Review: Kreator - The Gods Of Violence

Kreator - The Gods Of Violence
from the forthcoming Issue 62 of The Underground Sound

A band which has stood the test of time, Kreator have went through a few phases, but who doesn't working almost 35 years straight. Since the beginning the band has retained an edge to their sound while maybe being better or less so depending on the occurrence. The Gods Of Violence is no difference, yet I will say perhaps better. It is good, again after all this time, to hear a band retain their original context and expand the offering through quality of the songs.

What I like about the album, is that it starts off cool with Death Becomes My Light, and builds through Apocalyption into something technical and strong with World War Now.  Then it's true old school with Satan Is Real. A time or two throughout again they play devil's advocate, but it's not over done.  That's why Kreator have always been considered a trash band, and not death metal.  They do stand strong for metal, listen to the rebellion bubbling under the core on Totalitarian Terror.  In the days of the gifted golden haired one, we must all stand strong!

Take Hail To The Hordes, a classic metal shout out with hints of folk yearnings placed skillfully within. Again so much we have heard, yet it is done well here repeatedly. Giving us tastes of their classic sound, adding a few new classics and keeping it thrashing metal keeps it solid for Kreator. Such is the remembrance of Fallen Brother and the speeding true metal of album closer Side By Side. The Gods Of Violence have come to play! Horns up!

Homepage - http://kreator-terrorzone.de/

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