8/6/21: OPERATION EYE SHADOW (aka Havana Syndrome)

Tonight's LIVE AT UNDERGROUND RECORDS (LAUGR) is sure to be a classic!

We review the data related (at least what the man allows) to Operation Eye Shadow, which is what the electromagnetic weaponry attacks involved in "Havana Syndrome" are called in The Underground.

When your public media says well it's called Havana Syndrome because that's where the first the "first" of these "attacks" on US citizens occurred.

Nah.  Trying going back to before 2009. But 2009 on US Soil, which is where we'll start. Or if you MUST have some physical "evidence" besides internet posting blather, 2012.  Years before any US Personnel were supposed to have been attacked with these weapons.

So we'll talk ALOT about 2009 till today, maybe some years before, and definitely what's in store on down the road a ways...

Plus!!  New music from:

Pure Stupid

Fiat Nox

Hipbone Slim and The Knee Tremblers

Honey Shot


Suffrage (Brazil)

Teddy Boy Techam

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