Review: Lucy & The Rats - Got Lucky

Lucy & The Rats - Got Lucky

At times pure retro pop stylings; simple melodic pieces, harmonic vocals sang in key, single string catchy leads and a heavy backbeat.  Works fantastic in a few memorable spots on their new album.  I liked the first one from the band a couple of years ago, yet this new full length brandishes a shimmering feel with just enough power to rock on while tattooing your memory with unforgettable rhythmic melodies when it hits on all cylinders. Songs like Real Thing rock with that 50's/60's early power pop driving feel.  Finding the better bands in this territory is a specialty their label Dirty Water Records excels at.  They find 2-3 gems a year and are building a classic master catalog of english beat, pop punk, punk rock and straight up rock n roll.

In fact, "most" of this record rocks pretty hard, Pinch Myself is another presented with drive and attitude.  There is bit of downtime with a few slow numbers that really can't make it with the rest, but often in the industry we find such music as "singles" for whatever reasons. IMHO something like Not One Tear are primed for that. Or maybe Dark Clouds. Then numbers such as Sorry, or Jelly Baby Baby almost get there, but not quite.  So overall this is a good release, with just a tad of adjustments and intensity up, it really could be happening. Maybe a high 6 or 7 outta 10.

www.stardumbrecords.com / www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk / surfinkirecords.bandcamp.com

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