cruelty in the world these days. I just wouldn't mess with them anymore they might have problems. You know?"
Yeah I said. Damn sure did.