Psychedelics via india seem thickly hazed into the background while the ride flows like the thick smoke of the Nag Champa alighting the cerebral way.  Nice soundscapes tinged with just enough feedback, dissonance, counterpoint and finesse, as to roll a fine 12 step joint.

All the way, from start until finish rich encounters of ambient entity unfold multi-plot fascinations not reliant upon themes, just a flow.  A few pieces extend to derision almost to the breaking point, but seem to descale the mountain as quick as they went up.

Things like stuck in a barrel are hybrid concoctions owing a big to do to the masters of mind washed past.  Yet just as easily could be one slip adventures to the other side on any given afternoon.

Through it all though, you hear the drone of the call, the lamentations hinted at yet never realized of the temples, the structured failure of the idle grasp. Reality explored, worldly senses on hold, a wonder to behold.


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