Review: The Darts - The Darts

Review:  The Darts - The Darts
from the forthcoming Issue 62 of The Underground Sound

Psychedelic fuzzed up dark punk pop eased into your mind by the fact is it's all chicks.  Not that matters these days, but believe me, it does.  There's that crazy circus sound going on throughout the tracks here, which might temp you to place them wrongly, but it kinda reminds me of the first couple of Stooges records.  However it's purely english containing those lovelies all roughed up and ready here.  The rudeness, volume and not all that togetherness displayed here might not be revolutionary, but it's kinda a breath of fresh air just outside the steel mills. It's like that 4th or 5th pint after a day of full-on bullshit.  You start loosening up a bit and The Darts will make ya wanna dance.

It's worth noting The Darts owe a bit to former female farmers The Donnas and maybe some other more obscure set ups from other places. The go-go horror movie feel like your in a car gonna crash fuck it whatcha gonna do The Darts pretty much bring in on their own.  I'm telling you it's that crazy organ man.  I feel the need for danger! There's enough creepy guitar slinking around on numbers like Carry Me Home and I Wanna Get You Off that it feels kinda sexy. Enough dreariness, and strange rebuke, on pieces like You Got Me to remind me it may not all be alright.  Then there's big drums, shouting, screaming riffs and that fucking crazy organ again on Take What I Need that it's like being down in New Orleans where they work that voodoo and hand you the bill. Or maybe it's the power vibe of Ramblin On that does the trick. I kinda like it man, it's a wild ride and like I said it's all chicks, which makes it that much cooler. See, I told you it matters!

Contact:  Dirty Water Records - http://www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk/darts