The choice is not yours to do nothing, do nothing or mostly nothing anyway, we all lose.....

NO2 is the main cause of "normalized" PSC phenomenon. Normalized Persistent Spreading Contrail phenomenon is non artificial injection of gases and particulate matter into our atmosphere.

Created or "artificial" PSC would be things like geoengineering or weather modification programs in action....

Besides what we pour into the atmosphere melting ice and permafrost add currently per year as much as our activities do every five years. Our activities are the main driving factors creating premature (non climatic circular) conditions causing ice shelf destabilization, oceanic warming at an increased rate, and arctic permafrost destruction; which in turn exacerbates destabilizing conditions in a growing feedback loop.

Generally with us as contributors outside climatic circular conditions (natural climate changes), we are creating non-sustainable conditions for most animal life upon this planet. Information like from this NASA Earth data goes far in confirming we are destroying the habitat with our economy and lifestyles.

This is just one thing as you get that bad ass economy back kicking and we are a species can get back to "normal" which must be dealt with in a consistent manner. The species lifestyle either drastically changes or the natural state will lend itself to destruction of the parasitic species.

Along with too, at least here in this country, is NO PUBLIC HEALTHCARE. Something just a slight bit worse than this Corona thing will, IF your don't get a hand on your government and make them devise one, will slaughter your people and completely destroy your economic stability.

Those choices are not to be solved with denial and political arguing. If you're on some kick about no public healthcare initiative in the US and taking sides on denial about the mess your species is having on the environment, hate it for you, but you're fucking up.

That is hard cold reality.

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